Baseball scorekeeping questions?

Every base advanced by a runner must be accounted for. So a line drive to the pitcher Personal property or league property? I'm just asking a question. Batter hits a sharp ground ball to 3B, where the runner on 2B tries to advance to 3B where he is tagged … Click here to write your own. Need A Baseball Question Answered?

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Does a fielder's choice count as a time at bat? Tony, thank … Chances of scoring a run from 3rd base on an infield ground ball with less than 2 outs. Not rated yet Giannis asked: I know that the decision of scoring from 3rd base on an infield ground ball depends on many factors where the ball goes,what the infielder … If you say your seat is on the third baseline, what does that mean?

Not rated yet Nancy asked: If you say your seat is on the third baseline, what does that mean? Nancy, thank you for your question. As … Why don't they throw the runner that is advancing to second or third out first?

Instead they seem to throw the runner advancing to first out first. Not rated yet EG asked: It always seems that they do not concentrate on throwing out runners advancing to third or second.

It seems that you would try to keep … If a player gets ejected during a play, and was involved in the play to the conclusion what is the umpire's call? Not rated yet Gary asked: I was watching the Chicago Cubs vs. Louis Cardinals game last week. What is the most runs scored by 1 team in back to back games on different days?

Zach, thank you for your question. Batted ball fielded by pitcher who started to tag batter-runner and then remembered runner on 1st who was going to 2nd. Reed, thank you for your question. Hit a home run over fence - I don't step on home, the umpire handed the catcher a ball then she tags me.

Not rated yet Tim asked: The situation is as follows: The batter hits the ball into the ground and it bounces up towards the pitcher. Not rated yet Eleanor asked: If a pitcher pitches 9 perfect inning but his team has not scored and he is taken out in the 10th, his team loses, does he still get … Click here to write your own. I was watching baseball on Fox. The pitcher dropped the ball accidentally and the runner was allowed to score.

I am new to baseball … In some Major League teams' farm system there is a step which is just above Rookie R status which is designated as SS. What does SS stand for? Not rated yet James asked: I'm just asking a question. How does one describe a question???

James, thank you for your question. Is the batter out if he hits a ground ball to first, and the first baseman tags the base with the ball only before the runner reaches first? If a batter hits a ground ball and the 3rd out is made at another base, what is the batter scored for that at bat, and does it count … fielders choice or hit for the batter? Not rated yet Don asked: Runner at first base one out.

The batter hits a line drive that the right fielder short hops and throws immediately to second. The … Should batter be given fielder's choice on hit and run. Not rated yet Terry asked: A man is on first base and a hit and run is called on the pitch.

The batter hits a hard shot up the right middle of the infield and … What is the official rule in Major League Baseball regarding the removal of helmets by a runner? For example, bases are loaded, and the runner at … Just saw Adrian Beltre thrown of the game because he moved the on deck circle. Is there a real le for that? Not rated yet Leslie asked: Just saw Adrian Beltre thrown out of a game, because he moved the on deck circle. Is there a real rule for that? Some baseballs are catalogued during a game by someone who places sticker on the ball.

Why do they save them? Runners at first and third , no outs. Batter hits ground ball to second baseman who is playing in. Should runner at third go for … why do ptichers warming up in bull pen do not have a person stand in batters box? Not rated yet Timothy asked: Why don't bull pen pitchers warming up have someone stand in box? Timothy, thank you for your question. How long do pitcher's have to throw between pitches? Richard, thank you for your question.

Pitcher … what is you definition of a "double header"? Not rated yet Marty asked: Are they both referred to as a double header? Marty, thank you … who is credited with the rule you cant steal first base from second base?

Not rated yet Mark asked: Who is credited with the quote: Batter hits fly ball, outfielder catches fly ball throws out runner at 1st for leaving base before … Man at 1st and 2nd batter squares to bunt then swings and hits ball to short stop, who should be covering 1st? Not rated yet Kevin asked: Man at 1st and 2nd with 0 outs. Batter squares to bunt then pulls back and swings. Hits ground ball to short stop. I was told that at a recent San Francisco mlb game, a batter had in-cycle hits, in order.

If true, who was the batter? Not rated yet Jim asked: The batter swung and fouled the ball back, hitting the catcher's mask, and then rebounded into fair territory. Not rated yet Annonymous asked: I coach 7,8 and 9 year olds.

My 2 most talented players have developed a sidearm throw. They watch Tulowitzki and want to be … Fair or Foul ball? Recently there was a pop-up in my Grandson's little league game. The first baseman running for the ball with glove extended over the … Error or mental mistake. Is it considered an error if third baseman decides not to field a fair ground ball hoping it will roll foul before passing third base?

Not rated yet Heath asked: Trying to find clarification, runner on 1st batter hits ball to 2nd baseman. As runner runs in front of second base doesn't get hit … Batter due up to start the next inning.

Not rated yet Tom asked: Batter 6 is up at the plate with two out. Runner on third attempts to score from third on passed ball and is tagged out at … Click here to write your own. Scenario above, unable to get the force out at home before the runner from third scores, though the throw is made down to first and … Is this a triple play? Not rated yet Bill asked: Ball scooped by catcher steps on home for force out and throws to 1st … Bases loaded bottom of the 9th with 1 run lead: Bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th inning with 1 run lead, high school baseball.

Where should the outfielders be positioned? A home run is hit. The runner on first misses second. How many complete games were pitched in , in Major League Baseball? Our head coach tells the catcher to dive to the ground if the ball is thrown inaccurately, on every throw he misses.

I say, … Is it a hit or fielders choice? Not rated yet Mitch asked: Runner on first batter hits a ground ball to the short stop trying to turn a double play. With a runner on first, a batter hits a ball over the head of the left fielder. If a batter hasn't taken a pitch and the third out is made, is he still up the next inning? As a 3rd basemen, do you watch the ball as the pitcher is throwing it to home plate, or do you keep your eyes on the hitter?

Rick … can batter runner go back toward home plate when fielder attempts to tag him? While coaching a high school game with a runner on first, batter hit ball up 1st base line 2 feet inside fair territory.

Runner on third, one out. Batter hits fly ball to left field, left fielder drops the ball. Runner on third scores. Is the play a … If bases are loaded and there is a ground all hit to as and 3rd Base makes it home before we can make an out for what ever reason, is it still a run? The batter strikes out and catcher drops ball. The batter run eight step to dugout on goes in. Then take off for first. Sounds like this one may have gotten interesting.

In the book, E Shortstop … Why does a 3 and 2 count "release the runner" at first base? Not rated yet Debbie asked: Why does a 3 and 2 count "release the runner" on first base? Debbie, thank you for your question. With a runner … Hit or FC? Not rated yet Greg asked: Bases loaded, less than two outs. Pop up to shallow center field. Ball lands cleanly, run scores. Runner on first advances to second. Not rated yet Steve asked: A deep fly ball to left field that tips off fielder mitt trying to catch.

Steve, thank you … 10 yr old hit in the face with a pitch - now steps out. Not rated yet Jackie asked: My 11 yr old grandson has loved baseball forever and still does. I am wondering where the New York Yankees got their name from. Kayla, thank you for your question. Ground ball to third. Runner on third goes halfway and comes back to bag. Runner on second touches 3rd before … This boy steps on the plate at every pitch. Not rated yet Because asked: A boy stands in the box.

At every pitch his back foot hits the middle of home plate. The blue is told to watch his foot. Not rated yet Scott asked: Two outs, final inning and your up by 3. Does your first baseman hold the runner?

Scott, thank you for your … Run Scoring Situation? Not rated yet Lambert asked: Batter hits a sharp ground ball to 3B, where the runner on 2B tries to advance to 3B where he is tagged … Click here to write your own. Fly ball to center. Center fielder drops ball. Does batter still get scored a Sac Fly? Not rated yet Craig asked: Batter Sac Fly and on by error 8?

Craig, thank you for your question. There was a player on first and the batter hit a line drive to the pitcher. The pitcher then threw to 2nd and from 2nd the ball … Hit or fielders choice? Not rated yet Mike asked: Bases loaded, batter hits a slow grounder towards 1st. Ball is hit up middle off of pitcher. Ball bounces toward third baseman who picks it up and throws to first. The pitcher threw a pitch that hit the ground in front of the plate and bounced into the batter.

Does the batter get the free pass … On a long fly ball to right field, the fielder deflects the ball while both he and the ball are in fair territory. The ball goes over the fence in mid-air in foul territory.

On a long fly ball to right field, the fielder deflects the ball while both he and the ball are in fair territory. The ball goes … When a coach yells four to his outfielder where should he throw the ball?

Not rated yet Joe asked: When a coach yells 4 to his outfielder, where should he throw the ball? If there was a clean base hit in the gap, but the LF fails to catch it after squaring up.

Batter advanced to 3rd. Player up to bat swings and hits the ball and lets the bat fly into the fence. Runner on 1st base. The ball is hit to left field. The fielder drops it, but picks it up and throws to 2nd to get the runner trying … What is meant when an announcer says the batter is "cheating on the pitch"?

Not rated yet John asked: What does an announcer mean when they say a batter is cheating on the pitch, and why is that legal if its "cheating"? In a force play at second base, a ground ball is shoveled from the shortstop to the second baseman. The second baseman picks up the … How many stolen bases? Not rated yet Hogan asked: This question comes from my own experience. I would like to keep track of my stats as accurately as possible this season, but I cannot … How many innings in a texas high school baseball game constitute a complete game?

Not rated yet Kerry asked: A Texas high school baseball game was called in bottom of 5th inning due to a fight, with the home team winning What is the ruling … what counts as an earned run. First batter gets a clean single. The next batter also gets a hit but the outfielder bobbles the ball allowing the first batter to … Why is a walk not counted as a time at bat? On a force play at first base, the infielder touches the base, does the ball have to be in the same hand?

Paul, thank … How do you encourage a player to throw harder? I have a twelve year old son who often doesn't throw as hard as he can. What can I do to break this habit? Runners on 1B and 2B. Line drive to SS. SS catches the ball, tags 2B then throws the ball to 1B, for an inning ending triple play. Batted ball line drive strikes the pitching rubber but not the ground. It lands in the stands between home and first base. A ball is hit by a batter and is heading over the home run fence in fair territory, then suddenly hits a bird and lands over the fence in … Does a defensive player have to actually throw for interference to be called?

Not rated yet Dan asked: Batter leans over the plate causing catcher to not throw to 3rd base to put out a runner advancing from 2nd base. In High School baseball, what is the percentage of a runner getting thrown out, when the outfielder misses the cutoff man?

Not rated yet Bob asked: Bases loaded , two out, batter hits ground ball to third base. When a batter is up with 2 outs and a man on first gets picked off, is his ab over or does he get to lead off next inning? Not rated yet Korey asked: A fly ball is hit to right field, the right fielder goes up to catch the ball the ball hits his glove and goes over the fence is this a … Can a pitchers glove have red leather and navy blue lacing?

Here is the glove-http: Can a pitchers glove have red leather and navy blue lacing? Runner on first, no out. Batter hit blooper to shallow CF.

Not rated yet Chris asked: Trying to see if my son is getting over pitched. A Dodger was walked I think it was the 8th inning. So he is on first base. The next batter, hit the ball. I was watching a mlb game on tv and the commentators were discussing the home team batting first or second.

If you hit the ball safely is it a hit if it bounced in front of the plate and you hit it as the ball comes off the ground. Not rated yet Royce asked: Royce, a fielder's choice gets recorded as a time at … Is a foul ball on a bunt that is caught by catcher a out? Not rated yet Stephen asked: Watching the Mets tonight a Arizona player bunting popped up, maybe ft up.

Ground ball to deep second base. Runner on first, batter has a count. Runner steals and is caught. Does the batter bat first next inning with a fresh count? We have runners on 1st and 3rd, one out. Ball is hit in the air to second baseman. Runner on 3rd tags and scores at home.

Runner … Is this a strike? Not rated yet Ed asked: The batter calls TO just as the pitcher starts his wind up, before the ump gives him the TO.

The batter steps out of the box. Runner on 1st the batter hits a hard ground ball to the center fielder, who then forces the runner out at second base. How is this scored? Not rated yet Dave asked: There are no outs and a runner on first base. The bases are loaded and there is umpire interference on the batted ball. Does the runner score or is he simply removed from the base? Not rated yet Victor asked: A runner was headed home from third base on a grounder to first.

The first baseman made the play at first, then thru home. The … Double play on dropped ball. Not rated yet Louie asked: Runner on first no outs. Batter hits line shot to first. Runner leaves base, but returns and stands on first. The line shot … if a pitcher change is made during a batter's count such as 3 and 0, does the new pitcher continue with this count or does the batter start with a new count? Not rated yet George asked: Whether a batter gets a new count after a pitcher change during his existing count?

Ball hit to short stop who tags runner coming from second, for the 3rd out, after the runner from 3rd … Did I get credited with a stolen base? Not rated yet Garrett asked: I'm playing a baseball game.

I'm on first base and my teammate is on third with two outs. First game of the season and the first batter hits a home run. The second batter sees one pitch when the starting pitcher has to leave … What is rule 5.

Not rated yet Richard asked: Pitchers R picked up through a rule 5. What does that mean? If a ball is hit by the batter and hits either first or third base without touching the ground,then goes into the stands,is this a home run? Runner on 2nd base with 2 outs. Routine grounder hit to my 3rd baseman. In the Giants Braves game today, , the home plate umpire produced and threw a white flag onto the field after Jeff Francouer struck … Error Charged?

Not rated yet Ryan asked: Runner on first, pop up to right field, ball is dropped; but the right fielder picks it up and gets the force out at second base. Bases loaded two out. Batter hits ground ball back to pitcher who fumbles the ball but still throws out runner at first. Runners on second and third with one out. Both runners off bag when short stop catches next batters line drive. Runners on 1st and 3rd, ground ball is hit to first baseman who tags the base then throws to second to tag the runner for the 3rd out.

Runner at 1B, base hit to CF. CF tries to throw the runner out at 3B, throws the ball in the dugout. How many bases does … Should this run have counted?

The following play occurred last night in my sons 12yr old game. Situation is 1 out, runners on first and third. If a batter gets a clean single between third and short and a slow running gets thrown out at second, does the batter get charged with … is a base runner allowed to talk, clap, move arond on the base path during the delivery of a pitch?

Not rated yet Troy asked: I am a 13U travel league coach. Their is a runner at third base. The batter hits a fly ball to left field.

Jim, thank you for … runner on 1st and 3rd.. Runner on first and third. Runner from first takes off to second base. Tie game going into bottom of Ninth inning. Runner on third with one out, batter hits to short stop, fields it , runner scores and … Hit or error Not rated yet Quaid asked: Batter hits a high pop up just behind first base.

Guy on first batter hits one toward 3 base side, shortstop lays out fields the ball has no chance to throw batter out. Tries to throw … Click here to write your own. Hit or fielders choice Runner on first with nobody out. Have an assistant coach who also is head coach of a T-ball team. Two of his sons are on the baseball team he assists with.

The batter was swinging at a pitch, but was hit by the pitch. How would you score this. As a strike or hit by pitch. Hello, how would you correctly score the following situation: A High School Freshmen Baseball team has base runners on first and … when home coach says dugout rail in front is in play.

At plate meeting the home coach says the front of the rails are in play. What do you call it if a batted ball hits the rail and goes … What is a "clean" single? Not rated yet Pat asked: What is a clean single? Hear announcers saying this a lot lately. Pat, thank you for your question. The term "clean … Two "base" related queries. First, why is home plate the only base set at ground level? Second, why are first, second, and third bases switched out every three innings?

Can a coach call time, during the timeout give the second baseman the ball, which allows him to tag runner out leading off 2nd base after … Who gets the win?

Starting pitcher concludes the fifth inning in a seven inning college game trailing The visiting team scores eight runs in the top … What's the most runs a team has scored when their pitcher has a no-hitter? Not rated yet Gail asked: The Cubs have scored 13 runs as of the 8th inning and Jake Arietta has a no-hitter going. Is this the largest number of runs behind a no-hitter? I have a 14 yr. Then, in game, almost every … Score keeping question regarding holding a runner.

I have a score keeping question. Runner on third base with less than two outs. Batter connects on a 'swinging bunt' i. Runner on third base and leads off. Batter fouls the pitch. The runner does not go back to tag up. Pitcher throws ball to 3rd baseman … My son is 11 and now all othe sudden he is now throwing balls into the dirt and not reaching bases and now squaring up the ball while hitting Not rated yet Lori asked: Son not playing up to his potential.

Lori, thank you for your question. Just trying to see how this is scored. Bases loaded, squeeze play perfect bunt down the first base line, runner on third scores, … Runner on 1st. Batter hits a slow roller to second baseman who throws to 2nd but not in time to get the runner.

Is this a hit or a fielders choice? Batter hits a slow roller to second baseman, who throws to second base to get the runner, but not in time. Hit … Bases loaded, count, pop foul ball, pitcher and catcher collide trying to catch, should an error be charged on that play when batter gets a hit on next pitch? Not rated yet Ric asked: Bases loaded, count, pop foul ball, pitcher and catcher collide trying to catch. My 13 year old is really struggling with his bat this year.

He's now batting in the bottom of the line up. Runner on 1st - Batter hits a fair ground ball down 3rd base line where it is knocked down but no throw is made. Outfielder places his hat on the ground before the pitch, the batted ball is hit to the outfield and rolls and hits the hat on the ground, … 2 outs with runner at 3rd. Batter gets hit, runner advances to home but hitter is out at 1st. Not rated yet T. Two outs, with a runner at 3B. Batter hits the ball, runner advances to home; but the batter is out at first.

Does run score when … Why are batting averages not percentages? Not rated yet Alex asked: Why are baseball batting averages expressed as a decimal to 3 decimal places rather than a percentage? I feel like a. When is a lefthanded pitcher required to deliver a pitch to the batter and a balk would be called if he doesn't?

Runner on 3b, bottom of the last inning, tied, no out. Starting pitcher goes 3 innings high school game, he's taken out with a lead. Reliever goes 3 innings leaves with lead. Does the batter get credited with a base hit when catcher interference is called? Two men on, in home team's last at bat. Batter hits a line drive to the gap. Both base runners reach home plate.

Not rated yet Lynn asked: Runner on third base. Hitter bounces one to the third baseman. Third baseman chases runner back toward third. As the runner stopped … Is this an error? Not rated yet Doug asked: Bases are loaded with less than two outs.

Fielders are playing in to prevent a run from scoring. A batted ball is hit up the middle … if a ball is hit foul but a defenseive player touches it before it hits the ground is it fair or foul? Not rated yet Daniel asked: A ball was popped up foul, the first baseman ran then dove and got a glove on it but dropped it as he hit the ground.

Is this fair … Are more outs recorded at first base than any other position on a baseball field? Not rated yet Emil asked: First base is a critical spot for recording outs, many of those outs depend on the first-baseman picking one-hop throws.

I was wondering … Call on Fake Catch line drive and throw with runners on base. Not rated yet Coach Joe Ward asked: Runners at first and second base. There's a line drive over the shortstops head, but the shortstop jumps up 24 inches vertical … Is a baserunner out when he gets hit by a ground ball behind a fielder who lets the ball go through his legs?

Not rated yet Charlie asked: Is a base runner out when he gets hit by a ground ball behind a fielder who lets the ball go through his legs? Charlie, … A hard ground ball is deflected by the pitcher, picked up by the third baseman and thrown to first baseman at first base for the out. How do you record this on your score sheet? A hard ground ball is deflected by the pitcher, picked up by the third baseman and thrown to first baseman at first base for the out.

Not rated yet Ray asked: Runner on first base, nobody out. The batter squares and bunts. The ball is then fielded by the third baseman who throws to the second … The bases are loaded and there are two outs. Batter hits a triple but misses second base. A legal appeal is made by the defense.

How many runs should score? Not rated yet Ed Asked: The bases are loaded and there are two outs. Where does right field through the ball?? Your in right field and you miss a ground ball, there are 2 outs and there is a runner at first. Where does right field throw the … Does the run count? Situation - Runners on second and third, one out. Batter hits a fly ball to center field that is caught for second out. Runner … a run scored? Not rated yet Man on third, 2 outs.

Line drive to right field one bounce to right fielder. Runner on third crosses plate. What does no rules of gravity mean? A black dot,no rules of gravity. I will … How do I get my throwing arm back in shape? Not rated yet Hunter asked: I have 2 good to fair condition baseballs, all there just dirty. I recently saw 5 defensive players on the base line involved with a runner in a run down.

Who was the last player to hit multiple inside the park home runs in a season and when? Mike, thank you for your … If a batter hits a bases loaded triple with 2 outs , but does not steps on 1st , the the pitcher throws to 1st and called out for not stepping on 1st, do any of the runs count??? Not rated yet Jesus asked: A hitter hits a bases loaded triple with 2 outs.

Then the pitcher throws to 1st because he didn't steped on 1st and gets called out? In a double switch involving the pitcher, why does the pitcher end up in the 8th spot in the batting order? Runner goes to steal second and batter interferes with catchers throw. Same situation but … Click here to write your own. Not rated yet David asked: Why is home plate shaped the way it is?

Baseball fields are laid out from … If a ball bounces off your shoe into your glove out? Not rated yet Monica asked: If the batter hits the ball and it bounces off a catchers shoe and up into his glove, is the batter out? Has any baseball team in postseason history lost the first three games and come back to win the next four, and take the series.?

When the catcher throws ball back to the pitcher and the ball hits the batters bat or hand and the batter is still in the batters box, … Do major leagers still wear metal spikes? Not rated yet Jonny asked: Do major League players still wear metal spikes? Jonny, thank you for your question. They still wear metal spikes; … Takeout slide at second no where near the base. Is it legal to take out the second baseman and not go at the bag? This was … Answer to anxiety.

Not rated yet Lou wrote: Dorfman and Karl Kuehl. I previously sent a question regarding … When was the sacrifice fly rule changed to only include fly balls that resulted in a run scoring? I remember in the early 60's players getting credited with a sacrifice fly if a runner tagged from second base and advanced to third on … Why not adopt a new philosophy? Not rated yet Todd asked: With all the Tommy John, pitch-count concerns, why haven't more teams adopted a philosophy of having 2 strong pitchers per game idea?

Last night the Pirates loaded the bases 5 times but failed to score a single run. Has this ever happened before? In the central division the cards are in first place and the pirates are in second place Not rated yet Paul asked: Is a player allowed to simulate an umpire's call?

For example, can a catcher yell "Time Out! We had a situation this past spring where a baserunner was attempting to steal third. The catcher comes up and throws down to third … Who has the best record in MLB since may 1st? Not rated yet Taylor asked: Who has the best record in MLB, since May 1st? Taylor, thank you for your question. Batter at the plate hits the ball to the infield, but on his way to first he falls down and breaks his leg, unable to continue to first … Is it a homerun?

Not rated yet Devanand asked: The batter hits a deep fly ball in fair terriority. A runner on 3rd with 1 out or less. Batter bunts the ball. Bases loaded, two out, tie score ,bottom of ninth. Slow roller hit down third. Let's say that there is a runner on 2nd base and a batter. Runner on 3rd 2outs, batter hits a grounder to the infield, infield throws to 1st. Field ump is 10ft away from 1st base and called the … A pinch hitter leads off the inning.

His team bats around. Does the pinch hitter bat a second time or must he be pinch hit for? Its a question about batting. A pinch hitter leads off the inning. His team bats around, does the pinch hitter bat a second time, or … has any mlb team ever had all 8 position players hit at least 10 home runs, if so, how many? Not rated yet Rick asked: Has any team ever had all 8 starting position players have at least 10 home runs?

Rick, thank you for your question. Not rated yet Andrew asked: Can you hit a home run with swing extremely hard, if the pitcher provides enough power? Ball hits him in back. As a base runner you want to freeze on your secondary lead when a line drive is hit.

So my question is, after you freeze on your secondary … Line drive out or base hit? Not rated yet Jiey asked: So a line drive to the pitcher Not rated yet Geoff asked: I play Fantasy Baseball and watch a lot of games and its seems there have been a larger than usual number of infield singles. Its great … Why does the pitcher get 'all' the credit? In a TEAM sport, why does one player -- the pitcher -- get all the credit for a win or loss, or even a play?

Having a hard time trying to describe my question, but can 1st base be used at Third and third be used at first, or is first base just designed … catch or not? Not rated yet AJ asked: Defensive outfielder catches the ball but glove comes off In games I watch on TV, whenever a batter hits a fly ball foul down either baseline, he takes off running for 1st base. The baseball game is tied 0 to 0 in the bottom of the ninth inning.

There are 2 outs and a man on first base. Can you tell me the last MLB player selected to the All Star Game who has played every position except pitcher and catcher? Why do catchers receive a new ball when the ball drops to the ground? KC, thank you for your question. Runner on first, no out, ball hit to center. Play 2 outs full house, batter 3 balls 2 strikes. Batter hits ball and hits catcher in the chest, he caught it before it hit the floor. Runner on second no outs, batter soft slaps to third, batter reaches first before ball is fielded.

How would you score the following play? Man on 3rd less than 2 outs and the infield is up. Not rated yet Max asked: Runner on 1B, high fly ball is hit behind the shortstop between him and the left center field gap.

Not rated yet Runners on 1st and 2nd. Batter bunts to pitcher, pitcher throws wild to 1st base. Runner on 2nd scores runner on 1st goes to 3rd. Not rated yet Randy asked: The Astros went ahead 6 to 5 in the bottom of the seventh. The pitcher who finished the top of seventh received a blown save for giving … Can a pitcher make an alignment line during a game? During a game, can a pitcher make a line from the center of the mound toward home plate feet and use it as an alignment aid while … Rotating wrist during swing??

Not rated yet Justin asked: Does rotating your wrist during contact increase distance on the ball? When playing myself, I have always rotated after I had made … Is there a "bad" spot on the bat where the ball should never be hit from? Pitcher throws a wild pitch or catcher gives up a passed ball. Runner on 3rd scores. As a base runner, say there is a runner on third and second with less than 2 outs.

The batter hits the ball to the outfield, the ball … Click here to write your own. If a player is sent to the minors how long before he can be called back up to the majors league club? Not rated yet Len asked: If a player is sent to the minors, how long before he can be called back up to the major league club? Why do some pitchers wear there hats sideways? Steve, thank you for your question.

How many All Star players have the Expos had? Zac, thank you for your question. I have been unable to locate the … No -Hitter??? In high school a complete game is 7 innings.

The pitcher pitches a no hitter for 7 innings. He comes back out in bottom of … Foul ball hits base runner, is runner out? Batter hits a foul down third base line. The ball hits the runner who has a lead-off from third base. For example, the position of each player is indicated by a number:. The designated hitter DH , if used, is marked using a zero 0. There is no authoritative set of rules for scorekeeping.

The traditional method has many variations in its symbols and syntax, but this is a typical example. In the traditional method, each cell in the main area of the scoresheet represents the "lifetime" of an offensive player, from at-bat, to baserunner, to being put out, scoring a run, or being left on base.

When an out is recorded, the combination of defensive players executing that out is recorded. If a batter reaches first base, either due to a walk, a hit, or an error, the basepath from home to first base is drawn, and the method described in the lower-righthand corner.

When a runner advances due to a following batter, it can be noted by the batting position or the uniform number of the batter that advanced the runner. This kind of information is not always included by amateur scorers, and there is a lot of variation in notation. One hard and fast rule of baseball scorekeeping is that every out and every time a baserunner advances must be recorded. The scoring can get a little more complicated when a batter who has reached base, is then "moved up" advances one or more bases by his own actions or by the actions of a hitter behind him.

This is demonstrated in the Giants' first inning:. Stranded baserunners might be notated as being "LOB" Left On Base for that inning, with a number from likely at the bottom of the inning column. For example, if two runners are left on base after the 3rd out, the scorekeeper might note "LOB: Project Scoresheet was an organization run by volunteers in the s for the purpose of collecting baseball game data and making it freely available to the public the data collected by Major League Baseball was and still is not freely available.

To collect and distribute the data, Project Scoresheet needed a method of keeping score that could be easily input to a computer. This limited the language to letters, numbers, and punctuation no baseball diamonds or other symbols not found on a computer keyboard. In addition to the new language introduced by Project Scoresheet, a few major changes were made to the traditional scorecard.

First, innings of play are not recorded in a one-per-column fashion; instead all boxes are used sequentially and new innings are indicated with a heavy horizontal line. This saves considerable space on the card since no boxes are left blank and reduces the likelihood of a game requiring a second set of scorecards. This is vital for attributing events to the proper players. Lastly, each "event box" on a Project Scoresheet scorecard is broken down into three sections: All events are put into one of these three slots.

For example, a stolen base happens "before the play" because it occurs before the batter's at-bat is over. A hit is considered "during the play" because it ends the batter's plate appearance, and baserunner movement subsequent to the batter's activity is considered "after the play".

The language developed by Project Scoresheet can be used to record trajectories and locations of batted balls and every defensive player who touched the ball, in addition to the basic information recorded by the traditional method. Here are some examples:. For a complete description of the language and the scorecard please see David Cortesi's documentation.

Project Scoresheet addressed a lack of precision in the traditional scorekeeping method, and introduced several new features to the scorecard.