Anyone know the rules this baseball gambling game?

Everyone makes a prediction, and the closest to the prediction without going over wins. Top Tips for Beginners. The team with the - is the favored team. Or if a home run is it, everyone has to donate an extra dollar to the cup. Get unlimited access to every pick made by every non-business member. Why Did We Recommend These Sites?

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Mini-Fantasy Baseball

A baseball game, however, offers so many nuances during the course of play that can be translated into interactive games to enhance the viewing experience. By watching a ballgame with others, the games listed below will not only keep viewers into the contest from the first pitch to the final out, but they may introduce the casual fan to all the subtle aspects that endear passionate fans to the game of baseball.

Before a batter steps to the plate, try to predict the outcome of the at bat. For example, if you call strike out and the player strikes out, give yourself a point.

If you predict a strike out and the batter does something other than strike out, deduct a point from your total. Keep track of the points throughout the course of the game, and the player with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

And, if you are really looking to get in depth, trying calling each pitch. Guess what the pitcher will throw, be it fastball, curveball, changeup, so on, and award points for the correct prediction.

Prior to the start of the game, go around the room and, depending on how many people are gathered to watch the game, conduct a quick draft from the pool of starting players on each team. Make sure the number of players selected by each participant is manageable, somewhere between three to five players. Then keep track of the outcome of each player's at bat over the course of the ballgame.

The person whose team has accumulated the most hits by the end of the game, wins. This will give all the viewers participating a vested interest and keep them involved in the game from start to finish. So you have to take that into account when placing the bet. You also need to consider the fact that the National League averaged. In , the league average.

In the American League, the league average was. In , the AL average was. Other factors involve how good the opponents are at throwing out runners, and how good the pitchers are holding runners. There's room for a lot of fun on this wager, and as always, Price is Right rules apply.

A Yankee-Red Sox game can last longer than four hours. And there's a wide range in between. This is a fun one because you actually start rooting for players to stall to extend the game if you're on the high side , or you start yelling at them to speed up if it's getting close to your number. Once again, closest without going over wins. Shattered bats Over the years, most players have shifted from ash bats to maple bats.

But maple bats are about 3 times as likely to shatter as ash bats, and bats are breaking at such a regular pace that it's no longer a surprise when it happens. But predicting how many will happen in one game? And don't forget to factor in if Mariano Rivera is coming in to close a game. He's always good for breaking one bat. The Beer Cup This is easily the best game on the list.

Here are the basic rules: Everyone drops a dollar into an empty beer cup. A person is selected to hold the cup for the first at bat of the inning. If the player gets a hit, the person holding the cup gets all of the money in it.

Everyone donates another dollar to the cup. The cup is passed one person to the right, and the game begins again with the next batter. If the player makes an out, the person doesn't win any money, and the cup is passed to the right, giving someone else a chance to win the money if the next player gets a hit.

The cup keeps getting passed until a player gets a hit. The beauty of this game is you can make all sorts of modifications. Like if a player strikes out, the person holding the cup has to put in another dollar before passing it. Or if a home run is it, everyone has to donate an extra dollar to the cup. And because something is at stake every at bat, the friends you are with are paying attention to the game the entire time, which is more than you can say for most baseball games.

To be an all-inclusive baseball betting guide, we ought to tell you about the teams in the league and talk about the differences between the two leagues. Getting acquainted with the teams in the league is going to help you immensely. You are going to want to know the difference between when a team is playing a divisional rival or if they are playing an interleague game. Our structured guide on the teams, divisions, and leagues is going to assist you so you know exactly what bets you want to target.

To achieve that goal, you have to complete the game season and earn a spot in the playoffs by either winning your division or one of the two available Wild Cards. Want to know which teams have won the most World Series trophies? Interested in finding out what the season-long ride is like to be one of the teams left playing October baseball?

It provides them with a few days to recharge their batteries for the second half of what is a long season. The festivities that come along with the few-day break capture the baseball audience around the globe. The Home Run Derby has been a huge hit for many years and continues to draw millions of viewers each and every year. If you have made it to this point in the guide- you are starting to become somewhat of a baseball expert yourself.

The next order of business is to familiarize you with the best players who have ever played the game. We are talking about the legends whose impact on baseball lasted well-beyond their playing days: This baseball catalog that has been full of detailed information to help you win money betting on games, as well as teach you about the game.

We thought devoting a segment to the most significant baseball single-season and career records would be a fun way to finish. Learn everything about the most historic teams to which players have had the most incredible single-season performances. The tab above is all about the players and teams with the greatest accomplishments the sport has witnessed.

The interest level and popularity of the sport has translated into the casino operators of the online betting sites to get with the program. No longer do you only have to choose which team will win a game or how many total runs will be scored. We went over all your options, from futures and props, to what the parlay payouts look like.

If you are new to the online betting arena, our in-depth pages on tips, what to look for, what to avoid, and how to find value makes sure you no longer area stranger to the online betting world. We know you were hungry for the strategies and specific things to consider before placing wagers, so instead of giving you a few paragraphs, we linked an entire catalog of baseball betting strategies to the simple click of your mouse.

As Major League Baseball fans, giving you loads of information about the teams and leagues was vital. The World Series and The All Star-Game are what everyone looks forward to, so we have full, committed sections on those topics.

Discussing the greatest players who have made it to the Hall of Fame and the ones who will one day join them was something we made sure not to leave out.

We know everyone is interested in records, so we capped off our complete baseball guide with a page on the most compelling records and achievements in the history of the sport. Are You New to Sports Betting? Getting Started with Sports Betting. Top Tips for Beginners. Common Sports Betting Mistakes. Finding Value in Betting Odds. Types of Bets in Baseball. Run lines are especially useful when betting on favorites. If the total score for the game is five or more, the over wins.

Number of Bets Payout 3 bets 6: Which manager will be the first to get fired? Will a pitcher record a Perfect Game? What will be the fastest pitch recorded via MLB Statcast?

What will be the longest home run hit via MLB Statcast? And many other sites. Select a language English English.