Volleyball Spiking and Hitting Techniques

Need to give your event a boost? In doubles, if you are the weaker hitter, you should take every first ball so you will get lots of training on your hitting. These four steps are: Already have an account? All Listings

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When jumping, the hitter should use their forward momentum to move upward. They should move their arms upward and over their head. This motion can propel them higher when they jump. When hitting, the hitter should position themselves so that the ball is always in front of them. They also have to place themselves at the right spot. If the distance between the ball and the hitter is too great, they will only be able to tip the ball over the net. When the ball is too close, the hitter has to contort in the air to loop it over the net.

This is why the hitter needs to be in the right spot. To hit the volleyball properly, the hitter should quickly bring their left arm down after they jump and move their shoulders and hips around to hit the ball. The ball should be hit with the force of the whole body, not just with the arms and shoulders. The ball should be hit on the upper back section.

It should also be hit with an open hand and spread fingers. The force on the ball should be downward. This force should also be applied when the hitter is at the maximum height when jumping. Hitters also need to time their approach to the ball. They should hit the ball just as they are coming down from their jump.

The ball can be at its maximum height or at some other point in its trajectory, depending on the height to which the hitter can jump and the speed of the ball. Timing comes with practice. If the hitter is already coming down when hitting the ball, they are jumping too early. In addition, if the ball is at the height of the head when you are hitting it, you are jumping too late.

Volleyball hitting is an important and exciting part of the game for both players and spectators. Regular practice and drills will hone the approach, positioning, arm swing, and timing of the hitter as well as the coordination between the setter and the hitter. If not done right, you may be putting the ball behind you as you drift.

High sets are the hardest to time and learn from. Yet that is the ball most kids start with, supposedly to get more time to figure out where the ball is falling and to give themselves more time to get there.

The lower the set, the less speed the ball has falling through the sweet-spot hitting zone. The high sets come down ripping through this sweet strike zone and players most often hit them into the net as they swing a tiny bit too late and thus make contact too low. Remember how hard this is. The volleyball spike is the ONLY action in sport where maximum effort is done unsupported every time.

Baseball batters do not have to jump and swing to hit home runs. Volleyball is also the only sport where one maximum effort, jumping, is followed immediately by another max effort, spiking the ball.

It takes a LOT of repetitions and good timing to hit that sweet spot every time. Most players love to bang the ball repetitively against the wall. Coaches tell me it develops "wrist snap.

It is developing the negative error, the bad miss, of hitting into the net or block. What you need to get are reps hitting OVER the net, with wrist snap of course.

That is a swing worth knowing; how to hit over the net, or even over the block. Why is it so hard to hit at full extension? Coaches have been wondering this for so long that "Reach! Show your coaches your arm swing without the ball. The challenge is for you to do it up in the air with the ball moving one way and yourself in another, as the third hit for your team most the time.

It could very well be that your errors are those of anticipation and judgment, and by the time you are ready to rip on the ball, it has fallen. The ball cannot hover like a golden snitch.

You drop your elbow or swing low. Swing sooner or swing faster. It comes back to timing. This lets you set yourself, develop an over-the-net arm swing, and unleash a lot of power. You control the set, the height, distance, etc.

You likely will get better faster with the jump serve than your spike. Even if you are young, jump serving lets you crank on the ball, so never give up; just keep swinging. While this is not strictly about hitting hard, it is about being a great hitter and great hitters can hit all directions, not just where they face. Practice hitting cut and line from warm-up to finish. Learn how to hit roll shots and control with your non-dominant hand.

Misjudging the ball is more common than timing it right. You need to have an ace up your sleeve and be able to roll shot or control a ball with your non-dominant hand.

Practice this in short court warm-up games and hit some sets as well, so you can do it. This is NOT at full power, unless you get a lot of practice.

It is with control. In doubles, if you are the weaker hitter, you should take every first ball so you will get lots of training on your hitting. Players love this game. Just make one rule: I hope this helps you see the many parts and ways to become a more powerful spiker. Good luck and have fun as a better terminator. Thoughts on service Thoughts for setters Thoughts on defense It's not where you are, it's who you are Guide to volleyball basics More.

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