UFC 185 Predictions

Receive a generous signup bonus too! I think Rosholt will be much more tentative in this fight and look to use his wrestling to either win a decision or earn a late stoppage. Matt Brown is one of the more consistently-entertaining fighters in the world. He throws high volume and improves fight to fight. Handicapping Tools

Fury’s Fight Picks: Hendricks vs Brown Predictions

UFC 185 Prelim Fight Predictions and Analysis

He likes to break the will of his opponents by overwhelming them with pressure and a variety of striking combinations.

He works his left hook to straight right combination perfectly. Brown also mixes things up with standing elbows and kicks to all levels. The Ohio native is excellent in the clinch, where he uses his elbows and knees well. His forward pressure often gets his opponent to back up to the fence, where he unloads on them with brute force.

Matt also has very sneaky foot sweeps and trips that tend to catch his opponents off guard. There is some concern with his core strength, however. He has been hurt several times to the body in recent fights. I would usually write something like that off to his opponent landing a good shot, but it has happened several times now. Brown has spent considerable time training with the Cuban national wrestling to improve both his offensive and defensive wrestling.

He does not usually use his wrestling in his fights, but his takedown defense has improved in recent years. From his back he is very active and dangerous, as he constantly looks to sweep or lock in a submission. His jiu jitsu is very underrated, even though he does not have many recent submission victories.

He has had trouble defending submissions in the past, but that has not been an issue for him in the past few years. This fight is one of the more intriguing matchups on the card.

Johny is the better athlete in this matchup and will hold a considerable edge in the wrestling and power departments.

I would give Matt a better chance if this were a five round fight, as he would have more time to wear down Hendricks with his forward pressure and high volume. However, I think Hendricks should be able to control this fight with his wrestling and improved striking.

He outstruck Lawler for large portions of their two fights and I think he can have even more success against Brown. Also, he should be able to get takedowns when he wants them. Brown is always a dangerous fighter, so I am not completely counting him out. Hendricks is very tough and durable, so it would be tough for Matt to stop him with strikes. A three round fight favors the former champion and he will be getting my money on Saturday night.

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Copeland is a power puncher with decent all-around skills, though he is certainly not the fastest or most athletic fighter in the division. I think Rosholt will be much more tentative in this fight and look to use his wrestling to either win a decision or earn a late stoppage. He was brutally knocked out only four months ago and I would expect he has become aware of his limitations.

Copeland has the power to end this fight, but I will side with Rosholt to get his hand raised. However, I cannot back him at considering the concerns I have about his defense and chin. Sergio Pettis, the younger brother of lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, returns to the flyweight division for this fight against Ryan Benoit.

Sergio is a very technical striker, though not anywhere near as flashy as his brother. He works sharp combinations that he mixes up with solid kicks. His footwork and range are very good, which is important considering most of his opponents try to take him to the mat.

Pettis has improved his takedown defense and grappling, but he has been exposed in those areas at times. Dropping to the flyweight division should benefit him, as he was considerably outsized at bantamweight. Benoit is a Muay Thai striker that has big power in his hands. He has a bad habit of putting himself in danger on the ground, though he has shown he can get out of it most of the time.

His conditioning has been poor at times, so that may be something to look out for if this fight goes past the second round. Benoit is a solid fighter, but I favor Pettis to win this fight by using his more technical striking and superior movement.

However, Benoit is pretty tough and Pettis has not shown much killer instinct, so I will say he gets it done by decision. The line is steep at this point, but I still believe this is a favorite or pass situation.

I would not get too carried away betting Pettis, however. Duffy is a very talented all-around fighter with a very good submission game and sound kickboxing. The Irishman has excellent timing and manages distance well. He is very good in scrambles and has a wide variety of submissions. Lindsey is not one of the most technically sound or physically gifted fighters on the UFC roster.

He has decent power with his strikes but horrendous defense and poor conditioning. Duffy should be able to win this fight in all phases of the game and I think he is good parlay material, even at the current price. Pacheco is a 20 year old bundle of energy that pushes a furious pace that is hard to deal with.

She throws hard strikes in the pocket and in the clinch, especially knees and elbows. She has a very potent submission arsenal on the ground, including chokes and armbars.

She was dominated in her last fight by Jessica Andrade, who took her to the ground and choked her out. De Randamie is a kickboxer that prefers to strike at range, where she has long, crisp punches and strong kicks. Germaine is not very good off her back or at scrambling back to her feet. De Randamie is also coming off a sixteen month layoff, which is a big concern. I will side with Pacheco to pick up the win, but this is not a fight that I am interested in betting on.