Boxing Tips | Bradley Saunders v Renald Garrido | 19th September 2015

Watford can hit the target Mr Fixit , 15th September 15th September , 0 Mr Fixit has a team to score fourfold. Also, you want to keep your head far from where you want it to go. I suggest that you follow the tips on the above article, punch lightly at first. It used to be you could bet on a fighter to win, along with how long a fight would last with maybe a few prop bets thrown into the mix. Boxing Picks, Previews and News

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This is the only lung volume which cannot be measured with a spirometer. And another information about breathing that might be useful is that naturally our inhale and exhale rate must be 1: So the next time you do some push-ups try to inhale with one push-up and exhale on the next two etc. Either way, I stand by my original opinion.

You have to exhale sharply to contract your muscles explosively. Your breathing theory would be useful in a marathon where athletes have all the time to themselves to build up the perfect breathing rhythm. Punches are thrown with short rapid exhalations of air.

As soon as we get a chance to breathe, we replenish the air volume right away. Anytime that we breathe using ERV, it is because the fight forces us and there is no other way. Ultimately, boxers will have to breathe the way the fight is forced upon them. Your breathing interval theory is valid. The general principle is that your nose inhales slowly to breathe deeply and then the mouth can exhale slowly in spurts. You exhale through the mouth to slow down the air, which would then make exhales take longer than inhales.

The reason why many guys breathe at 1: I actually held some platoon push-up records in the Army. All the fastest guys used the same breathing pattern: And just one more thing I just read your article about breathing and I agree with you Johnny, breathing trough the nose must be better because if you try to respect 1: Do I have to breathe as I go up or exhale!!!

I wanted to improve the strength of my wrists!! For pull-ups you exhale as you go up. As for running, you keep a steady breathing rhythm. Most fighters do roadwork days a week. Got a charity bout on , march 31 st and want this as a big part of my offence, great site!!! You have to look forward. Like I mentioned before I box but not in the big times and when I was younger I got into fights and I learned to use periferals. I keep my ist up and head up.

I box left and or right handed. So I stay far enough back I use my periferals and can see from his head to his toes. Do u think that could work to my advantage? Hi Johnny,, why should we never lean back? There will always be times when leaning back can be useful…for example: Having a tight guard is good for keeping yourself in range to counter back. Having a tight guard is also useful if you want to push your opponent back using his own punch. Hey man i have the runs, so i didnt go to the gym but for some reason i feel like im lacking determination but i dont think there would be a point to head all the way out to the gym to constantly use the bathroom i think that would definitely disturb my workout, am i lacking determination for not going johnny?

I would probably wait to heal from the runs. Hey Johnny thanks for the awesome tips! I just dont understand how to pivot my feet when I punch,ive read all of your power punching articles,and ive been sliding my feet towards the punch so that my body is balanced when I rotate my body,this seems to hit alot harder than the old one legged way I used to punch,i just dont understand how to pivot. Watch my youtube videos. I demonstrate the punching technique for the main boxing punches jab, cross, hook, uppercut.

Exact same tips my dad tells me,! Felt like he was the one that typed this. This tips are really good and help alot. Thanks Johnny, this may sound odd, but I actually have used these tips for boxing ….. Virtually of course some are impossible but the training tips…. I have to tweak them but the ground rules are there and once you get the fundamentals down, it makes any training so much easier.

I actually refer to this article in a blog I did. Thanks again and any time you are looking to box in down time, look us up. Warrior Instinct Nations and I promise no black eyes or broken noses. If you have never heard of second life its a virtual world that mimics RL from stores to sports. Boxing, football and wrestling are huge there right now. Hi Johnny I just started boxing and I am on my 2nd week. I do wear eye glasses. I am considerin practice sparring without my glasses.

Do you think I can manage? Or is that not a good idea? I just want to know how to block punches for self defense. How well you manage depends on how bad your vision is without glasses. Please let me to know if I am a 36 year old than i had well trained, but can i attend any competition under my weight category? Hi Pathy, 36 is not too old for boxing competition. What kinda effing gym do you go to they make you fight with out being ready?? I trained for 6 months before sparring.

Pls whats d solution. Train at your pace. Your focus should be on learning as much as you can. Lifting weights and hitting the heavy bag does not make you an expert. Extend your arm as much as you need to land the punch. When throwing a punch the whole body should behind it, but should that movement from the ground up be sequential or simultaneous? Feet move first, then legs, hips shoulders, and then the arm or should they happen at once? If you want to be real scientific….

But again…everything is basically simultaneous and then you can decide which direction helps you in regards to the core. I want to know that this thing happen with every one or i had done any mistake?

This is a very common complaint from those starting out to box. Sore knuckles or ruptured knuckle skin. Aside from the fact that your knuckles are not used to the impacts of punching repetitively, it is also possible that the padding in your gloves is too. I suggest that you follow the tips on the above article, punch lightly at first.

Also, try to find a glove with softer padding, many boxing apparel companies have introduced different padding technologies that helps soften the impact of heavy bag punching, especially on the striking surface of the knuckles. I really feel blessed to found this site of yours.

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Be part of it by joining the site today. All odds are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. Land of the Giants Jordan , 17th September 17th September , 2 Jordan's bets for week two of the new season. Top Beak has scent of success Alan Thomson , 16th September 16th September , 2 Alan kicks off the week with four Monday selections.

Sogndal to entertain again Greg Browning , 16th September 16th September , 0 All roads lead to Norway for goals this afternoon. Scott Allot , 17th September 16th September , 1. Scott reckons there will be little to separate these two south-coast rivals. Jordan , 17th September 17th September , 2.

Mr Fixit , 16th September 16th September , Mr Fixit looks at Sunday's card that includes Southampton v Brighton. Mr Fixit , 14th September 14th September , 0. Mr Fixit , 13th September 13th September , 0.

Andy Whalley , 17th September 17th September , 0. The French look vastly outgunned but there is no value to be had in a straight City win. Loot breaks down this fight here, offering his betting selection. The winner of this fight sets himself up for a big fight against one of the champions. Whyte already took on champion Anthony Joshua, nearly scoring the KO.

Six wins have followed since then and the talented big man is ready to make a big move. Standing in his way is the unbeaten Browne, an aging, but skilled and unbeaten Aussie looking to get in the thick of things. In this write-up, Loot breaks down this heavyweight showdown and offers his betting pick. These two are both unbeaten and should make for a memorable heavyweight clash. Wilder has won all but one of his fights by KO and his power makes him a unique fighter who could one day be the undisputed king.

Ortiz is getting up there in years and some failed PED tests have put his credibility into question, but he's still a vastly-skilled fighter who represents Wilder's toughest opponent to date. Who comes out ahead in this battle?

Loot breaks down the fight in this article, along with his betting selection. Groves has rebounded nicely and is currently on a nice run of wins. A triumph over Eubank, Jr. Can Groves fight the kind of disciplined fight where he makes the most of his abundant skills? Or will the fresher Eubank, Jr. Loot offers his fight analysis here, along with his betting pick. On February 3 in Russia, the revived cruiserweight division features a unification title bout, with unbeaten champions Murat Gassiev and Yunier Dorticos battling it out in the WBSS tournament semifinal.

Both fighters were devastating in their last fights, as these big cruisers are really on a roll heading into this fight. Gassiev is regarded as the more-skillful fighter perhaps, but with 21 KO wins in his record, Dorticos is as dangerous as they come.

The winner of this fight positions himself for huge upcoming fights, making this a very high-stakes battle. In this article, Loot breaks down the fight, offering his betting selection. Spence is coming off a title-winning triumph in May, when he stopped champion Kell Brook for the belt.

Standing in his way before he can establish pound supremacy is the year old Peterson, a proven commodity who has shown he can thrive even at the highest levels. Some might recall how much trouble he gave then-unbeaten Danny Garcia in this very venue a few years back. Can Spence continue his upward climb to the top of the division and the sport? Or will Peterson's veteran know-how give Spence more trouble than some are thinking? Loot breaks down this championship matchup in this article, while offering his betting pick.

Both men are former two-time gold medal Olympic champions. Rigondeaux is unbeaten, but 37 years aold and now moving up two divisions to face Lomachenko, who has dazzled with his recent performances. Can Rigondeaux put forth a vintage performance? Or will Lomachenko show that size and youth will prevail? Loot offers his breakdown of this high-level encounter, along with his betting pick.

The heavyweight division is heating up and two young players will do battle on September 23, as Joseph Parker defends his WBO heavyweight title against unbeaten Brit Hughie Fury. With Parker 25 and Fury just 22, this is the young wave and the winner of this bout will be in a great spot to book some huge fights. This particular matchup is a fascinating mix of styles and the closeness of the odds illustrate what a well-matched bout this is.

Any number of different possibilities suggest themselves. Loot breaks down the fight and offers his pick here! In what should be the biggest fight of the year in boxing, middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin takes on Saul "Canelo Alvarez on September It's a long-awaited battle that has fans pining.

On one hand, you have the unbeaten champ Golovkin, a murderous-hitting champion who has left a trail of fallen bodies in his rise to the top. In the other corner is the wildly-popular Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez.

The young star has racked up some big wins, but a win here would really propel him to full-fledged international superstar status. It's the biggest fight in both men's careers, a defining fight that will define their legacies.

Loot expertly breaks down the fight in this article, along with his betting pick. Canelo Alvarez - While another fight has stolen some heat from this event, in terms of hardcore boxing action, it doesn't get much bigger than Gennady Golovkin vs. The fight is huge and the betting always follows suit. This fight will generate massive wagering interest and to accommodate that, the books put out every type of bet imaginable.

It can be a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of different bets being a bit disorienting. In this article, Loot cuts through all the brush to find the one nugget--his favorite bet on the board.

The September 16 bout promises to be the fight of the year, an evenly matched bout where opinions are split and the stakes are super-high. In this article, we explore the winning case for Alvarez. If Alvarez is going to pull off the career-defining win, it will be for these reasons. Canelo Alvarez fight, we have a bout with close odds where the opinions are split and very strong on both sides. At Lootmeister, we like to explore the full scope of possibilities.

In this article, Loot entertains the case of the Gennady Golovkin, listing the most-compelling reasons why you can justify betting on him. Take a look, as Loot breaks down why betting on GGG might be a good idea. Saul Alvarez Betting - Exercising Caution - We feel that is good to feel positive about a bet you made. You should have confidence. But in fights like Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez, where a sound case can be made on both sides, it's important to at least ponder the downside.

If you are too certain, that means you're overlooking something. Loot isn't trying to tell you who to pick here, he's just showing equanimity and exploring the downside of both sides of the bet.