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The proof is trivial for a single event with only one possible stake. This fantastic function of the Soccer Bets Software, makes it possible to automatically obtain predictions on the basis of the statistical data, by assigning them two possible probabilities: In particular, possible stakes include N single ordinary bets, and one N-fold accumulator bet. Football Power Pack

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However, football is an unpredictable sport. In one bad day, for example, Chelsea vs. Or suddenly, a player just become a savior by a solo through whole opponent defense line and score an incredible goal.

You can not predict that. But using xG, you can predict a team is underperforming or outperforming, lucky or unlucky and predict their result in the long term. In my opinion, it is the best tool so far you can learn to get your own prediction.

You can find out more on how to generate data and how to use it here. We are the team of professional analysts, publishing dozens of football, tennis and ice hockey daily predictions. Thousands of registered members read our sports predictions every day. We are available on Android, iOS and mobile web.

Of course, we are FREE. We provide various statistics on matches and teams. And the most important part is that we provide a social platform where tipsters can share their tips to others and build up their reputation in the community. So you can predict the result based on their professional tips. Our community is quite active at the moment.

You can follow the best tipsters there and get a head on their latest betting tips. Yes, we created a tool that does just that. It is called Sporita.

Sporita is all about football and stats. Every single piece of on and off -field data about the beautiful game is contained within the Sporita database. What is the probability that Barcelona will win? What is the probability that both teams will score? Our algorithm calculates these probabilities by combining a wide range of information such as formations and tactics, team and individual statistics, the coach factor, game-day weather and much, much more to provide you with the most accurate football predictions available on the net.

It then displays those figures in a percentage form. But probabilities are not enough. We also provide a value to each prediction from 1 to 10 showing you exactly which bet to place. All you have to do it place it. Additionally, we are constantly adding various new features to our website. Recently, Live Scores and Video Highlights were introduced, and many more are on the way.

Learn more right here. This page may be out of date. Using sophisticated probability analysis, it does directly instruct bettor as of what bet structure is preferable, as well as of the specific betting fund distribution. Unlike simple programs based on Kelly criterion, Stake Wizard 4 allows to use a realistic range of bankroll growth, and to specify confidence probability of reaching the target fund.

Odds Wizard has built-in powerful tools, such as Odds converter , Performance analysis , and Tournament analysis. Underlying state-of-the-art algorithms are worth of the best previous developments and research efforts in soccer, hockey, and other sports.

These algorithms are able to track live results and compute full set of in-play odds until the end of match. The only condition for efficient use of the new version with its huge tennis leagues is a powerful processor inside PC. It must be also noted that during more than 15 years period of Odds Wizard 's life, many dedicated users requested tennis to be added to the list of supported sports. And finally, their dream comes true.

Odds Wizard is designed to help professional bettors to have greater wins, though the bookmakers may also use it to maximize their profits. As a matter of fact, Odds Wizard has been a virtual independent bookmaker providing any kind of odds on the basis of advanced statistical analysis and forecast. Unlike real bookie, it doesn't make costly mistakes.

Furthermore, it reveals such mistakes and enables bettor to rely not only on the good luck, but also on the probabilistic laws. Normally, the latter are on the side of a bookmaker as long as one releases correct line odds lines. Should the bookie's line odds exceed fair odds generated by Odds Wizard , bettor acquires reliable preconditions to win and bookie to lose. Maximum possible value of an average factor of fund growth Z is achieved by the optimal distribution of a bankroll amongst 2 N -1 possible simultaneous stakes, and is determined by the following expression: Established in , we publish the WinPicks series of handicapping software, and own and operate ScoresLine.

One click is all you need to get the latest scores and odds. User definable prediction formulas allow you to implement any system and instantly test results. Platinum Picks , power ratings, office pool picks, consensus picks, and much, much more!

New Features for WinPicks Release date: New average point spread feature shows which teams historically are the biggest favorites and dogs.

Every team change, conference change, or division change for the seasons has been verified and included. For more information about the new features and a complete release history for WinPicks, click here.

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