I do not believe that either player interest or school strength affect the choice of topic, since I have had many instances of my school being a D, their interest being very low, and it comes up times in a 30 minutes conversation. These traits are unlocked in Skill Trees, which in turn are based around specific abilities of the position. Your offensive playbook really doesn't matter, but the style in parenthesis if you choose a school's playbook matters a lot. Search for the type of players you need. Top Dog by c. Getting Started

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Each Skill Tree has nine different traits to unlock, each with three tiers of improved performance. With a third point, which you should be able to earn after your first game of the season, you can scout a player percent in one week. Again, recruiting is vitally important during the first year, and the payoff for the second tier of skills outweighs the value of the game management tree. The Closer more recruiting points weeks skill is a great one too, but you can hold off on investing there until later in the season.

By the mid-point of the season, it will be tougher to earn new skill points as the amount of experience to the next level raises with each time you level-up. When you have about five or six points invested in recruiting, you can start looking at leveling up the game management side. Considering how much emphasis has been put on the running game and the option in NCAA Football 14, Setup Artist reduces yardage needed for effective play action is the clear priority on this deck.

Considering there are different universities all vying for the same pool of recruits, you can understand the emphasis on boosting your recruiting ability as fast as possible. Offensive and defensive coordinator Skill Trees are tied specifically to that side of the ball. On the offensive side, Up Tempo players fatigue less quickly, have lower injury risk should be upgraded immediately. Defensive coordinator starts out almost the same way, with Recharge players fatigue less quickly, have lower injury risk being the first priority.

Upgrading all three of these skills would provide a great advantage during the season. If you feel like dabbling in the second set of skills, No Fly Zone better Zone Coverage in secondary and Shutdown better Man Coverage in secondary are important, but even an average secondary can be made better with an exemplary pass rush. If you go the coordinator route to start your career, you will be able to keep all the points you earned when offered a head coaching position.

You will just reassign them to the new skill trees available. Though the games played on the field are certainly meaningful, the real meat and potatoes of the NCAA Football 14 Dynasty lies in recruiting. Unlike the real NFL, colleges must scout players from around the country in the hopes of finding the talent that will bring the school ever closer to the national title. The recruiting process has been completely redesigned this year, taking out some of the minutia of years past, while still allowing a comprehensive and in-depth process.

You can only target 35 prospects at a given time, but you will be able to add and remove prospects at will as the season progresses. The general list provides the best way to find high school or junior college players already interested in attending your university, regardless of how highly touted they are as a prospect. The main part of this game. You'll play your 12, 13, or even 14 games if you have a conference championship and recruit players to fill your needs, both required by the league and what you need to fill your weak spots.

For me, I always find myself needing defensive players, but that's not important now more on that in recruiting later. You, of course, have the option to play the games. If you're a coordinator, you only play your side of the ball. As a head coach, you can play both sides.

Of course, you can always sim, but that's not a good idea. You'll lose games you shouldn't every time. Now I know this is a different game, but same developers EA. And I shouldn't have lost that many.

I had some of the best players in the country 2 defensive all-americans, one first team all-american, ect. You can supersim the game to speed it up. I like to supersim Defense sometimes as a head coach. If you do, be sure to do it one play at a time, or the computer is more likely to score it seems plus you always can spot when they are going to punt or kick off.

Also, never supersim close games at the end, the computer always is more successful in the clutch. I'm not going to tell you how to play the game. My tricks won't work for everyone. I'm run-first, then take advantage of the openings they give me when they try and stop the run. Some people are pass only, and some people are option players. And I think my defensive style would get dominated against by a compitent human. It's basically the same 4 plays, with some other mixed in if I think the computer has me beat.

They won't lose except maybe twice a year and that's only about once a dynasty and they'll always have great recruiting classes. You have to fight your way into the top if you don't take over the top. Don't expect to play in the national championship your first year unless you are one of those top schools.

Work for it your second year, and third year. If you manage to stay undefeated and have a good class, both in recruiting and returning players, you will start ranked higher, and have an easier time making it to the top by the end of the season. The main factors in determining rankings after the first season, which is set by what the rankings were at the creation of the game are conference, strength of schedule, and recruiting class.

Also, the more starters you lose, the more your rank goes down. More on how to avoid that later. There's an achievement attached to this.

This is the easy way to do it. Form your own Dynasty, and then absolutely whore a player. Call running plays like none other, and get your guy as many rushing yards and TDs as possible 38 is my record, All-American, none simmed. Drop back to pass on every play, throw for many yards, and many touchdowns. On defense, just like in real life, it's almost impossible to win the Heisman many props to Charles Woodsen, who definitely deserved it.

Same as a reciever. You would have to rely on that reciever so much that your quarterback would probably be in the running too. Remember that the Heisman is awarded, not to the best player, but to the player that means the most to his teams success. Also, it is well-documented that the Heisman is "glitched". Basically, the more famous your program and the better your career has been, the more likely you are to win.

So winning it in one year, even at a school like Ohio State, can be fun. You are sent to bowl games based on your rankings. A team like Troy, a dominating force in the Sun Belt, may face a team like Kansas State, an average team in the Big Oklahoma and Stanford, dominating forces in the Big 12 and Pac, respectively, would likely face off in a bowl game. For the best idea of the caliber team you will face, find teams with around the same number of stars as you.

Those are your likely victims in bowl games. Just slaughter them in a nice fashion; it helps with rankings and offseason recruiting. A very fun time. It looks like it will take forever. It really only takes 4 hours. And that's if you're fast Pretty sure I misspelled that, but I don't give a rat's patooey see previous sentence for comment about last word of previous sentence. Anyway, this is the part where schools offer you a job, and you either refuse or accept.

A contract from your school always comes up first if one is offered. Then you can either accept that or reject it. After that, no matter whether you accept the contract or reject it, you recieve offers from other schools. I call this the Mike Anderson rule angry Mizzou fan here. I honestly wouldn't go with that route, unless you really see a job that screams must take. I'd just stick with your school until they torch your ass, then get in with a rival and dominate their ass with a rusty spoon.

Look, almost all the players leaving are going to be graduating, unless you are Ohio State or the like, when all your players are pro caliber straight outta HS. That being said, anyone who wins a Heisman is likely to try and leave. As will any other award winners besides maybe kickers who are juniors. You can spend some recruiting time to keep them, but it cuts down on the amount of time you have during the first week of offseason recruiting.

You can try until you convince him to stay, or he says he's leaving. I've had it work in 1 try and had it take 3 trys the worst part of that one was that he still left. Oh yeah you can do the same thing to try and prevent transfers. I've never had anyone try and transfer to my school. So sorry I don't know much about this section. Sorry I'm not at home and I'm no where near an offseason, so I'm not sure exactly what order these go in.

I'm skipping Recruiting, and I think training comes up after change positions, but I'm not sure. Anyway, changing positions is a helpful thing to know about, even when recruiting. If you think your big, slow linebacker isn't helpful, try switching him to defensive end. A lot of LBs that aren't good in coverage make better DEs anyway.

I've recruited LBs to switch them to Defensive End. They actually ended up having a better overall at DE, and it has been a great call so far. Here's where it really helps though. Say you failed to recruit a Center. What to do, since you still need one to fill the roster. Just change over another Offensive Lineman!

If you have an extra player at a position, switch him over to fill a need. You can't have more than 70 players on a team, even with redshirts. So here's where you make your choices. And here's what sets this game apart from Madden other than the fact that the playoff system is so much worse. What everyone struggles with at some point.

The bane of many people's existence. Why almost any competitive player only plays online and play now. It's not as hard as people think. Of course, many times the people who struggle with it don't think.

You know how I got good at it? I took over a low prestige school. It makes you learn how to recruit. There are 3 stages to recruiting.

The easiest is pre-season. The most important and of course hardest is regular season recruiting. Just find 35 players you want to come to your school. Obviously you want the top 35 players. There's 2 problems with that. One, you can only give out 25 scholarships I think, I'm pretty sure I gave out 26 one year, but don't quote me on that.

And more importantly, not all of them will want to come to your school. Ones that have a green circle next to their name are "interested" in your school.

Now let me explain what it means. It means you're on their top 10 list. You can be points below a top school, and as long as they aren't hard commited to the school you can still be on their "interested" list. There is also an interest bar on the other side, toward the right of your screen. This shows their interest level, how close they are to accepting a scholarship from your school. There will always be some in Orange, which means they are more than halfway to commiting.

All the others will be in red. Look at the interest percent to determine how close they are. Next, check their skills. If they don't have a skill set that you like, don't recruit them.

At lower level recruits you are going to have to make sacrifices. After you've determined that there are players that are interested in your school and you are interested in, check how close you are to the school in first. If you're more than points back, just give up. You won't come back, especially on a high level recruit top , The closer you are, the easier it will be to get into first and secure the recruit.

If you're already in first, congratulations. You still have to seal the deal more on that later. Now it comes time to reorganize the recruits. The higher a recruit is on your board, the happier they will be. So put your more valuable recruits near the top, and players like that punter thats overall near the bottom.

They will like you more, the points you get on pitches will be higher, and you will move up faster the higher they are. Obviously no matter how high a recruit is, if nothing matches up he's not going to come, but it can push you over the top.

Since you only have 10 hours to spend a week, and a majority of the time will be divided up into 30 minute segments, that equals out to 20 players. So you should really only have around 25 players at a time, especially if you aren't in first or second on a lot of them. I usually choose to focus on around players, and spend more time on each of them.

I got an email about recruiting from a guy named Michael. He suggested investing an hour into 10 players that I want and needed. Choose ones that match your play style. Then re-evaluate the recruiting board every 3 weeks. Some players will be commited to another school. Delete these players and add others. The place I would differ from his strategy is in how often you update your board.

Every week that should be the first thing you do. How many players have commited, either to you or to another school. Remember, you have 10 hours to spend, no matter how many recruits are commited toward your school. So always have 10 uncommited players, at least, on your board, to fully use your time. Another tip he gave me is how to recruit players that aren't interested in your school. Why does that online dynasty site look waaayyyyyy different than mine? Originally Posted by RandallB21 Why does that online dynasty site look waaayyyyyy different than mine?

Me too, my question is how is he NOT in the beta??? It's damn near half way through the season I'm partial to playing with a small or "mid-major" caliber program and trying to build it's roster to fit my offensive system and then challenge the powerhouses.

Those are screen shots from the Coming Soon page! This message has been up for 6 months: It should be ready soon! For a preview, check the images below. When exactly is EA going to update the new Online Dynasty website? Here's another better question: When is EA going to finally fix the problem where dynasty users can play a game and be rewarded with a victory and their "actual" stats I'm having a great time playing as UCLA.

Hopefully I can bring in a few PAC 12 championshipd. Can you do a solo online dynasty, so I keep keep track of my whole shebang vs CPU on that kind-of-cool dashboard setup? Anyone else doing that?

This article is hot diggety spot on! I was following most of if not all of these rules on instinct before this article was even born, and have carried the San Diego State Aztecs who? As soon as you get exactly the number and types of players that you NEED to get, move onto the highest rated players whereever they may play who like you.

Don't worry about balance more than the sim is making you! You can soften your schedule, since you're probably not going to get to the Nat'l Champ, so stack your deck, since winning now is so important to make sure you can win bigger later. Kind of taking advantage of the flawed system here But near the last few weeks of the season, there will be some star rated prospects who are still in their top 10 schools phase with no scholarship offers.

As a low to mid-major level team, it helps to really hit these guys hard with promises and minutes and hope you can jump into their top 10 by the off-season while the other schools stay away. I don't do this often, just when I'm looking for a story line or something to create. Nothing like going undefeated with a non-BCS team and going to a BCS bowl but still have to choose from the 2 star recruits to live up to expectations.

So it's nice to get some of these higher rated recruits to come to your school in hopes of joining a team on the upswing of things. Or I pretend they had terrible grades or character problems or something..

Originally Posted by patsfan Yes you can do an online solo dynasty.