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The username or password you entered is incorrect. If you bring the ball up to shoot the defenders hand is right there If you want to learn how to read a basketball betting line, how to win basketball betting andhow to create a basketball betting strategy head to our bettingexpert academy here. I play with two guys regularly. Hey guys, tomorrow I have the special pleasure to guard a pro-baller, and the thing with the head belows the offensive players head is just great Live Basketball Stream – Watch Basketball Live Now!

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If Im trying different things out short steps on D, Battier's hands over the eyes move, etc but still cant phase these guys. What do you suggest? We worked on our m2m the first week and on the first Saturday introduced the match up David - I would say, pick your poison If you are playing a team game, deny them the ball or at least force them to receive the ball out of their comfort zone. Good luck and enjoy the game. So now and then i've seeking and learning more on the tips of how to play more defense at hihg level.

The only thing I would change is instead of head below head, I try and emphasize having our hips below their hips. Most of the time it doesn't matter, but a lot of players get low by bending at the waist instead of the knees. This tips are the best. Now i can improve better on my play. I tell the players to sit their hips back.

It has worked better for me than saying bend at the knees, because players can bend their knees and still be in awkward position.

Imagine the knees going past the toes, the torso erect, and the shoulders being above the back of the heels. Push or sit your hips back has really helped me with getting the players in a better defensive stance. These tips are great. As a coach, I always thought that it was important to teach man to man defensive fundamentals before teaching zone defenses.

When a team plays zone, as soon as an offensive man enters a players zone, it then becomes man to man within their zone. This sounds really good hopfully this will help me today for my game. You will not be faked out by head fakes or stutter steps if you always look at the opponent's stomach. All of these tips are excellent bits of advice for defenders.

Here is another tip: You cannot be faked out by an opponent's torso. I coached basketball for 24 years at the middle and high school levels. I had to retire early, from teaching and coaching, due to health problems.

I've been out of coaching for about 13 years and last year, I was asked to coach my niece's Upward Basketball team. My niece, Kathryn, is 8 years old, so I'm coaching in the 1st - 3rd grade girls division.

Last year we didn't lose one game. I know that's not the focus of Upward, but it did feel good and I think the girls learned a lot about the game. Not only proper mechanics, but the "why's" of the mechanics. I hope the girls this year, will learn just as much. If it weren't for your website, I would have never know where to begin last year. It had been so long since I coached. All of your information on here can be used for any age group.

I do have to modify some things, but the information is still very useful. I love these defensive skills information. Thank you for all of the information!. I thought theses tips are really great, Thanks! Michael - We taught our players to watch the mid section Pretty hard to fake with that too LOL Typically the player with the ball will try to head fake, or fake with the ball to get you to move where they want you to go.

Probably the most difficult move to defend is a good crossover This means when you're guarding the ball, you must: Do not lunge for the ball and get off balance.

I hope this helps. I am a good defender, but I am having trouble with reading the ball handler when he is on the drive. I look at the chest and waist and want to know what type of movement I am looking for to be aware of where the ball handler is driving to. Quintin - One of the things we taught our defenders was to direct them to an area on the floor where you want them to go without getting beat IF they are at the point.. IF they are on the wing We taught our players to watch the mid section These tips are good and helpful however I don't think I found what I Was looking for.

Samy - What exactly are you looking for? Is there a specific problem you need to deal with? I also watch the body and not the ball. It prevents you from getting tricked on a crossover.

Bruh ion even need this help im already finna be a top 5 recruit fo my class. I like these tips thank you. Am bless with your help. Then later under Resources: I hear you, Mike I definitely teach and have always taught to push off your back foot when sliding.

I do not believe in the "step-slide". This refers to stepping with your front foot, then sliding your back foot. However, I believe confusion occurs because I've referred to a defensive slide and a step slide as two different things.

With your comment, I'm going to be careful to say "slide" now as I believe it creates confusion. Defensive shuffle or push-step from this day forward. Thanks for the question!. If the ball handler is tentative, get up close, low stance, feet wide, up on the front of your feet, arms out. If you''ve been beaten once hopefully not twice , and they haven''t proven to hit the outside shot, then back off a step or two and give yourself some distance, anticipate the dribble move, again light and ready on the front of your feet, but ALWAYS watch the belly button of the ball handler.

This prevents you from getting taken by head fakes, ball swipes, fancy dribbling, etc. The extra space helps you react to whichever direction they choose and allows you to make up the distance and still cut them off. Since we cannot read ball handler''s minds, look for tendencies everybody has them. Great tips, great post. Where do i look when i defend.

Do i look at the ball, the eyes? They can fake with their feet, eyes, the ball, and their hands. This is why foot positioning, sliding, defensive stance is so important. If they want to dribble between your legs, let them. Just don''''t allow them to blow past you by having poor foot mechanics. If they want to pass between your legs, good for them. Plus, by playing lower than them you still have a good chance of stopping that pass. The ones getting balls passed between their legs are likely playing too tall.

Cool this will really help me. Thanks for the tips. Watch us on YouTube. Which category applies to you? Tip 3 - If the ball is in shooting position, put your hand on the ball. Tip 4 - If the ball is above the head, place your hands under the ball and flip up. Tip 5 - Keep your head lower than the offensive player's head. Thanks for the question! Dan the Man says: