Best USA Online Sportsbooks For 2018

Bovada sportsbook The sportsbook covers a wide variety of events to wager on and this includes all major leagues, special tournaments and high marquee events around the world. Some handle a wide range of prop betting, while some are limited to traditional bets such as "straight" betting. The currency is one of the primary things which interest US players when determining whether the poker site is reliable or not. The USA are quite complex when it comes to legislation, and that is even more so proven in the case of online poker rooms. With all of the above in mind below we have put together our listing of the top 10 US poker sites online. FAQ's About USA Online Sports Betting

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They are making waves for giving players some great bonuses. These bonuses are available for sports betting, casinos and special games. One of those special games is Bouncy Balls. This is one of the best games at William Hill and it is wildly popular among their players.

They also have plenty of perks in the sportsbook to include free plays, signup bonuses and in-game betting. In-game betting allows the sports bettor a chance to bet on the game as the action unfolds.

The options are endless and it allows the players to be involved on every play! William Hill also offers other in game options like 60 minutes betting, and various other options.

William Hill has a rock-solid reputation and can easily be considered the No. When it comes to sports books that have stood the test of time, 5 Dimes leads the way.

This is a very reputable sports betting site that was launched in and while other sportsbooks failed, 5 Dimes thrived. They are cradled in Cost Rica and they are dedicated to providing their players with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. They are a one stop shop for all of your wagering needs and provide odds for more sports than most sportsbooks in the business today.

Once funded they offer a variety of bonuses and perks to include reduced juice, a perk that they have made famous at 5 Dimes over the years. By offering reduced juice they allow their players to save money when betting on sports. Over the lifetime of an account reduced juice can easily save players thousands of dollars. One stop at this top tier sportsbook and it will be easy to see why they are constantly on the top ten lists.

Making 5 Dimes a part of our list of most reputable sportsbooks was an easy call as they come in at No. If you want to qualify as a top ten sportsbook, you have to do quite a bit right. For many people, the customer support may end up being a major selling point for the site. The reason for this is because they allow one person on their customer support team to handle anything and everything that you could possibly need.

This site which is licensed in San Jose Costa Rica, offers players a little bit of everything they could want. While the customer support is obviously massively important, the bonuses and bets themselves are of course the most important part. How can you beat that? There certainly are a lot of ways to bet at BAS, as they offer a sportsbook with Dynamic Lines, a live casino, a virtual poker room, a Racebook, and also Lotto More Ways to Win, right?

BAS offers Asian handicaps, which are most commonly used for soccer matches, but you can use them for basketball, football, and hockey, too.

Asian handicaps allow you to split your bet for more chances to win. Check them out to learn more. Furthermore, transactions are a breeze at BAS. Most online bettors and sportsbooks will tell you that Bitcoin is the way to go these days and BetAnySports even sweetens the deal by offering free payouts and deposits on BTC transactions.

Bodog is still highly regarded sportsbook for Europe and Canada. When it comes to online sportsbooks, BoDog has a high reputation that is second to none. They boast a high level of service in their sportsbook, an energetic poker room, full Vegas-like casino and over downloadable games for the players that like to try their luck with as they look to win big.

Bovada sportsbook The sportsbook covers a wide variety of events to wager on and this includes all major leagues, special tournaments and high marquee events around the world. This sportsbook has grown into a juggernaut in the industry as they were founded in This award winning site is registered and licensed in the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Bodog Antigua and holds the select license to the Bodog brand used in Canada, and operates Bodog. This will make any client feel comfortable when they sign up and play at BoDog because they have a long history of paying their players on time, every time.

They also award the new and returning players with great bonuses that all starts with a hard to match percent bonus. Any new player that signs up and starts playing at BoDog will automatically double their bankroll to enjoy all of the perks that BoDog has to offer.

This is just the beginning as they also reward players with free rolls and special vacation packages and poker tournament seats. With this level of service BoDog was a must for any Top Ten list. How do you know when you are dealing with the best sportsbook? It all starts with a glowing reputation, longevity in a very difficult industry and a pioneer in the business that is always on the leading edge in the changes that go on in the gaming world.

Choosing Bookmaker as the No. After all Bookmaker is the sports book that all other try to emulate. It also has one of the top in-game live betting interfaces so that you can sit there on your couch with a beer in one hand, a phone in the other, and lock in your wagers as you watch the game. GTbets is quickly becoming the most popular online gambling website for Sports, Casino and Horse betting enthusiasts. Their friendly and experienced staff offers a level of service that is revered as one of the best in the industry.

The idea of what makes up a great sportsbook for the United States sports bettor is pretty simple. The idea is that you want to make sure to find a sportsbook that you can trust, one that pays out quickly, has great customer service and of course gives you a nice bonus for getting signed up with them.

This is exactly what GTBets does. They are a top book that gives a little bit of everything to everyone, but specifically to those recreational bettors in the United States. You tell them your two favorite teams in the major sports, and you will get discounts on the spreads! There are simply so many perks and reasons why you should go to GTBets for all of your betting action.

They have you covered on pretty much every single angle. What about customer service though? Also, just to sweeten the deal, GTBets offers one free Bitcoin payout every 30 days. How can you beat that?! Founded in , BetPhoenix. The Costa Rica-based sportsbook, Racebook, and live casino has the unique ability to cater to players that speak English or Spanish, as well as Chinese or Vietnamese. BetPhoenix is a current leader in the online gaming industry. Take advantage of the BetPhoenix.

Coming in at No. That sportsbook is none other than Bovada. Bovada is run by entrepreneur and sports book pioneer Calvin Ayre who brought sports betting to the forefront when he launched BoDog.

Now years later, Bovada is living up to the same potential by offering great customer service, an easy and interactive platform and great bonuses. They take pride in delivering the quickest payouts in the industry because they realize that getting money to their players is the most important facet of running a sports book.

They also have a long list of bonuses awaiting all new and returning players that make Bovada their gaming destination. Finally, they deliver on prestigious giveaways for all off their loyal customers.

Bovada is a mainstay in the sports betting business so it is no surprise that they are also a mainstay on our Top Ten list. The sportsbook industry has been very competitive over the years and many new sportsbooks have failed in an attempt to compete with some of the best in the business. However, the new ones that have been able to survive have done it by taking care of the customer and this is where Intertops has achieved overwhelming success.

Intertops is an Antigua regulated sportsbook that knew in order to make it big in this business they would have to start with the management team. They recruited only the best to lead this sportsbook into a new era of sports betting.

They have decades of experience at the helm leading the way and this is why since Top Bet started in , they have been considered a reputable sportsbook. They also offer many promotions during the year that keep the player entertained and awarded for playing at Intertops.

The key to having a great online sportsbook is having a platform that has great user experience, pays on time, is percent safe, and has a great reputation. Plus, considering that there are many online sportsbooks out there today, there must be something unique about your sportsbook that sets it apart from the others. There are different methods used to build online sportsbooks and various means or strategies used to enable them to achieve success. However, here are the top ingredients making up the recipe for a great online sportsbook.

A great online sportsbook must have a broad coverage of the major sports events happening in the world top markets. It should cover different sports, especially the main ones such as football, rugby, tennis, basketball, and cricket. It should also spread its wings and cover different regions and continents for a wider market base.

The sportsbook should also provide as many betting options as possible. In-play betting options are also a great addition that has been adopted by all top online sportsbooks. A top online sportsbook has to be financially sound to be able to support its operations and deliver payouts to betters fast. Top online sportsbooks are often rated according to their payout track records.

The fewer or no outstanding payout complaints an online sportsbook has, as well as the faster it is at delivering payouts to betters, the higher it is among the standings of top online sportsbooks. Reputation definitely goes without saying. The Best online sportsbook should have good reviews from both its past and current users. An online sportsbook with a good reputation means that its users were satisfied with its services; be it the gaming options offered, customer services, speed of payouts, or just general usability.

No player in the wagering industry dislikes free money. A top online sportsbook offers its players a variety of bonus programs to give them the incentive to keep playing or refer other players to their site.

Bonuses go a long way in improving player retention rate as well as helping convert more prospects into to potential customers. Some of the most common bonuses offered by the best sportsbooks include; sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, free bets and no-deposit bonuses.

A great online sportsbook must have a great looking website that easily attracts bettors of different ages and backgrounds.