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ThomasPannone on the mo… twitter. Aaron Boone on Aaron Judge: The Yankees won't be sending Judge to Tampa for any work. He'll stay in New York, and will hit off a high-velocity pitching machine today. Mike Trout year-to-year OBP in his career: When there's a minute break in the PPV action and the Rockies are in a divisional race. Aaron Boone on the Yankees in the tightening wild-card race with Oakland, that could be at 0. The Cardinals' momentum was short lived.

The rally was capped by a laser-beam home run from Yasiel Puig, his second of the game and fourth in two days. According to Statcast, the exit velocity on Puig's second homer was mph, with a launch angle of just 17 degrees. Match 1 - Individual - Player A on Team 1 vs. Player A on Team 2 - Match play format win, lose or tie each hole. Match 2 - Individual - Player B on Team 1 vs.

Player B on Team 2 - Match play format win, lose or tie each hole. Match 3 - Team - Net total score of Team 1 vs. Net total score of Team 2. Individual Match Play - Subtract the lower handicap from the higher handicap. The higher handicap gets strokes on the lowest handicap holes. Team Net Score - Subtract total team handicap from total team strokes for the match. If the team B player is a No Show then the B player gets the forfeit and the A players play each other.