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How can you bet against a currency? They were up against Germany again, in a repeat of their first game, but this time they were there to put up a good fight. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Currencies World Wide

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Keep the following historical moments in mind next time you need some guidance on which long shot to take a chance on. In , the Czech Republic was competing in the European Championship for the first time since becoming an independent nation following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

In their next game they overcame Italy, and they then drew with Russia to qualify for the quarter-finals. There they beat Portugal, to earn a semi-final tie against France. Surely their amazing run was going to end there? They took France to penalties and won the shootout Unbelievably, they were now headed to the finals. They were up against Germany again, in a repeat of their first game, but this time they were there to put up a good fight.

They went all the way to extra time, before losing the game at a subtle Both the team and their nation should be proud. This is a perfect example of an out-of-nowhere underdog. Russia was ranked 16 th going in to Euro , and it was no surprise when they lost their game to Spain They racked up wins against both Greece and Sweden, coming second in their group and qualifying for the quarter finals. This alone was remarkable, but the biggest upset was yet to come.

Russia beat the highly esteemed Netherlands to advance to the last four. There, they became reacquainted with Spain, who once again was able to get the best of them. Despite that defeat, however, their unexpected run still ranks among the most impressive feats in the history of the European Championship.

It also went down in history as being one of the most exciting Euros under that format. Czechoslovakia was able to overcome the odds by their shear talent. Although there were no real stars on their team, they had made it to the finals. They were now going to be up against these phenomenal teams: This was a team that had very nearly captured the World Cup just two years prior, and they were the clear favorites.

That meant nothing to the Czechs though, who beat them in one of the most thrilling competitions of all time. Some people blame it on the fact that the Netherlands had two players sent off, but a win is a win either way.

In the finals they were up against West Germany, a team that had won the Euros in and the World Cup in It seemed likely that the Germans would win their third international tournament in a row, but Czechoslovakia had other ideas.

They almost won in normal time, as they were leading with just one minute remaining. A later equalizer from Bernd Holzenbein forced the game into extra time though, and with no further goals it went to penalties. Czechoslovakia won the shootout to secure their victory. This is arguably the biggest shock on this list, and perhaps even the biggest shock in the history of international soccer. Nobody, and we mean nobody, thought Greece could pull off a win in the Euros.

Their odds of winning the tournament were , and only Latvia was considered a bigger long shot. This was partially due to the fact that Portugal and Spain were both in their group. Despite a lack of superstars, Greece put in some great performances to qualify from their group. Displaying impressive discipline and endurance, they beat Spain and drew with Portugal. There are two things to look for at betting sites that accept multiple currencies.

First is accepting deposit methods that are popular with players in your country. Second, betting sites should allow you to use your currency whether placing sports wagers, betting on horse races, or playing casino and poker games.

Betting sites without this feature convert your currency when you join a game or make a wager. For example, if your preferred currency is euros and your betting site only allows you to place wagers in US dollars, you find yourself frequently running mental calculations. You can read more about depositing and withdrawing in specific currencies on each of our country specific pages. Those sections talk about betting laws, depositing in different currencies and specifics relating to each international market.

Next up is a chart that shows that accepted currencies of major betting sites. Note that almost any currency can be used to deposit at any betting site. If so, then you probably have friends as passionate about sport….

Are you a fan of reading the various sports betting websites? Do you like to find as many tips and predictions as possible from the large variety of professional platforms in the field? If you like to browse the web for the best betting sites, then you must know how important it is to read…. On a betting coupon which uses this system a home win is marked with the number 1, a draw is marked with an X and a away win is marked with the number 2.

This system has been used for a very long time. A lot of people who make football bets are focused solely on this sport. However, the betting systems are much like the investment systems and in order to make money you need to combine football betting with other sports and contest bets.

In order to maximize your chances of winning football bets you should try live betting. Soccer betting is very difficult because there are certain situations when you need to fight against your human nature and walk away from a bet.

The anchoring bias refers to the situations when we anchor our reason in the first relevant information that we come about. Our next step in that situation is to judge all future information based on the initial data. In order to avoid the effects of this bias you need to make your own estimate of a game before reading any news or bookie prices.

Learning how to bet on basketball is not so hard if you are familiar with sports bets and you understand the importance of small edges. However, there are a few differences between basketball and other sports such as game schedules. Basketball teams often play a lot of games in consecutive days.