Best Sweet 16 contrarian bets

That was demonstrated with a game-winning shot against Iowa State with less than one second remaining to life Ohio State into the round of The Gators are ATS and the total is this season. When they played in Cameron a month ago, the final score was Duke. Syracuse has been playing a zone for as long as Jim Boeheim has been a surly, bespectacled basketball coach. Sweet 16: The Top NCAA Odds


Auburn lands four-star 2019 forward

Florida and Wisconsin will face off, and the Badgers will have plenty of confidence after taking out the defending national champs.

Florida hasn't been tested yet as they won their first two games by 15 or more, but Wisconsin will be a handful for them.

Meanwhile, Gonzaga has to be careful of West Virginia, who are as tough as they come. They raised their game from beating Bucknell up to Notre Dame, and many analysts feel this is an undervalued team. Oregon continues to be on upset alert as they barely eked out a win against No. That's emphasized by the fact that they're an underdog to No.

Purdue and Butler aren't flashy teams, and they have their work cut out for them as they take on a pair of No. The Boilermakers barely got by Iowa State in the Round of 32 and now have to face the tournament favorite, so that's why their odds to win it all are so long. However, they're only a five-point underdog against Kansas. As for Butler, they probably like their chances against North Carolina knowing that the Tar Heels had a fairly controversial win over Arkansas.

Teams that were favored by seven points or more went an incredible in straight-up bets, however, they were only ATS. As you can see, the moneyline is definitely a good proposition here, but you should be careful with the spread.

What's definitely a good Sweet Sixteen opportunity, according to Moody, is picking lower-seeded teams that are either favored or underdogs by 3. These teams are in straight-up bets and ATS. As you can see from the nine years of statistics that we just discussed, Sweet Sixteen betting can definitely be profitable. However, one drawback is that you won't find many soft lines at this point in March Madness since bookmakers are only dealing with eight games.

So they've got more time to analyze lines that will draw action on both sides without having to be moved one way or the other as much. But it's worth mentioning that you can still find some value here because eight games is a fair number. And like the bookmakers, you'll be able to better focus since there are less contests to worry about. This is especially the case when you consider that there are over three full days in between the Round of 32 ends Sunday and when the Sweet Sixteen begins Thursday.

Since Sweet Sixteen games are, on average, more high profile than the Rounds of 64 and 32, you can count on seeing a lot more betting opportunities. This is especially the case with live wagering and prop bets, where there's no end to the amount of wagers that are available.

So you'd like to bet on which team scores the first basket?