NBA 2K17 (iOS)

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Statistical Showdown

Apart from this, the game also features the MyTEAM mode where the players can assemble a competitive team. There is plenty of things to do with this game this year. Hence, it will be beneficial to go through the tips and tricks to carry out the play. We have listed the main techniques or points that will support the players to win points and level-up in the game.

So, read through the details as given in the next section of the post. Playing with tactics is significant but also knowing the players inside out is of greater advantage. Skills, statistics, and dynamics of performance are all the factors that will determine how fast the player upgrades in the game. Below, are few NBA 2K18 tips and strategic points that the players should implement;.

There are many other things you can do to make yourself score better and win throughout. Usually, people are looking for cheats on the game to win it deceitfully. However, this game is not fun if you do not win it strategically. Hence, this brings us to the conclusion of our post here. We hope to hear from you soon through your feedbacks here.

Thank you, dear readers. Below, are few NBA 2K18 tips and strategic points that the players should implement; Firstly, while you are going to compete with other superstars virtually, it is advantageous to know their gameplay and traits. Knowing the characters and understanding their pattern is essential for the gamer. For example, users may come to know that Stephen Curry will lay-up less and shoot 3 pointers frequently. Hence, to defend the basket, the player must tackle such opponents at the circle.

Users are also asked to not exhaust their players during play as their speeds may be top-notch in the beginning but in some time may reduce and become predictable.

It is advisable for the players to play with mixed paces and only dribble faster when going for the basket. Then, they stick to them for the entire game and hardly change any. The best shooters will be the combination of user intangibles i.

If you want to be a knock-down shooter, like the Splash Brothers or Ray Allen, the five best signature skills to have are: When you combine those along with an excellent shot selection, a player like this can be almost unstoppable. A fast way to practice different NBA players signature shots, is to create a custom team and fill it with NBA players that you shoot well with in the game.

Go to practice mode to try out their shot. This way you are able to try out their shot without having to purchase it first with VC. What jump shot has worked the best for you in NBA 2K?

I have a terrible online record because of poor shooting and I play against people that hardly miss why is that? LOGIN to leave a comment. About Us Contact Us. Simmons, KD, Kyrie, A.