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Look for this banner for recommended activities. Soon enough your muscles will remember what works and you'll be able to aim the ball like a bullet out of a gun. Can i substitute a player in the next set if i already substitued other player on the first set? The volleyball techniques - serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and digging - are the six major volleyball skills players must develop. Basic volleyball rules have changed a lot … Click here to write your own. Volleyball Rules for Beginning Volleyball Players and Fans

Very Basic Volleyball Rules

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It was created in and is the longest and richest FIVB-sanctioned event. Improve your team's setting technique with these five great volleyball drills from the eteamz volleyball community. As any coach knows, volleyball players love to hit. But it's not all just brute force. From anticipating blocks to taping fingers, here are some tips.

Tight muscles can lead to poor performance and injury. Stay limber on the court with this great stretching routine from the head athletic trainer of t. Look for this banner for recommended activities. Join Active or Sign In. Learn More Customer Login. List your event Need to give your event a boost? Position Breakdown Understand the game of volleyball better by learning the roles and responsibilities of the different positions on the court. I want to know how much time is required to be played for the whole volleyball match???

Or is it points that determines the end of the match? Do we have half time like in soccer or what? Many local volleyball leagues and tournaments have their own rules re. This can be a reduced number of sets typically 3 or even timed matches for example in an indoor tournament where time is limited and a certain number of matches must be played. Does it count as one or two touch? If the digger makes 2 actions e.

If a blocker touch the ball of the spiker before the spiker touch it I mean the third ball that has been set for the spiker and the ball still is in their side of the net is this a foul? No it is a foul to assist a player to hit the ball. The full FIVB rule is below: However, a player who is about to commit a fault touch the net or cross the centre line, etc.

I mean the ball should touch hands only or any other …. How many serves does each player get One.? Or do you get a second serve if the first hits the net.? You dont mention that in your serve rules.? Hi, a player only gets one attempt at a serve. The FIVB rule is below.

Note that if the ball clips the net and goes over this is a valid serve and play should continue. Dribbling or moving the ball in the hands is permitted. You do only get one chance! I have a question about substitution. Are you allowed to Substitute any player out of the court regardless of where they are standing or positioned?? I am really confused about substitution. Yes you can substitute any position.

A team does have a limited number of substitutions per set though. Are net touches not permitted at all — unless the net hits the player from a ball hitting the net.

New rules as of state that any touching of the net is a foul and the opposing team is awarded a point. This includes the tape at the top of the net. However, if the net contracts back from ball contact, and touches a player, this is not a foul.

Hey I guess that depends on how old you are and how tall your team mates are? Maybe Setter or Libero? However once the ball leaves your playing area you no longer have priority over playing it and therefore other players may stand in your way. Sir my question is if a blocker or smasher touches net by mistake or touches the line below net , then is it a foul? I heard that only one kick can be used in the whole game is it correct or 1 kick in each point? In tapping the ball, which fingers should i use..

Once the ball hit my fore head and cross the net is it legal?? At first serve, can the receiving side play one hit, hit the ball back to oponents side or must they make use of two or three hits? It can be good to pop the ball straight back as a surprise tactic but this is unlikely to work against better volleyball teams. On the third hit, to return it to the opposing side, are you only allowed to hit it with one hand or can you use both? Not sure what a reach is — unless you mean reaching right over the net and interfering with play?

Hi there is no re-serve. Once the ref blows the whistle you have a set time and only one chance to serve. At the start of the game when the Home team is serving and loses the point When the away team receives the ball do they have to rotate? Also, when the set 1 ends and the team switch sides, does the last person in position 1 from the previous set 1 get to serve first in set 2?

If an attacker tries to make a drop and he is literally slightly pushing the ball with his fingers. Could you explain this. When the ball is attacked or served with immense force and the receiver could not be able to pass the ball by fingering or under arm. Whether he can contact the ball with both the hands opened with a minimum contact. As we know, players have to rotate in clockwise turn during game right?

So, if switching between players are allowed, back row to front row, middle to setter eg. Teams occasionally have issues where a back-court setter forgets they are a back-court player and get involved in blocking, or tip above net height etc.

In general you can only hit the ball once, the main exception is if you block the ball, then you are allowed a second hit — but otherwise a team-mate would need to hit it before you can do so again. For instance, if I serve and lose the serve is it a point to the opponent the? Or is it just a lost of serve and not a point? Again in the game if I serve and the oppenents return the ball directly we fail to play the ball, will it be a point for the oppornents?

How are points counted here? So yes if you fault on the serve, the other team gets a point and gets to serve next. In a game I was playing with my friends the other day, an argument came up. It was my serve and at one point I got a fault, then a point, then another fault. Which of these two if either are correct? If you fault on your serve, the other team gets a point, and the serve passes to them. I am the setter and in a game two nights ago, a girl on the opposing team went to tip it over and I blocked her tip, but both of our hands were on the ball at the same time her hands touched the ball before mine: I could feel the force she was using, but since she was up earlier than me I was able to get the ball back over, but the Referee gave the point to the other team.

Was that just a bad call or was it my fault? Simultaneous contact with the ball is fine and play should have continued as per the FIVB volleyball rules below:. I am thinking NFHS rules on this. A server gets one attempt to serve. Of course in some circumstances and matches it may not be appropriate to apply that rule. If the serve clips the net and carries on to the opponents court then this is fine and play continues — even if it clips the net and falls very close to the net.

The front-court players are allowed to block so in theory all 3 of them can block at the same time. Just be aware it does leave less players to cover tips etc. Officially the volleyball needs to be thrown.

The FIVB volleyball rules have just changed on this. Sai I hit the ball into the net, it bounces off, they allow me to hit it again, attempting to pass or set it off the net.