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Layton visits Davis in a historic rivalry, while Weber hosts Clearfield and Syracuse visits Northridge. The ball goes past the outside edge and knocks the bails over. Fremont defeats Davis in Region 1 football. Cook is forward in defense, tries to play the trajectory but is beaten by the turn. Neary was an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Washington in Major Soccer Leagues

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They trail still by What's next for India? Dinesh Karthik is the new man in. Karthik fails to make this opportunity count. Leaves a big gap between bat and pad, so big that even a zephyr could fit in it and it brings his downfall. Full ball around off, it jags back in through the gate and goes on to uproot the middle stump. Karthik looks back to see what he has done.

That's the th wicket for Ben Stokes in Test cricket. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya walks out to replace him. Curran to Pandya, OUT! A toe-crusher from Curran.

I asked early if he's the one to do it. Producing a repeat performance from the morning. Fires in an inswinging yorker on middle, it comes in and strikes Pandya on the toes. Big appeal and the finger goes up.

Hardik reviews it, a desperate attempt for sure, because this looks plumb from everywhere. And replays show just that. A solid partnership of 48 comes to an end.

Kohli will run out of partners soon like this. The King of Swing has finally opened his account. And he does so with a beautiful inswinger. Dishes it out around off, Ashwin plays the original line but the inward movement means that he ends up playing inside the line. Misses the ball completely and it goes on to rattle the stumps. Ashwin departs without contributing much. India trail by runs. Dawid Malan redeems himself with a catch. Looks at the heavens.

He has relief written all over his face. Anderson dishes out a length ball outside off, holding its line, Shami gets forward attempting a drive, not too sure whether through the line or across the line, anyway that would not matter as the ball has found the edge of the bat. It flies behind and Malan at second slip stretches his hands to his left to claim the catch.

India's trail is still over and they have two wickets left. Ishant is in next. Ishant Sharma is trapped in front. They appeal and the finger goes up.

Rashid serves a googly, landing full around off and spinning in sharply. Ishant ain't forward to this, tries blocking from the crease but is beaten. It hits him on the pads, they appeal and the finger is up. Ishant is distraught and straightaway starts to walk to the pavilion. Hang on, the replays show that it's missing leg. Have India missed a trick?

Why didn't Kohli stop his partner? This can prove to be a big moment in this Test match. Anyway a valuable partnership for India, well done Ishant for his gutsy effort with the willow. Ashwin to Cook, OUT! Action replay, Cook has been served the exact same menu to which he got out in the first innings!

Ashwin has got Cook's number, has dismissed him 9 times in Tests now. Plenty of drift on this one as it lands on middle and spins away. Cook is forward in defense, tries to play the trajectory but is beaten by the turn. It goes past the outside half of his bat and hits the top of off stump. The Indian players are jumping up and down in celebration. They certainly know that it's a big wicket for them before the end of day's play. A duck for Alastair Cook and that will be Stumps on Day 2.

Superbly bowled by Ashwin. He gives this one a good toss in the air and lands it full around off. Jennings has no option but to play at it as it's drifting in. He leans forward to defend with a straight bat but to his bad luck, it spins away and takes the outside edge. KL Rahul at second slip stretches his hands to his right and grabs a sharp catch. Early success for India. England lead by 31 runs and have both their openers back in the hut.

On this wicket, an interesting point made by the on-air commentator. Jennings is seen taking a long stride forward and going at the ball, rather than allowing it to come at him. Joe Root, on the other hand, would have mostly played it late from the back.

Another valid point made is that Keaton's effort is mainly to avoid DRS as he takes his bat ahead of the front pad to avoid the lbw. Massive breakthrough for the touring team. Ashwin has hunted down the big fish this time. Talk about the catch.

Tremendous reflexes shown by KL Rahul. He has taken yet another sharp catch. He is up and running in celebration. Root also starts to walk after looking down for a moment in disbelief. The umpire has a little word with the English skipper, maybe on what exactly happened. Seems Root is sure that the catch is taken cleanly as he keeps on walking.

Big blow to England. Coming to the delivery, it's a bit on the shorter side and turns back in sharply with extra bounce. Root tries flicking and does so straight towards Rahul at leg gully. He reacts quickly and somehow hangs onto it. India are roaring now. Ishant Sharma has been rewarded for the good bowling he's been doing so far.

Totally on fire since the time he's come on, got the results for it with this wicket. Comes from around the wicket and angles in a length ball on off. It straightens up enough after landing, a little late and that does Dawid Malan in.

He is squared up as he looks to flick and gets it off the leading edge towards Rahane at gully, who makes no mistake in taking that.

England lead by 83 runs. This time Ishant gets his man. That is an excellent catch from Shikhar Dhawan at first slip. Length delivery around off, shaping in and Bairstow hangs his bat inside the line. Gets a healthy edge which goes behind.

Dhawan gets low to his right and collects it safely. India in the driver's seat here. Mainly because they've got Jonny Bairstow, who's an excellent player of spin. England's lead is just two short of Ishant has another one. This is brilliant, brilliant bowling from the tall pacer. Much like Malan's wicket, this one also straightens up and gets Big Ben.

He hangs his bat out to defend, edges it and it's taken by skipper Virat Kohli at at third slip, by diving low to his left. Ishant is screaming in joy, Kohli is all pumped up. India all over England like a rash.

Another blow to England, Ishant has his third wicket in the over and has completely demolished the home team. There goes England's last recognized batsman. He worked hard initially and is finally getting the rewards. This one is more on the lines of a poor shot than a great delivery. Short and wide outside off, Buttler has the option to leave it but his natural instinct is always to go after the ball.

Stays back inside the crease to flash his bat through the line. Gets a faint outside edge behind and Dinesh Karthik hangs on to the catch. The umpire checks for the front foot no ball and Ishant is just fine with his landing. The lead is of I swam, and I was free,'' Barrett said. At the time the Raiders' touchdown, with the blocked extra point, had given Oakland a lead at halftime.

Broncos quarterback Case Keenum said: It's little plays like that. You never know in this league. The Cowboys offense tailed off after a fast start but the defense was able to limit Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. The Cowboys avoided the dreaded start and actually find themselves atop the NFC East standings with a division win.

Again the Giants are after they lost to the Dallas Cowboys. This is the fifth time in six years they've dropped their first two games.

Have to wonder where this Giants team is headed with an aging and ineffective quarterback behind a bad offensive line that allowed six sacks. It deems all their weapons mute. Dallas is going to win but this will mark the 9th time in his last 12 games that Dak Prescott hasn't thrown for yards.

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