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If two hockey teams seem to be comparable in terms of what they have to offer on paper then the one who plays in the weaker division is almost certainly the more attractive one. The only possible detour could be a major injury and that would have to be a season-ender, as we all know how Kevin Durant responded last year. Despite the preseason favorites being in the finals there could have been value on other NBA teams. Get to Know Us

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These types of sports wagers can offer quite a bit of value if you know where and how to look, but the first step to cashing-in on these bets is to have a good understanding of how they work.

Just as the name suggests, these are bets placed on a sporting event based on odds that are released well before the start of that event. Sportsbooks release futures for just about any conceivable event you can think of and they are not just limited to the world of sports.

Keep in mind that it is very hard to predict anything too far out in the future, so sometimes the best betting strategy is to wait and see how the betting public reacts to the initial odds. Most times the early money will gravitate towards betting on the obvious favorites which in turns squeezes quite a bit of value out of their odds.

A prop bet is short for a proposition on the outcome of a stated event. You can find daily player and team props for sports such as basketball, baseball and hockey and sportsbooks routinely release player and team props for sports such as football a few days in advance of the games. Without a doubt, the biggest single event for betting props is the Super Bowl. Well before the kickoff for the biggest single-day sporting event in the world, you can bet on just about anything that pertains to this game.

There can be a ton of value when it comes to betting props, but much like betting futures, you have to avoid getting carried away. Props are a very lucrative profit center for sportsbooks because people tend to bet on them with very little handicapping skills. These bets are made more like an educated guess as opposed to a calculated play based on solid research into key stats, facts and figures.

Lay bets are really another form of prop bet, but you are always wagering against something taking place. These types of bets take place on a regular basis without the use of a sportsbook to cover the action.

Thus analysts can derive a probability from market prices. Investors are more careful when money is involved. They less willing to take big risks and more likely to hedge. Sports futures are an outgrowth of traditional prediction markets. Online sportsbooks have offered futures odds since online sports betting began in the late s. Similar businesses have also capitalized on prediction markets. Customers could buy and sell contracts on any number of events.

These markets would often accurately predict many outcomes. An efficient betting market means each ML is a fair price. Bet each team at sportsbook offering best odds. It can be calculated from multiple sportsbook lines. This process identifies profitmaking opportuntities. Arbitrage bets always profit. Size wagers carefully using an arbitrage calculator.

Place correct bet amount on each team. Realize a modest guaranteed return. Post Up or Credit Shop? Who are Sharp Players? Corner Bookie or Sportsbook? Especially with whispers of Lebron James possibly leaving after this season to finish out his career elsewhere. The best news here is that the major offshore sportsbooks have found new ways to accommodate future bettors by offering other options. We'll give the Western Conference to the Warriors, but betting the Eastern Conference Finals might be a much more lucrative opportunity than it obviously appears.

Here are the current odds from popular sportsbook Bovada:. Should Lebron go down with an injury or his buddy Dwayne Wade not work out to plans, there are three reasonable chances for another surprise team to show up in the NBA Finals. The Bucks like the Sixers are looking toward the future and not recommended yet.

Scanning the board from BetOnline can pinpoint a few noticeable trends not to be ignored. That would allow for only 14 total losses during the NBA's entire regular season if you prefer wagering Over.

Sorry Knicks fans but this indicates many unhappy nights at The Garden and another long season for the Knicks out of the playoffs.

Also, major improvement for their rival 76ers and several losses to the Celtics and Raptors within the division. In summation, this week is your opportunity to still "invest" in the Golden State Warriors while carefully selecting a few other NBA teams to bank on in the future. Next April and June is not that far away. For weekly betting insights, inlcuding previews and picks from Glenn, click here. Check the Contest standings! Here is a comparison of the current odds for the Golden State Warriors to win the Larry O'Brien trophy at a few of the most popular and trusted offshore sportsbooks: Here's the board courtesy of BetOnline , from the list of preferred sportsbooks: Big NBA Futures Menu The best news here is that the major offshore sportsbooks have found new ways to accommodate future bettors by offering other options.