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Types of Bets You Can Make

Also, many bettors complain about their buggy website. The site is expected to improve very soon. Various banking options are acceptable with Sport. You can use different payment methods for your deposits or cashouts. You are free to email them, chat or text and a client support representative will get back to you within no time.

You can deposit your money to your favorite online book to start betting immediately. Different sites allow the use of various currencies and work with various financial institutions to keep the transactions going. Basic methods of transferring funds to the Cricket betting sites may not be applicable in some countries.

Fortunately, with a direct bank deposit, the process gets even better. You may also opt to use a debit or credit card to deposit some cash to your betting site. Read our review of e-Wallet. Many countries are now adopting the eWallet method of depositing cash into the cricket betting sites.

This is in the quest to block financial organizations and institutions from conducting any business with the gambling sites. Ewallets act like middlemen. Your work is to deposit money into your eWallet account followed by a transfer to the betting site. Based on our experience Neteller and Skrill are the best eWallet Options for cricket betting online.

If all the methods fail, your last option could be writing and mailing a paper or bank check to your preferred gambling site through an international courier. Please note that not all betting companies accept this method. Go through the deposit and withdrawal policy of a given site before using this method. Selecting the top five best cricket betting sites is quite a lengthy process. We understand that the results are quite critical and are to be utilized by millions of people across the globe.

We, therefore, sacrifice our time to ensure that you get accurate information as you build a solid basis in cricket betting. There are some factors that we consider in eliminating various betting sites to arrive finally at the top five. The more diverse and all-round a site is, the more chances it has of ranking among the best. Below is the series of steps that constitute our selection criterion.

A betting site that offers its members promotional offers and bonuses through things like reload bonuses, deposit matches and money back to newbies, are occasionally loved by bettors. We shop around to get a clear insight of what different gambling sites offer their members.

We then settle down to eliminate those with poor offers before proceeding to the next step. Going through the betting options provided by those sites that pass step one, helps us in understanding the top priority of a given site. Money minded, and greedy sites have no place among the best.

We seek to know whether the selected sites allow bettors to place bets on cricket games. Also, knowing the teams listed on the cricket section makes it possible to understand the diversity of a given site. Again, those which allow betting on limited cricket teams are also eliminated. The remaining betting sites proceed to the next step. Conducting a thorough analysis of the client support of the various betting sites is our next step.

We check the availability and the turn-around time for each inquiry. Going through the legal status of the remaining betting companies is our last step. We seek to know whether a given site adheres to the rules and standards set up in its country and beyond. This is imperative as a bettor can seek legal help in the case of unfair treatment.

You can end up losing your wealth on the web. By eliminating the unregistered sites, we remain with an accurate list of the top five best cricket betting sites. We are, therefore, sure that the sites offer the best deal, diverse betting options to choose from, excellent customer services and are all registered for safe transactions. There exist many types of prop bets that one can place in a given game or series.

In cricket, clubs often engage in a collection of matches. Each team aims at having the most points to clinch the top position. One can choose to predict the winner of a given series. Game score bets involve predicting the number of successful runs to be scored by a given club. A gambler may choose to predict the total wickets that a particular bowler will receive throughout a series cricket games.

Top bowler bets include predicting one cricket bowler who might eventually gather the most wickets. This type of bet involves predicting the player who will eventually take up the title of the best batsman at the end of a given series. Even or odd run score: You can also choose to predict whether the final sum of scores by both teams will be odd or even. Cricket betting platforms or companies operate their business to make profit, not to lose money.

They employ thousand of people to make sure the odds is set correctly. So it is impossible to beat them and earn huge money from cricket betting. To be a winner in cricket betting, you have to be patience. You have to bet within your budget and, analyzing odds and particular match situation correctly.

You can not win big money by just relying on the simple system. This does not mean that you can not win any bet in cricket betting. One way to keep online sports betting exciting is to bet on live games. For some players live — or in-play betting is about excitement. Watching the game on second, then betting on what you think will happen the next. Then a general overview of live betting. They have an offer where you can triple your winnings on your first bet.

Now they also have improved their live betting and regular betting page and it runs very smoothly. Bet — Another high rated sportsbook. As with sport, they have also moved their site to HTML 5 technology and now runs a lot better. Bovada — One of the best options for Americans.

A great looking, mobile-friendly site. We recommend each book. But if you want to learn more before you sign up, you can also check out our reviews.

Or you can continue reading below to learn more about in-play betting, how it works, and the types of bets you can make. Odds are available shortly before a game starts. This is a test cricket series that is played between Australia and India. It is considered one of the most competitive test series played with narrow win margins.

The test series is held once a year and only features two teams. Cricket is considered one of the most exciting sports in the world and offers a wide variety of betting types to bettors. I have included a list of cricket betting types with a brief description of each below:. This is the most popular and easiest form of betting on cricket. Bettors need to guess which team will win the match correctly. If the match is a tie or when less than 20 overs are completed, your bet will be declared invalid.

A tied match also referred to as Draw No Bet, is a bet type in cricket that bettors can use to predict that the match will end in a tie. It is very common for cricket teams to play three of five games in a series as opposed to a single match. A great example is the Ashes featuring a 5-game series between Australia and England. Bettors will wager on the team that will win the best out of the five games.

Bettors select a team that will win the tournament before the start of the tournament. Cricket Team Propositions Coin Toss Win Like most prop bets, this type of bet has nothing to do with the cricket result or who will win the match.

Instead, bettors will merely predict who will win the coin toss before the game gets underway. This type of bet applies an extra element to the coin toss with higher odds, allowing bettors also to indicate if the chosen team will either bat first or bowl first.

Bettors will try to guess if the total score, or runs, made by a team will end up being an even or odd number.

Bettors will bet on the total number of runs a team will score by the end of a match. This type of cricket bet is used to predict the batsman that will score the most runs in a match.

This is a very difficult bet to make, so the odds are usually very attractive as well. Top Batsman Team This type of bet will only require predicting the side in which the top batsman will be, and not the individual batsman.

You will need to correctly identify who will be declared as man of the match. Keep in mind that this type of bet is only available during major cricket events. There are also plenty of other cricket bets available at legal online sportsbooks, but I provided the majority of them to give you a good idea of the different types of bets you can expect to find when making a bet on any cricket match.

There is plenty of aspects surrounding cricket that you will need to keep in mind before placing a bet on the next upcoming cricket match. Fortunately, I included the most successful betting tips to assist you in making a more informed and educated betting decision that is likely to provide a profit.

There are tons of different cricket markets at legal online sports betting sites. However, it will be more beneficial only to use those that you are comfortable and familiar with. By this I mean, avoid exotic and speculative wagers. Winners will usually continue winning, while losers will battle to break free from a slump. Betting against trends might be difficult as the odds are very attractive, but the overall payouts rarely cover your total losses. This is a vital part when it comes to cricket betting.

Most legal online sportsbooks will offer competitive odds to get your business.