ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth

He never came back. At least I know that I will be there with a chance. No competitor shall keep their own score. Home golf british open. Sponsored Headlines


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Alan Blood 36; Class B, Gross: Duke Marston 44, 2. Slim Peaslee 45, 3. David Riley 48, 4. Brian Beaulieu 30, 2. Jim Boulier 32, 3. Scotch Foursome — 1. Jeff Dutch, Elaine Bielenberg 30, 2. Tony Gilmore, Myndee Gilmore Senior Scramble — 1. Joe Johnston, Tracy Gran Jr. Ben Asay, Tony Alaimo -2, 6. Bruce Ireland, Doug Chambers -3, 7.

Alden Brown, Matt Alaimo -4; Pins: Kebo Boys — Net Skins: Ladies League — Scramble: Twilight League — Gross: Kelley Lapointe 35, 2. Ed Dephilippo 36, 3. And compare it to the empty string "" instead of space s " ". With the "while true" block you keep asking and taking the names and the scores, but you overwrite them so you always will have just the last pair. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Golf scores python program Ask Question. Program that reads each player's name and golf score as input Save to golf. Aaron 42 1 6. You're comparing the function itself to a string, which will never return true. Next time you'll ask, please write one question per question, and post MCVE. That's what's messing up the output of the second script. However you should also not be asking two questions in one post here. One question per post is the format of SO. Boyd-Buchanan at Notre Dame September 14, Creekview at Dalton September 14, Florence death toll stands at 7, including mother and baby September 15, Rain, storm surge biggest dangers from Gordon September 4, Thursday storm recap includes flooding this time June 28, Pastor searches for owner of wedding dress lost in tornado May 6, Three things you need to know to prepare for severe weather March 19, Severe storms possible late Monday March 19, Here's 20 pressing questions for Urban Meyer as he returns to… September 17, Super Showdown, Evolution date,… September 17,