GTA 5 online money hack/glitch/bug/exploit ban?

I'll be looking into changing mine to decimal tonight then. Points are also shown on the player's map as yellow circles, though only the next two checkpoints will be shown on the map. When you want to bet, what you're doing is saying I'll bet x amount that I can beat you if you put up amount y. Edited November 1, by thatcrazypenguin. Create an account or sign in to comment

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They were only set like that because no one else wagered. I've tested the betting system extensively. Don't be too pissed. You were never going to win 80k. You would have won at best.

But you didn't even win the race, so Also, without other players betting, there is no money to pay you off. You are wagering against them. That seems slightly far fetched. I do it with two accounts Tested multiple times with my partner So in the long run, you end up losing money as a group.

You must not have read my first reply to this thread which already explained why the system works like this. For instance me and my friend do a 1 vs. Long story short if somebody has really good odds and has done lots of races i would say at least but you can use your own judgement bet on them, if the guy with the best odds has only done a handfull of races though, consider betting on the next best, but only if he has very good odds and his race total is enough to make you feel that his odds are not a fluke.

Or if your feeling really confident bet on yourself. In the end whatever you choose is a gamble, the odds are just to give you a general idea of how that particular player has performed in the past. This is my theory anyways. Idk why youre having these problems, it works fine when I bet. The odds then change depending on who bets on who, but ive always recieved what I was offered by the odds when the race starts. Ive noticed that if you wager on more than one player, the game will sometimes allow your bet to be the only one entered and not disable betting at the start.

Why that happens I dont know, but I usually put 1k on myself and on the player I think may beat me and sometimes it works. When the race ends ill be the only player with money earned or lost on the results screen. Im on ps3 if that matters. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It will that through analytics.

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