Kentucky Derby 2018 Odds: Six Ways You Can Bet On The Race

FanSided 2 years College Football Recruiting: The only thing you will not find in a sportsbook in relation to college football is the "First Touchdown Scorer or Anytime Touchdown Scorer" market. Betting on the favorite means the team must win by at least 14 points to cover the point spread. Southeastern Conference football experienced its reckoning. It should take only one upset, given a weak non-conference slate, for the program to extend its record by advancing to a sixth straight bowl game. Basketball Odds News

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In college, this bet includes overtime. Unlike the NFL, college football games cannot end in a tie due to their overtime format. The money line betting odds correlate to the listed point spread. The point spread is an indication of which team is the favorite and underdog heading into their matchup. A negative betting line such as Not only is the underdog expected to lose, but they are expected to lose by at least eight points.

When looking over betting options for the college football, you will come across lines that look like the following:. Depending on which side you select, your team must "cover the spread" in order for your wager to be graded a winner.

The first being Kentucky wins the game outright by any score. If you decided to wager on Alabama as One thing to keep in mind when betting on the point spread is that the point spread moves up or down depending on how much action a certain side is receiving. If you are able to lock in your bet at If they won six or seven, they would have beat the closing spread of Despite being classified as the same sport, NFL and college football totals are apples and oranges.

In college, it's easy to spot the teams that play absolutely zero defense. In the NFL, there were only a handful of games that games that reached those totals. College football is more receptive to the spread offense, which is why sportsbooks have no choice but to inflate totals to try and cover their own butts.

If you bet the "over" If there are 78 or fewer points scored, then those who bet on the "under" will cash their tickets. If totals are whole numbers such as 78 or 80 and the total happens to land exactly on the number, your bet, regardless whether it's an "over" or "under" bet, will be graded as a push and your money will be returned to you. Advanced College Football Wagering Options.

Advanced wagering options in college football are nearly identical to those of the NFL. The only thing you will not find in a sportsbook in relation to college football is the "First Touchdown Scorer or Anytime Touchdown Scorer" market. Below are some of the more popular wagering options. This works almost exactly like the game total, but revolves around one team instead of both.

With the "team total" wagering option, you are essentially betting on whether you think Team X will score more or less than the line given out by the sportsbooks. In this case you have two options. You can bet them to score 36 or more points or 35 or fewer. There aren't many teams that can beat Kentucky, obviously that's been proven to this point. But if there is a squad in the SEC that has the potential to beat the Wildcats, it has to be Arkansas.

But looking over at Kentucky, they have a dozen Portis' it seems. John Calipari's group has been destroying everyone all season, but how much pressure are they putting on themselves each time they take to the floor? Calipari says his team just needs to focus on the task at hand and if they can continue to do that, they'll be a great team.

Hard to argue with them not already being a great team, but if that's the motivation that works for the Wildcats, it seems to be doing a decent job. The matchup between Willie Cauley-Stein and Portis should be a great one today. Portis did not have a great game against Georgia yesterday and should be looking to get back on track early today.

A big difference for Kentucky moving forward, and in this game, is the experience they have in the Harrison brothers at the guard positions. Sure, Arkansas and every team the Wildcats will play has experience at those positions as well, but the Harrison brothers are one step above nearly every backcourt in America.

The underdog team can lose by 13 points and still cover the spread. You will also notice a moneyline value associated with the point spread such as This indicates how much you must risk in order to place the bet also known as the vig or juice.

The spread is not a static number, so you will notice line moves during the week. Team A may be favored by 3 points on Tuesday and by 4. This indicates more people are betting on them, so Las Vegas increases the underdog value hoping to encourage more wagers on the underdog.

There are times when moneyline wagering is smarter than point-spread wagering and this is why moneylines are growing in popularity. Typically used in baseball and hockey, pro football moneylines are popular in Las Vegas for picking underdogs. The team you choose only has to win the game, not win by a certain number of runs or goals.