The rise of sports betting in Kenya

Field Hockey Betting Odds Coming soon Treasury holds onto Sh8b as Sports suffer: Cricket, rugby, and volleyball are also quite popular here. Field hockey is a very good sport for new punters to get involved in because of the number of different betting opportunities that are available. How Do Field Hockey Odds Work?

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While most gaming operations are legal, there are regulations in place that restrict just how these companies can run their businesses. The most notable of these are protections for minors: However, punishments against operators who violate these rules are fairly light, making it unclear just how closely the provisions are followed.

The first land-based casinos opened in Kenya back in , just three years after they were legally permitted. More than a dozen of the largest resorts are a part of the Association of Gaming Operators Kenya , an industry group that lobbies on behalf of the casinos. At least 10 casinos exist in Nairobi alone, including some rather notably international brands.

Three more casinos operate out of Mombasa, while others can be found in Malindi, Nakuru, Thika, and Watamu. Many of these same operators use a single license to also operate land-based betting shops, which are also concentrated heavily in major cities.

While there was very little taxation of the gaming industry for a long time in Kenya, this has changed in recent years. In , a new Finance Act included a 20 percent withholding tax on all gambling winnings for players, whether they are paid in cash or as prizes. This caused some brief confusion because the law was backdated about two weeks after passing into law, meaning that recent winners had to be tracked down and informed of what they might owe the government.

Similarly, the government has recently moved in order to solidify rules on taxing operators as well. In late , a new Finance Act set firm taxation rules for various types of gambling.

Casinos and similar gaming companies will owe 12 percent of their turnover in taxes, while betting firms must now pay 7. While the newly imposed tax regime is a first step in reforming their industry, Kenyan officials still wish to go further in modernizing how they deal with both online and live gambling in the country. Originally, the new taxation rates were part of a new, overhauled Betting, Gaming, and Lotteries Bill, which would have also included new regulations on the industry in a variety of areas.

What exactly that means, however, is still open to debate. At the moment, Kenya is known for having a very liberal market when it comes to gambling, with relatively rules and reasonably low tax rates even after the recent clarifications and increases. This is something that many people are turning to over a number of sports, including field hockey, so be sure to check it out. In play field hockey betting is available with many bookmakers, and allows you the chance to put your money down, after the game has started.

Alongside betting in play with your bookmaker, you can also use them to watch a field hockey game live. Look out for bookmakers that offer a live streaming service on their website, this is something you can take advantage of, giving you the chance to watch live field hockey and hopefully cheer on your winning bets. Every person bets in a slightly different way, and it is important to find betting markets that suit your betting style when you are looking at a new sport like field hockey.

Look around at the different markets that you can find with the bookmakers, and you will find something that suits your betting style, allowing you to feel confident while betting.

With so many different betting opportunities to choose from over the year, there will always be a game happening shortly that you can bet on. From the regular domestic action, which makes up the majority of betting opportunities, to big international events where the best players in the world all come together looking to crown themselves as the best player in the world. Their website is pretty cool and simple to navigate. Their site operates quickly and has a lot of big features like live streaming, pre-game betting and jackpot option.

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Betyetu only require mature minds to participate in their online betting, as we all know betting is a zero-sum game, its either you win or lose, Betyetu require you to act maturely when any of the events occur Betyetu requires you to act on your own capacity, giving the third party your details to bet on your behalf is prohibited.

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All these options are available for new and existing punters to benefit. To bet on the live game, you are required to be registered on the online gaming either on their Url page or on the app page. You will find live games by clicking on the desired sports options which are on-going. You first select the games on the option, select a market and then you place a stake.