Best Horse Racing Betting Sites | 2018

Whether your interest is in seeing the horses, the jockeys or placing a wager or two, the following websites are useful and entertaining. Gamble Responsibly - www. That never happens of course and is what makes it really exciting and fun to bet on - you essentially also get to be the handicapper and determine which horse you think can beat their handicap mark. Why These Sites?

Where to Bet on Horse Racing and a Complete Horse Racing Betting Guide

How We Review Betting Sites

The US Trotting Association was founded in Here you will find horse information, racing information, breeding information and more.

There are even video replays. There is also a complete calendar of all races that includes race date, track, age, sex and gait of horse, the name of the race and the purse. Readers can also sign up for their monthly Hoof Beats newsletter or subscribe to the Hoof Beats Magazine. Another useful tool is the STARS stallion showcase which is an online listing of featured stallions that contains current performance information on their offspring.

Lots of information available on this website including top performers, sire statistics, world records, racing results and more. While some sites are for breeders and owners, this site is totally for the fans. It was developed as a free, wiki community focused on racing information, insights and discussion for passionate horse racing fans. It is currently in Beta as it is the first edition of the site and they are working to continually develop and improve it.

They are completely independent of race tracks, organizations and handicapping providers so they are able to present objective views on the horse racing industry. Some of the information you will find her includes top all-time horses, the International top horses, news on jockeys, news on trainers and news on owners. There are also tons of exclusive blogs to be found here. They are doing a fantastic job of discussing information about the Kentucky Derby and giving such information as the top 40 contenders and the results.

TrackMaster is an Equibase Company and is a leading provider of value-added handicapping information. Join the TrackMaster Players Club and receive free products, special offers and more.

They provide data to horse racing handicappers of every skill level with several product lines of varying depth. They are the only company with the ability to provide data on the three major breeds of racing: Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Harness Racing. The Free Stuff tab has a number of freebies worth looking at including their blog and the Virtual Stable which is a free notification service for harness racing that sends e-mail alerts when a horse is entered in or has completed a race.

Founded in , the NTRA is a membership-based trade association for the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry. They are served by a Board of Directors. They have a number of different memberships to consider. One is Inside Track which is free and a way to stay on top of year-round horse racing action through customized monthly e-newsletters, online contests, chats, live video events and more.

One last option is to register for their Night School which is an interactive live fan education forum. The lessons found there are simulcast to racing websites in a syndicated manner.

And as an added advantage the best online horse racing sites extend promotional offers, bonuses, and occasional live racing to their members. With so much to offer the casual and dedicated race horse bettor we have put together a list of online betting sites that are safe, easy to use, reputable, fair, and accessible. We put our team to work to find the best horse racing sites you can use online. We are all experienced gamblers here at GamblingSites. We have played the games and used the betting dashboards so when we make a recommendation we know what we're talking about.

The online gambling industry has changed a lot since the first online sites went live. One of the most common complaints we and other players had in the early days was that you could never be sure if you were being treated fairly.

And some gambling sites did a really poor job of paying their players. In the horse racing marketplace we want to be able to bet on horses at the most tracks around the world, use standard bets, and see results posted in real time or very close to that. We rank our recommended sites according to their ability to pay winners, the variety of their racing choices, the quality of their betting options, and the market competitiveness or fairness of their pricing.

And we also look at the online experience because no matter how good the betting options and payouts if you cannot use the site easily your sense of frustration will eventually lead you to look elsewhere. We'd prefer to recommend sites with a low frustration factor. The sites we have selected for you above earned high marks from our team in all categories.

We have used these sites ourselves and found them to be reliable, consistent, and safe places for betting online. We of course reserve the right to revise our recommendations at any time. We're always looking out for something better to try when the right opportunity comes along.

Every player wonders, the first time they use an online gambling site, what might have gone wrong there with players in the past. Even reputable sites earn player complaints, which are often due to misunderstandings.

Our number one concern is whether your money and private information is safe with the gambling site you choose. After that, we look at how they resolve any issues players report to them. And naturally we also want to be paid in a timely and elegant fashion. Some gambling sites make you jump through a lot of hoops to get your money. Aside from the usual limits you can expect at most online gambling sites, we expect a simple, straight forward explanation of how bettors get their money. As you become more comfortable and experienced at playing the horses you start to pay closer attention to the odds.

Not every racing site offers the same payout on every race. Because the odds are determined by who is betting on which horses. Once you have done your handicapping for a race you want to place a bet that has a chance to win the highest payout. Experienced gamblers know to compare the competition. Why are odds so important?

If you are making consistently good choices you want to receive the maximum payback on your bets. Fraction odds are always simple to work out as the number on the left is the winnings you would receive if you were to stake the number on the right. You can also choose to have your odds displayed in decimal form, which some gamblers find easier to follow. Most bookies will allow you the option to switch between the two. It really is that simple. Many people who follow the sport of kings like to bet each way, which can be very fruitful particularly in an accumulator, but this is where the odds can get a little bit more complicated for those who are not already experts in the field of gambling.

An each way bet means you have two bets in one — the horse to win, and the horse to finish in a place position. How many places are paid out depends very much on the race and which sports betting site you are using.

A horse racing bet calculator can be useful to follow how much money you are in line to win. Success in betting on horse races does not come easily, but by setting aside plenty of time to carry out research into your predictions it is definitely possible to beat the bookie when horse racing results come in — and build the amount of money in your accounts. Just like with gambling on most other sports , taking value is always recommended so if you think that a top price listed by a bookmaker is much too big then it can be a good idea to take that bet.

An odds comparison across different betting sites will help you to find the best value too and some people like to follow free horse racing tips as well. Learning how horse racing form works is a must if you are going to be serious about making horse racing predictions and after a while you will soon learn which trainers and jockeys you want to look out for. Jockeys go through periods of good form and bad just like a motorsport driver, a golfer or a football team, while they also often excel on one particular racecourse and struggle on others.

Here at BettingTop10 we also recommend making the most of the best betting promotions and sign-up offers for horse races as this can maximise your profits with sports bookmakers. Most of the major UK bookies will be running headline promotions around major horse racing events such as the Grand National and Cheltenham.

Keep your eyes peeled at this time of year, as there can be a lot of money to be made as long as you know what you are doing and can pick out top horse racing best odds. We have already covered odds, but now it is time to investigate the many different types of bet it is possible to place on this sport. Not only can you bet on a horse to win a race or to come in the places, you can also pick out what is called a forecast, which involves picking out the horses you think will finish in first and second.

Various accumulators from a double to a fold or even more can also be placed on horse racing, with the more selections you pick boosting your potential return but also reducing your chances of being a winner.