The Legality of Online Horse Betting in the US

They have been in the business for more than 20 years and deliver a secure, high quality and comprehensive betting environment. The Mercury are very tough to contend with, and they make a far safer bet for sports gamblers than do the Suns. The important thing to remember is that every state has different laws on gambling. As Seen On...

Bill Designed to Aid Racing Industry

Why Does Horse Racing Earn Legal Status in America?

So, if sports betting is big in Arizona, it stands to reason that sports themselves are very popular in the state. And, of course, that would be correct. Arizona is a state that's crazy about its sports, and it has plenty to choose from.

Every major sport in America has at least a semi-professional presence in the state, and Arizona even has its own NFL team. Sure, there are 32 teams, but with three teams in New York, three teams in Cali, and three teams in Florida, the other 47 states only have 26 teams to split, so nearly half of all US states do not have an NFL team.

That Arizona has an NFL franchise with the Arizona Cardinals makes it not only a huge draw for in-state traffic, but also out-of-state traffic. After coaching the game of football for 42 years and beating both prostate and kidney cancer, Bruce Arians laid down his clipboard and retired following the Cardinals season, citing family as his main reason for leaving the game he loved.

Getting RB David Johnson, one of the best all-purpose running backs in the NFL, back after missing nearly all of will be a huge boost for the team. QB Sam Bradford will likely be the starter for now, but Rosen is the future of the franchise. The team has a lot of potential but will mostly likely not contend this season. Each year, the winner of the matchup receives the Territorial Cup, created for the winner of the matchup between the two Arizona schools.

It remained on display at Arizona State until both schools decided to play for it each year in The NCAA has certified the silver-plated trophy as the oldest rivalry trophy in the history of college football.

Kevin Sumlin takes over as head coach following the firing of Rich Rodriguez at the end of the season. The Wildcats are expected to finish near the middle of the Pac according to most sportsbooks but expect Arizona to compete with every team this year and potentially make a run at a Pac title and College Football Playoff berth.

The Sun Devils had some bright spots last season, upsetting both No. Odds on Arizona State winning the Pac at several sportsbooks have them finishing in the bottom half of the conference, which sounds about right. The second-most popular sport in Arizona is easily basketball. However, be careful if you're going to bet on them this year. As a fan, it's one thing to really root for your team and hope that your team does well when playing against the likes of the Thunder, the Spurs, and Warriors and Clippers, but it's another thing entirely to put your money down.

The Suns don't have quite as much talent as years past. Tucker, they're able to hold their own against average teams, but they don't quite have the firepower to get past those elite teams in the West. So, if you're a huge Suns' fan, just be careful when putting your money down. Realistically speaking, they're a very average team.

They won the title in '07, '09, and just last year in ' The Mercury are very tough to contend with, and they make a far safer bet for sports gamblers than do the Suns. Washington did not want to step on the toes of their Native American tribal gambling culture.

So, of course, some states opted out. But most did not, and thus horse racing is legal online for most Americans today.

There are two main types of racebooks online about which we will speak here: Offshore sites and state-based sites. Offshore sites are simply sites that are located outside of US jurisdiction, via Caracas or Gibraltar or other areas where America doesn't have influence.

State-based sites are those licensed by the state itself. Now, as to which is legitimate, or if racing as a whole is legitimate online, that really all depends on which site you're dealing with. Most of today's reputable websites are watched closely by committees and are independently tested and audited to ensure a smooth flow from how their systems operate to their payment structures.

And all sites will use some take on an RNG random number generator for games outside of racing. Of course, with horse racing or the greyhounds, what you're looking for are A accurate odds that reflect live betting, and B a fair payout structure offered by the site. We cannot claim that every site meets these two points, but that is certainly the standards to which we hold them, and the standards to which you should hold them.

When looking for a legitimate site, those are two things you want — and more on what else to look for later on. Now, let's get to the good stuff. This is all about betting, and the basic gist of wagering on horses or greyhounds via an online racebook.

To begin, let's speak about what betting on the horses is. It is not considered to be commercial gambling; instead, it is classified as pari-mutuel betting. This is a type of betting whereby all bets on a specific sport are pooled. Taking a vig, which is a percentage, closely akin to a rake, the track profits. For the rest of the money, this is what you are being paid with should you win, save cases where the track has to go into its own pockets, as it were. It's because of this group payment system that horse racing avoids the commercial label.

Don't worry about tracks not making theirs, however. Most people aren't betting on that Therefore, tracks, either online or on-location, are not typically paying out any more than what is in the pool. Favorites pay a smaller sum. Understanding the structure in general and how your bet feeds the payout kitty, so to speak, may help you make a better decision going forward on whether to bet a long-shot or a favorite.

Betting types for races may be a bit more complicated than you suspect. It's not all about the 4: You can get into some types of wagers that one must be an avid gambler to comprehend. Our goal is to explain these to you well enough to grasp them, so you're betting from an informed position. With a straight bet, to give it to you simply, you are betting on a horse—let's call him horse X—to either take 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Of course, betting on 1st pays more than the others.

Betting on a horse to take 1st is called a "Win. In this instance, you still get a 3rd place payday even though your horse won.

Since these sites operate with the blessing of the US government, you can make instant deposits with your credit card or debit card, bank transfers or online e-wallets. And last but not least, all of the above horse betting sites provide live streams of horse races. This means you can place your bets and then watch the races in real time on your computer. It costs nothing extra to watch these events on your computer. So why is online horse betting legal in the US when other forms of gambling are not?

Well, the simple answer is corruption. The same people who argue for the prohibition of other types of online gambling have also made sure to get exceptions for online horse betting. The people that pushed for the UIGEA claimed that a prohibition was necessary to protect kids from the evils of online gambling, to protect degenerate gamblers and to avoid money laundering by terrorists ridiculous.

However, these same people also decided to give horse racing a free pass. But the good news for horse race betting fans is that you can place real money horse bets in most states.