Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites for 2018

Horse racing is legal in the majority of U. Some regions even rely on decades old gambling legislation that was introduced long before the Internet even existed. Companies have emerged in a plethora of different countries all over the world, which means people from all over the world have an opportunity to experience them. While some are respected and regulated worldwide, many still follow their own rules, with little oversight. Quickly move large amounts of funds.

Criteria That Makes an Online Betting Site Safe

This is a great indicator that you are using a secure website and not an imposter site. When it comes to online gaming best practices, you want to make sure your site of choice takes fairness seriously. And you definitely want your personal information to be protected from identity theft. These are all real life concerns you should be considering when researching an online betting site. Finding a site that takes all these concerns as seriously as you do is the goal.

We are confident that these sites take our concerns seriously and will gladly provide detailed information on each of them. Along with our safe site criteria, there are also a couple big, bright, scary red flags that we keep an eye out for. Even if a site has some of the safe site criteria listed above, if they have any of these red flags, we definitely recommend staying far, far away from them.

Online betting sites should be crystal clear about their business practices. They should be spelled out in black and white on their site for everyone to read. There should never and we mean never ever be any question about how they conduct their business and how they keep you, your money, and your personal information safe. If there is any grey area when it comes to their standards and guidelines, look elsewhere. When it comes to this one, Google is your best friend.

Before committing to a site and providing them with your personal and banking information, Google them. Check out what people are saying online about the site.

Look them up on reputable sites such as Ask Gamblers and read their reviews. Check for particularly troublesome red flags such as complaints about delays with withdrawals or a track record of providing misinformation to their customers.

These are the kinds of red flags that should never be ignored. Check into how they deal with disputes and what their reputation is online. We know that we have thrown a lot of detailed information at you all at once. And we know that it can seem overwhelming. Now that you know that there are so many factors to consider when choosing an online betting site, you might even be more confused than ever, especially with all the choices out there.

And we understand that it really is a very confusing and overwhelming process. You can rest assured that we have done our due diligence in putting together this list of the safest online gaming sites.

So, without tooting our own horn too much toot toot , we really think that the best course of action in selecting a safe gaming site is to use our recommendations because of the extensive research resources we have.

The most obvious risk of gambling online is that it IS possible to lose money. There are a number of ways that you can lose money unfairly when gambling online. For starters, a site might simply shut down and keep any funds you have deposited with them. This might be a deliberate and planned act, or it might be because the site is losing money and has to close. Second, a site might be cheating.

Gambling sites can, and unfortunately do, cheat their customers. This can be through unfair terms and conditions, through rigged software, or a variety of other methods. You might just put it down to bad luck. Third and finally, a site might withhold your winnings for no good reason. This is a common act by rogue sites, and one that they get away with far too frequently. Even worse is the risk of having banking or other financial information compromised.

You typically have to share this kind of information when depositing at a gambling site in order to make a deposit.

A final risk to mention here is the risk of problem gambling or addiction. However rational or disciplined you are, you still might find yourself losing control. With that, we have now covered the primary risks of online gambling. Now you need to learn how to avoid them. These are as follows:. Number one is very easy. Just stick to our recommended sites. In short, you can trust them. Which is exactly how it should be.

Not for everyone, anyway. Some people really struggle to keep control of their gambling. Please take the time to read this. This software will provide you with an extra level of protection against anyone hacking your computer and possibly gaining access to your online gambling accounts. We make a big deal of the fact that we only recommend gambling sites that we know to be safe.

But how exactly do we know which sites are safe and which are not? There are actually several ways in which we assess the safety of online gambling sites. Here are some of the main methods we use. There are others, too, but these are the most important.

We talk more about this later, when we discuss regulation in greater detail. It helps us to establish what kind of reputation they have and what their track record is like. Our research includes studying forums to see if we can get a general idea of what previous and existing customers think, and seeing if there are any negative reports.

If we know any gamblers that have used a site, we will also seek their views. We have extensive contacts within the online gambling industry, so we ask their opinions, too. We like to draw on our own personal experiences, too, which is why we carry out testing. This helps us to gauge certain aspects of a site that cannot be accurately assessed in any other way.

The bottom line is that we do whatever it takes to get a clear picture of just how safe a site is to use. Proper regulation ensures that they HAVE to, and it protects us consumers and gives us peace of mind. And, in a worst-case scenario, we at least have some recourse.

Licensing authorities can get involved in disputes if necessary and help to resolve them. The exact regulatory requirements vary from one licensing authority to another. Some are stricter than others, but the reputable ones all ensure that certain minimum requirements have to be met.

The following are what we consider to be the most important requirements. Separation of customer funds from working capital means that any balances that customers have at a site would be protected in the event of a site going out of business.