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Remove these props from the element. The node you're attempting to unmount was rendered by React and is not a top-level container. As a fan who loves easily accessible stats, I commend you for your hard work. MySportsFeeds is YOUR sports feeds!

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See if this works for you. I've heard it may work but specificying the right headers, but that doesn't seem to help when I try:. Thanks for the tip! I am getting "Referral Denied" error when using the scoreboard endpoint. Anyone knows how to get around this? I have created a similar solution in C and just started getting the same response yesterday.

Fortunately though all of the other web requests work fine for me. I just been hard-coding the game id's as a workaround. For instance " http: Well the documentation found here is for the official stats. I don't really have any experience with ruby on rails but if you can access a url then you should be able to use that. As for the python module, probably no but I do have plans to eventually implement a command line front to the API so that the API can be language agnostic.

You would ideally make Ruby class es. And let people make some sort of Ruby module for RoR. Not everyone who use Ruby uses RoR. The NBA collects statistics for their website stats. What I've done is map each point of access endpoint and show which things you can filter it by parameters. I've also created a way that you can access each point of access through the programming language Python. Is Python the only way to view the end result of what you're doing?

I feel I may be asking really dumb questions because I'm so far out of my depth here. Just generally interested in being able to access stats more easily. An api is an interface that will allow you to run queries against it with a programming language. This is important for you the user that "is interested in being able to access stats more easily" because it gets you one step closer to doing so.

While it doesn't give a non programmer the ability to easily view stats it allows someone with the necessary knowledge to access these stats. A determined individual could then use the api calls to create a nice web based application to view the stats. In summation if your not a programmer this doesn't help you that much. If you want help with parameter value ranges let me know what are the possible values allowed for each variable.

Question - is there a way to access the games schedule programmatically? What you're looking for is the Scoreboard object. Any day can be entered into it and it'll give you the current outlook for that day including schedule, standings, etc. If you're looking for the endpoint it is right here. A little bit of that. But finding all the endpoints actually came down to a JavaScript file that stats. It had them all listed there.

Finding the parameters though was the result of my python script. I started out in Java but if you have an idea about programming in general Python shouldn't be too hard to pick up!

But if you really want to get to know the language I'd suggest finding a project or module that you like and then try to emulate some of the things it does with your own code!

This is built with 2. I don't know if I missed it or not, but is there an endpoint for passes between players on a team I believe it appears as a matrix on the site? Also, is there a rate limit of any kind that I should account for when extracting data so I don't get locked out or anything?

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