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This has been legal since with the purpose of raising money to promote sports in our country and to improve our competitiveness in sports on a global scale. This gives you a greater chance of profiting on your betting. It's free to join! J-League Betting in Japan

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All live-streamed matches can be bet in-play while the game is in progress. It is wise to open an account at each website mentioned in this article. This gives you the ability to shop the odds at each find the best odds , and to take advantage of multiple sign-up bonuses.

Additionally, if you are interested in betting leagues such as Nippon Professional Baseball NPB or V Premier League volleyball, having multiple options of site to use is a must. While almost every bookie offers soccer and basketball, for the other Japanese sports coverage is sporadic.

Having accounts at several sites ensures you can always find odds on the match you are looking to bet on. No matter which Japanese betting site you choose, a deposit is required to start.

You can withdraw your money at any time. When first getting started, there are many ways to deposit. If you are in a hurry to bet you will probably want to select the option credit card by Skrill. This allows you to instantly deposit with your debit or credit card. There is however another way to deposit that should set you up for the future.

This is opening an account at www. The money you load to your account can then be deposited to online betting sites. You can also cash out from betting sites using the same method.

The benefit is fast transfers to and from sports betting sites. This is ideal when using multiple betting sites for the purpose of shopping odds.

This is a debit card with a MasterCard symbol on it. This is a great e-wallet account to have if you are going to bet sports online from Japan. When setting up an account at betting sites you can choose which odds format is displayed. The easiest format to deal with is European decimal odds. With this format the odds shown are how much will be returned per yen staked on a win. Each wager has different odds as the bookmaker estimates each has a different chance of winning. As mentioned in the intro, in Japan we have local options for legally betting on soccer.

This has been legal since with the purpose of raising money to promote sports in our country and to improve our competitiveness in sports on a global scale. However, it only applies to Japanese soccer specifically: Ones under the brand name Big are not sports betting but are lotteries that use football results. With Big the machine randomly selects matches and elements of the game results are used to determine winners.

There are many places to purchase J-League Toto. Online sales are available on the Toto website or with Toto Rakuten or Yahoo! Soccer Toto is much different than betting soccer online. All the online bookmakers I mentioned earlier in the article offer fixed odds betting on J1 and J2 soccer.

This can be done in singles or multiples called accumulators. With the later you add several wagers to the same betting ticket as a single bet. To win all selections must be correct. Adding many teams to the same accumulator gives a chance at a large payout relative to stake.

Online there is also Asian handicap betting which adds a point spread. If a team is listed as If it is 0. These are only two of the many ways to bet soccer online. Another way is wagering whether the total goals scored by both teams will go over or under a specified number. For some matches you can bet correct score, draw no bet, which player will score first, which will score last, and many additional markets.

The easiest way to learn the wagering options is to just get started for small stakes at one of the sites listed earlier on this page. Having launched in , Toto is a rather new form of legal betting in Japan.

Since the early s we have had four forms of legal sports gambling. These are called public sports and specifically are horse racing, powerboat racing, motorcycle racing and keirin. As there is a lot of information about these on the internet already, I will only cover them each briefly while providing links that can be used to learn more.

Japan has 4 legal forms of sports betting — horse racing, powerboats, speedway and keirin. Horse racing is very popular in Japan. We have 24 Grade I G1 races per year and over 21, total races. There are many ways to bet these races including winner, place, quinella, bracket quinella, quinella place, trip, exacta, bracket exacta, trifecta, and pick 5. Foreigners can find comprehensive information at www.

This is high speed boat racing with races lasting only a couple of minutes. It is extremely well regulated but also has superstar status associated with it. Understand the three online bookmakers just mentioned are in our opinion the best options for recreational gamblers betting online from Japan.

However, in order get the best value, many serious punters use a half-dozen or more additional online bookies for odds shopping. The most common question those new to betting online from Japan ask is: You should not be concerned with sending them this information. Also this card has a MasterCard logo on it, so it can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, even in Yen. This is competitive with what local banks charge when dealing in foreign currency. Japan does not have a standard betting odds format.

This is a popular odds format supported at all online bookmakers accepting Japanese citizens. These clubs get around the laws by paying out in tokens that are redeemable at cashing stations located away from the gaming property. Here the loophole comes from the fact the betting websites are not actually located in Japan. So at it turns out, while: