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The decision to surround himself with world-class athletes and coaches is a much-needed change from his underwhelming, makeshift training camp in Hawaii leading up to his fight with Edgar in This will be his first fight since suffering a knockout loss to Frankie Edgar in The high-flying striker has shown off his offensive creativity and acrobatic kicks in his five Octagon wins. Either way you slice it, Koscheck returns to the winners circle tomorrow night. Saenz put himself on the map with a huge upset win over former top bantamweight Iuri Alcantara in Nia Jax-Ronda Rousey Was Doomed From The Start

Carmella’s WWE Title End and Other WWE Thoughts

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Rodriguez closes distance better than most in the featherweight division, and his diverse offensive attacks always keep his opponents guessing. Rodriguez is an aggressive fighter who always hunts for the finish no matter where the fight takes place. Rodriguez credits the life-altering experience of joining his first MMA gym in his home town of Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico, with where he is today. He was thrust into the limelight at the beginning of his career, at a very young age.

Even in his heavyweight showdown with former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, Penn was never in danger of hitting the floor despite fighting nearly 50 pounds above his optimal weight division. In terms of who is more likely to finish the fight, Penn is the far more reliable to put a stop to his opponent. Penn has finished 13 of his 16 wins with a nearly equal split of knockouts and submissions.

Rodriguez is confident in his grappling ability, but make no bones about it, he does not want to be on his back with Penn on top of him. This brings us back to Penn. Parillo morphed Penn into a feared striker in his heyday, and all signs point to Penn returning to his most effective striking stance and style. No matter how much work Penn put in during his training camp, the questions of whether his performance in the third fight against Edgar was his new measure or a career outlier are at the forefront of discussions for a good reason.

As dangerous and talented as Rodriguez is, I just have this inkling that Penn is going to finish Rodriguez with a rear-naked choke in the latter rounds.

However, I still have faith that one of the legends of the sport is still a champion at heart. Marcin Held has yet to have his hand raised inside the Octagon. Lauzon has a habit of winning one fight and losing the next.

Based on this pattern, Lauzon is due for a win. Both of these guys are submission specialists, but Held was surprisingly beaten at his own game by Diego Sanchez in his UFC debut last year. Everyone and their father thought Sanchez would try to embark on his usual mindless slugfest, but he was surprisingly disciplined and showed off his excellent ground game to smother Held.

Unfortunately, I see much of the same fate awaiting Held in this fight against Lauzon. Coming off his split decision loss to Jim Miller last year, Lauzon is hungry to win and hungry to put on a great performance.

Held was arguably winning the exchanges on the feet in his UFC debut against Sanchez. Held is a submission specialist, but his game could be seen as one-dimensional on the mat.

However, there is a reason the UFC signed Held in He was one of the better lightweights in the Bellator stable. He was involved in some exciting back-and-forth affairs over the course of his five years in the promotion. At just 24 years old, the Polish prospect still has plenty of fight left in him. Lauzon is a fighter through and through, but he is so much more than that.

Lauzon is a skilled grappler who has continued to grow with his boxing on the feet. What a great match-up! I personally love to watch Tyson fight. I look forward to watching his stand-up arsenal evolve. This will be another step in that evolution. Laughable, I know Cory will disagree, but Cole Miller is on such a higher level than Escudero I question the commission even allowing this fight to happen.

Escudero has one way to win this fight, Miller has countless. Miller is the bigger stronger fighter and will show the ability to shake off the wet blanket should the need arise. You question the commission even allowing this fight to happen? You have to be kidding me, right? When did Cole Miller become the next coming in the lightweight division? Was it when he beat Andy Wang?

Or maybe it was when he edged out a smaller Leonard Garcia by unanimous decision. Quite the contrary I would argue. He is the better wrestler, and a much more powerful striker.

It may not be pretty, but Escudero remains undefeated in this fight. Neither of these two fighters will dazzle you with their ground game. My kind of fight. I predict a lot of violence in this one. Cro Cop via head or body kick Paul Daley vs. Martin Kampmann via submission Cory Brady: Kampmann via submission Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg This is the fight I am most looking forward to on this card.

Josh Koscheck via decision Cory Brady: Cole Miller Laughable, I know Cory will disagree, but Cole Miller is on such a higher level than Escudero I question the commission even allowing this fight to happen.

Franca on the other hand will be hoping to pull off the 12th submission of his career but I see Griffin being smart enough to stay out of danger and nullifying that threat. Franklin won the award for his last fight with Silva and if this one with Belfort does go the predicted full 3 rounds then I can see it going the same way.

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