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Land-based gaming is surprisingly popular in Uganda, considering the lack of wealth in this nation. However, the industry begins to make a lot more sense when you realize that it is most concentrated in Kampala, the relatively cosmopolitan capital city where incomes are higher than in most of the country. The largest of these are actually quite luxurious, catering to both upscale Ugandans and foreigners who are visiting the city for business or pleasure.

For instance, Kampala Casino offers a variety of table games and slots, alongside a restaurant and other amenities that make this feel like more of a traditional resort experience. Also popular is their sister venue, the Pyramids Casino, While the Mayfair Kampala offers about 25 slots and another 16 tables for players along with complimentary food and drinks. More common for the average Ugandan is a trip to the local betting shop, which can offer up the same variety of sportsbook options seen at online sites.

Many international firms have set up shop here, as there are more than 70 registered betting companies in the nation. While they are all over the place, once again the capital is the heart of the industry, where many shops offer free Internet and other amenities to attract bettors.

While information on gaming taxation in Uganda is not easy to come by, it does appear that players pay taxes on their winnings in the form of a withholding at the time they receive their prizes. What is clear is that gambling operators pay taxes, as you would expect from any licensing scheme. However, it is likely that this number could be far larger were it not for the flourishing illegal betting shops that are just as if not more frequent than licensed operations.

There seems to be little danger that sports betting and other forms of gambling will be eliminated from Uganda anytime in the near future, with even opponents seemingly being resigned to the fact that it is here to stay. However, there does seem to be some momentum in place for better regulating an industry that may need to be reined in a bit for the good of the country — and perhaps for the long-term viability of the sector as well.

There are many problems that need to be addressed. In any community, it tends to be the poorest citizens who are most negatively impacted by gaming; extend that to a nation where most individuals cannot afford to gamble, and it is easy to understand how many can see the rampant availability of betting options as a major social ill. Issues ranging from poverty to gaming-related violence have caused some local municipalities to ban sports betting operations , and have left many others asking for better controls to ensure that online licensed venues are allowed to operate in the country.

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