MLB The Show 18: Basic Tips for Beginners

And go for the youngest prospects in most cases, but don't forget about some older prospects and just play them where they can do well. But when getting gutsy, it's also important to remember your slides in case you need to pull them out. Ok, actual last one and then I will lay off, but are the player attributes explained anywhere? Hey guys, Just looking for advice off people that play a lot of MLB: So What Is Here?

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I love it, get it imported into the UK, they're such great sporting video games. I love how in depth the franchise mode is, but usually end up playing RTTS the most due to how short each game can be just as your player. The problem I have is regardless of how the great the game is, visually, game play, how much I enjoy it, I always seem to drift away from MLB before too long. Playing a full game takes a fair while, and a season at is just so long as well.

Every year around release date I can't wait for MLB, even though I've not played last year's in 6 months. These new Franchise additions really attracted me again as the new changes do every year!

I wondered if anyone had advice on how I can stay addicted to MLB? Combinations of how many games to play in a season compared to sim? Do some people only play late innings of games and sim certain sections to speed things up? I don't have masses of time, I work, have a wife, that kind of nonsense, but I'd love to find a combination of playing, simming, and enjoyment that enables me to get through a fair few seasons and stay engaged with MLB.

Any ideas from people who have stuff that works for them, love to hear it! Advertisements - Register to remove. I'm in the same boat as you. There are just too many games, too little time to play. Every year I say its the year Im going to play a long franchise, and every year I dont. One reason is rosters. By the time OSFM comes out, the game has been out a month, so Ive already been playing it for about a sixth of its life cycle I almost never keep a game more than 6 months.

Ive played Madden franchises and made it 10 seasons or so, but at games, its really hard to play out even one full season. There is a strategy that I used in MVP 05, which is the only baseball game that I made it through more than one year. I saw it posted on OS way back then, and it really helped me plow through the seasons while also dealing with medical school. Here is the strategy: Play one game in each series, but no more. Play 2 games in each divisional series. Before each series, look at the matchup and see which game will be the most interesting for you to play.

Sim the other games, but jump in towards the end if things are close. Id jump in and get the save with my closer or bat in the 8th and 9th if my team was only down a run or if tied. I think if I can motivate myself to do both this as well as just start as soon as I get it with default rosters, in addition to vita cross save, I may actually make it through a few seasons this year.

My problem is I'm very OCD about how accurate rosters are. For example, I started a franchise with my beloved Astros a few months ago. As a baseball enthusiast, I keep up with trades, claimings, drafts, signing, and so on. When Josh Hamilton signed with the Angels, it bugged me so much that he was on the Rangers in my franchise, I gave up and deleted the save.

It seems like there are too many players out there to scout effectively, what's the secret? Any basic things to do in terms of team building long term that help? User below says trade for prospects, seems like a good idea.

Obviously need to keep an eye on your lower league teams pretty closely and micromanage your scouting and your lineups. Is it important to micromanage training as well? What should be trained for each player or position, does it all depend or is there something that is more or less valuable generally? What positions are most important?

Does it really just depend on each individual? Seems the SP and a good 1B would be pretty important both touch the ball a lot and 1B is often your best hitter. Any way to "beat" the game and get good value by trading for a high stamina RP, getting better hitters from other positions in terms of scouting or trading? Will one of my players be over or undervalued based on position? Just want to know what to build a team around.

Last one for now haha. It seems like there is a lot of micromanaging involved, but what things can you just leave to the computer. Maybe auto fixing rotations or lineups, at least for lower league teams? Should you be moving people between leagues often or can you just let them have a year somewhere? Or just depends on your team? Are you doing a fantasy draft or starting with a team?

That all comes down to comfort. You're right in thinking that this will be the most difficult, but it gives you complete control. I would stick with either analog or directional for now to get your timing down, as that is what's most important in the end. In all my franchises I've used auto scouting. It may seem dull, but I've always had more success this way. The AI does a good job at scouting players in all the rounds. However, scouting doesn't even matter half the time. I've noticed that the stats you see during the draft no matter how much you scout the player is pretty accurate anyway.

I may try to manually scout when I start my new franchise this weekend though. I'll give some more tips on drafting below. Some tips for team building- First and foremost you definitely want to trade. You'll definitely find one at some point. Never done training, always on auto, however if the CPU starts training something I don't care about, I will switch it.

While training is good, I wouldn't worry about it too much as it's effects are minimal. No position is inherently "better" than another. All positions are used, and not used at all in baseball. There are just players that are much better than other players. These players can be found at every position. It's up to you how you want to build your team. It is important to have a balance lineup and rotation- better to have 5 guys rated in the 80s in your rotation, then to have Kershaw and 4 guys who can't pitch.

Same goes for your lineup. It is useless to have Stanton if you have a bunch of idiots who can't get on base before him. Ideally you can have a team that is amazing all around. In terms of looking for players to trade for- contact always comes first in the Show. If you field a team with all players with contact above 75, even if their power isn't so good you will dominate.

When trading someone, most teams have a desired position they're looking for should say on the trade screen. While this matters a bit, it really comes down to age and stats. This is all up to you. I tend to set my own rotations and lineups for the minors, so I can make sure my prospects are getting playing time this also depends if I'm doing a fast franchise- meaning I will sim a lot of games and their will most likely be a lot of injuries I don't want to deal with. However the CPU does a good job at this already.

The main thing that is important about your minor league system is looking out for the young guys you really care about, and do all you can to get them up a potential grade. However, this doesn't always work out, so if you see a big snowflake next to one of your young guys that's been there for a while, you should put him up or down in the system just to give him a fresh look at new players. This has worked for me before.

So about the amateur draft- It is important to draft a good balance of overall and potential. Oftentimes it is useless drafting some schlub rated 50 overall with an A potential however it is always good having A potential on your team no matter what. It will take him a very long time to get to that MLB level you want, and he might not even end up there since his stats are crappy meaning their is a better chance of his potential going down due to poor performance.

So you need to find that balance. In the other rounds you can find a ton of good players, it happens every draft. These guys are usually found as 1B.

Their overall at around years old is a 76, and their stats look pretty sweet. However some of them have lower potential. Don't be scared to grab these guys.

If you get one that's not totally awful with potential I've had multiple with C which is fine , he can turn into an absolute stud just by putting him in AA for a year and watching him dominate and get that potential grade up. Keep firing, love talking about franchise in the Show and if it will help all the noobs that's even better! This is all great stuff.

Or do I need a spreadsheet with names? Is the rule 5 draft the same strategy as amateur? I didn't even see overall ratings, but will have to look closer, probably was just info overload. Is there any harm in putting a pretty good player in a low league? Does this hurt growth? At what age should you give up on a prospect, is an 18 year old with B better than a 24 year old with A if they have the same overall?

There's no real way to keep track really, except that you will most likely start to get to know the important players in your franchise, and keep an eye on them in the roster screen. When you get these emails check the roster screen to see if the player changed a potential letter grade. Rule 5 is completely different.

The Rule 5 draft is basically there so teams can't hold a bunch of MLB- type quality players in their farm systems. When drafting someone in the Rule 5 draft, he has to stay on your 25 man roster your MLB roster for the whole season, or he will be released.

So keep that in mind. Protect your players that you don't want drafted by putting them on your 40 man roster check if they are eligible first by clicking triangle on the player then shuffling over a few tabs until you see the 40 rule draft eligible thing- their are various rules of who can be drafted, it's fairly complicated but this easily shows if the player on your team can be lost in the rule 5. Like I said, it is usually better for their development if they dominate in AA.

The A will continue to grow however the B has 6 years to potentially go up a letter grade, so that B will surpass the 24 year olds stats by the time he is the same age.

The A potential dude at 24 is still ripe for huge development however, as most A potential guys will see huge spikes in development throughout their career until around 30ish I would say. OK, so I just have to keep an eye on my players and maybe have some notes to keep track of who is important and watch for potential or overall drops. Mainly wondered if there was anything like the FIFA may update over the offseason.

And go for the youngest prospects in most cases, but don't forget about some older prospects and just play them where they can do well. Thank you so much for all your help, I am going to play tonight and tomorrow and test all of this out and see how I do. I will be back I am sure. If anything substantial happens, you will receive an email about it just make sure you have that as one of the email notifications- to check this just go to the email section and make sure what you want to be notified about is checked.

If you select someone in the rule 5 draft they have to stay on your MLB team or they will be released. So only choose players that you want to actually be on your MLB team. So you can't draft bad players in the Rule 5 just to put in your minor league teams. Yes, age is very important in the amateur draft. Never draft that 22 year old A prospect with shitty attributes, but always look out for that guy who has very good attributes you can sort by potential and overall in the draft, among other things.

He won't be a good player until very very late if at any time. No problem, I know it sounds very intense and a lot to handle, but you will get the hang of it through trial and error and just plain ol time maybe save right before the amateur draft in June to get a sense of how drafting works, and see who you draft in the end then try again if need be.

Only reason I know so much is because of the ridiculous amount of franchises I have started. Feel free to add me on PSN, name is same as on here.

Also I noticed in one of your other comments about other teams waiting to get back to you in trades- make sure when you start the franchise that you have instant trades on, it's really annoying having to wait a few days for a team to get back to you.

Also curious if the in-game guide for transactions, rosters, waivers, etc can be found online anywhere so I could read when I have nothing else to do but am not in front of my console. Ok, actual last one and then I will lay off, but are the player attributes explained anywhere? Some are obvious, others I don't know how much and in what ways they effect gameplay.

Pitcher velocity is obvious, but what about BBp9? This is batters walked per 9, but how is that different from control? And what is disc rating for batters?

It's weird because in baseball, some pitchers can have absolutely filthy stuff movement, velocity, control on pitches yet get lit up. Also some pitchers can do really well with just velocity and not a lof of control. So the attributes they have is there to make the stats in the Show realistic to those of real life, while taking into account the pitcher's various talents. Batter disc is batter plate discipline.

It is very important. Especially for simming games, it determines how much the player will walk. When playing games, I'm pretty sure it only effects the check swing really, since discipline is all in your hands. So a pitcher's BBp9 and the other control attribute determine how much they walk people?

Maybe that is a mentality attribute, choosing the right pitch for the right situation? This actually got me curious to maybe see what would happen to a pitcher with 0 control on his pitches but all of his other stats pretty high.

I'm honestly not so sure what would happen, but this doesn't seem realistic, as most pitchers with good control tend to have better walk rates. Haha was waiting for this question, they made it harder this year. Sim a day past the draft then they will be under the acquisition tab. Ok I am in my first off season, it says I have 49'mil available and 32 pending, but says I can't afford even 4 mil a year contracts? What am I missing? And how do I make a contract renewal? It's too much to explain, you're going to have to read this: I read through and that makes sense.

I reloaded and did the offseason again, but now am curious a bit more about amateur draft.