MLB Baseball Free Picks and Today’s Expert Predictions [2018]

Post your own tip There are no tips available in english. With its outrageous jackpots and cool mixture of online chat games, there is plenty of entertainment on offer. On Sunday, when the bracket came out, Villanova, the defending champ, was back on top, claiming the No. Here's our list of the top rated teams for both divisions. More College Basketball News

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North Americans are increasingly taking advantage of betting from cell phones and several mobile betting apps are available today. Check them out and let us know what you think. Betting Trends Betting Trends. Texas Christian Horned Frogs. Texas El Paso Miners. Penn State Nittany Lions. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles.

North Carolina State Wolfpack. Miami of Ohio Redskins. We were winning bracket pools much more often than a typical player would expect to win, but the research was exhausting.

As bona fide nerds, we had the math chops to manipulate large data sets and do complex analyses, but Excel has its limitations and the time pressure was intense.

As a result, we were still making some judgment calls or doing manual, "back of the envelope" type of calculations to make some pick decisions, especially when the numbers for Team A vs. Team B looked really close. Although our approach to picking brackets was highly intelligent, there was plenty of opportunity to improve it. We wanted our process of optimizing bracket picks to be less hectic, and we wanted to be more confident that we had come up with the "right answer" -- the bracket that gave us the best possible chance to win.

Fast forward to This is what we do for a living. Today, we use the power of technology to analyze bracket pool picks with a level of precision that no human analyst can ever hope to match. First, we aggregate thousands of data points on every tournament team, from power ratings to Vegas odds to public picking trends. Then, with the help of dozens of high-powered computer servers, we run millions of computer simulations of bracket contests. In the first pool, picking a "15 seed over a 2 seed" upset in the first round may be a smart gamble; in the second pool, almost certainly not.

The good news is that although the scope of computation going on behind the scenes to optimize picks for your pool is massive, you get a very simple output: As time passes, more and more people are becoming familiar with the general principles of smart, value-driven bracket picking.

What remains incredibly difficult, though, is translating that general knowledge into 67 specific picks that give you the best possible chance to win your specific pool -- and having hard data that demonstrates why those picks give you the maximum edge.

To reach that level of confidence, you have to run millions of tests of potential bracket pick combinations, simulated in pools that look like yours.

Anything less is an educated guess. Today, the sophistication of our NCAA Bracket Picks product generates customized brackets that are up to 10 times as likely to win pools compared to the average competitor.

You can use our bracket picks on contest sites like these: So we challenged ourselves to build something better. Technology-Powered Bracket Picking Fast forward to The New Cutting Edge Of Bracket Picks As time passes, more and more people are becoming familiar with the general principles of smart, value-driven bracket picking.