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Feb 02, Wed Let's Get Lucky: Only customers with a registered South African bank account will be permitted to open an account on the website. Mar 30, Mon Derby Picture Crystallizing: Once that has been completed, your bet will be live. Older Comments about Online Wagering (ADW)...

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The outcome of your win due to a related bet is now decided by single bets on the related legs where your stake is divided equally between the related legs.

Please note the following rule regarding Match Fixing: LM Bookmaker Online reserves the right to claim back any funds that have been credited to a clients account by mistake. The client's account will only be credited once the cheque has been cleared. Withdrawals will not be processed until the relevant FICA documentation has been received.

Sports Live In Play Mobile. Mon, 17 Sep , Next horse racing event. Lucky Numbers - Exotics. Soccer - Long Term. You are allowed to choose a maximum of items. Stake entered exceeds the maximum stake. Petersburg, Russia - Live. Upcoming Events on Betslip. Soccer Colombia Liga Postobon. Atl National vs Envigado. Fresno FC vs La Blues. Soccer Indonesia Super League. Arema Mal vs Madura United. Soccer Armenia First League. FC Yerevan vs Banants 2.

Suwon Wfc vs Seoul City Wfc. Gyeongju Khnp vs Boeun Sangmu Wfc. Hyundai Steel vs Changnyeong Wfc. No persons under the age of 18 years are permitted to gamble. National Responsible Gambling Programme Fractional Decimal Decimal incl. Please note the following rule regarding Related Bets: Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions: Only customers with a registered South African bank account will be permitted to open an account on the website.

We do not accept any overseas customers who do not have a valid bank account in South Africa. Any accounts open by overseas clients will be suspended pending proof given of a local bank account. These jurisdictions may change from time to time without notice. All account information data is held in a secure sever location operated by a Licenced 3 rd Party and remains confidential. LM Bookmaker Online will not in any event be liable in any way for any losses, damages or other effects of such problems or activities.

LM Bookmaker Online is not responsible should a wager or bet be placed on any event, team, match, person, game, option, outcome or odds that You did not intend to make or made in error. If such systems are suspected, Your account will be suspended immediately and may be closed. All wagers or bets placed by such a system are null and void. Any winnings achieved after the error, whether related to the error or not, may be invalid and shall be retained by or returned to LM Bookmaker Online, whether You informed LM Bookmaker Online of the error or not.

The maximum payout for all transactions is R Sports transactions are not subject to any tax deduction. No bets will be accepted via fax or email and should such bets be received through such mediums, they will be classed as void immaterial of whether they win or lose. Once a transaction has been logged it may not be changed by the bettor in any way. This includes ANY price related error and in the event of bets being placed at an incorrect price, LM Bookmaker Online reserves the right to decide whether a general market average will be used or whether the bet will be cancelled.

If any dispute cannot be settled satisfactorily between LM Bookmaker Online management and the customer, the matter shall be referred the Gauteng Gambling Board. If you inadvertently or deliberately back a related contingency in a multiple bet, the bet will be recalculated by equally dividing the stake unit where the bet is related.

In the event of a bet being declared void then multiples including that leg will stand with the void leg being excluded from the multiple and the outcome decided on the remaining legs of the bet. If the event is postponed for more than 24 hours bets shall be void.

In the event of a dispute that it is not known whether a match was postponed or whether our staff had made a date related error then LM Bookmaker Online's decision on whether the bets are void or wether they stand shall be final.

If at any time, it is deemed by management, the spirit and intention of the promotion is violated or abused then LM Bookmaker Online reserves the right to refuse the account or withdraw the bonus at their discretion. Any bonus received by a client must be turned over completely before withdrawal of such a bonus. Study horses at a track near your home or place of work to win, but visit other tracks to relax! You do not have to bet on every race; wait until you know that odds favor your pick.

Do not let the SP affect your judgment. Do not expect sustained windfalls, or look for short cuts. Stay away from illegal betting, and tracks which ignore dangerous riding and outright cheating! Spread betting may sound like fun, but it reduces the probabilities of winning dramatically. Jackpots and the like are uncommon in real life, but every race does have a winner and places Video screens are more for enjoying off-site horse racing, than for making money.

You are unlikely to win against punters at a distant site. There is no shortage of theories and advice on wagering in the horse racing world. It helps to take all inputs into consideration, provided that losses are kept within affordable limits.

Do keep an account of your cumulative record and happy wagering!