Golf Driving Tips: Hit The Ball Straighter!

Take a practice swing on the side and see where the club whiffs through the grass, then go back to the ball with the same amount of bend and arm extension. If you have a good posture and a better rotation both back and through you create a swing on an arc, which also helps the face square up to a swing path on an inside-to-inside path. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 7. This story was updated May 9, Share this Page

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1. Keep Your Hands Low

So this article is about how you can drive the ball straighter. The biggest determinate in direction is the club FACE. To hit a straight drive the face must be square to the path, and ideally the target, at impact.

The biggest influence on the club face is the grip. Photo 1 illustrates a neutral grip, which is the middle-of-the-road position. A strong grip is when the Vs point more to the right, outside of the shoulder.

A weak grip is when the Vs are pointing straight up at your nose or, worse still, at the left shoulder. Strong or weak does not and should not refer to the grip pressure. Keep the grip pressure light — the fingers are holding on, gently squeezing, but the forearms should be relaxed with a light pressure.

With this neutral grip you increase your chances of delivering the face square, and a straight drive, through impact. The second influence on straight drives is alignment. In Photo 2 the target line is the saguaro cactus circled in the middle of picture. A common mistake, even among folks who read a lot of golf driving tips, is to close your stance, thinking it will help you draw the ball.

Justin Rose swing secrets: Four steps to compress the ball like the world No. Own the tee box! Try these three moves for more yards.

One driver drill to get more easy power. Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How should I grip my putter? Take more loft, be it a 3-wood, a hybrid club or even a long iron. More loft in your hands generates more backspin down on the golf ball, decreases the chance of the ball's curving off line, and will mean that you'll hit more fairway.

Again, you might sacrifice distance, but consider whether distance is the priority, or more fairways is the priority. So if you can take those three little tips on board, hopefully the driver will start to behave itself, or you'll certainly start hitting more fairways with a different golf driving club.

Golf Driving, Three Tips to Drive the Ball Straighter Video There's no doubt standing on a tee box and booming a drive yards straight down the middle is one of the most enjoyable parts in the game of golf. Share this Page Copy Link Fill in all fields.

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