Swing Techniques for Young Hitters

A key part of any effective 12U practice plan has adults assigned to spots on the field in relation to a given activity where balls are likely to be missed by a player. Sign up for the Baseball Positive baseball games camps today! A productive practice can be run using a covered walkway. More on this topic for:

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Attitude and effort should be emphasized as more important than winning. Good sportsmanship is an attribute that helps young players develop positive attitudes that transfer well into other areas of their lives.

At ages 9 and 10, children thrive on positive feelings of accomplishment, according to Education. Coaches should respect this period of development and praise ball players for progress. They also are dealing with self-control and need to see their coach practice self-control and not lose his temper when things go wrong.

The baseball team is a microcosm of society that can provide a safe environment for youngsters to develop social skills that are budding at that age.

Coaches should include instruction and gently guide kids through their social development. It also is a time when boys and girls begin to test authority and the limits to their independence, so coaches must teach self-discipline while strictly and fairly designing and implementing rules for the team.

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It's a great team sport, and it's fun. Baseball is by no means a dangerous sport. But it can present a very real risk of injuries from things like wild pitches, batted balls, and collisions in the field. At the high-school level, some pitchers can throw fastballs that reach plus miles per hour, speedy enough to cause painful welts, broken bones, even concussions. Excessive pitching and improper throwing mechanics can lead to major league arm problems, and base runners and fielders frequently collide while running at top speed.

As with all sports, wearing and using the right gear can go a long way toward preventing injuries. The amount of equipment required for baseball isn't on par with football or hockey, but it is every bit as important. Players need to be sure they always have all the gear required by their league. Base paths are one of the most common places injuries happen. Sliding into a fixed base can result in foot, ankle, and lower-leg injuries.

As a result, doctors have started recommending that leagues install breakaway bases in all of their playing fields. These bases, which snap onto grommets on an anchored rubber mat, can be dislodged when a runner slides into one, lessening the chances that a base runner will get injured.

During the course of normal base-running, the base is stable and does not detach. Ideally, kids should get plenty of exercise before the season begins and be in the best shape possible before swinging a bat for the first time.

Most will require plenty of warm-up before they can safely attempt a long, hard throw. Different players have different preferences when it comes to warming up their arms.