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However, using Total Control is recommended, because it is superior in almost every way. You are not allowed to update this topic's flair. First do a season. References & Sources (3)

Taking Control

My Player and general pitcher tips

Generally, right-handed batters struggle more against right-handed pitchers. Left-handed batters generally struggle more against left-handed batters.

Remember to use this to your advantage, like a real manager does, when selecting pitchers to warm up in your bull-pen. If you are struggling at the plate, make use of the contact swing by flicking up on right-stick. Power swings down and then up are a good idea when the count is , , , or However, when you are behind in the count, the contact swing is the best way to get on base.

When faced with two strikes, use the defensive swing flicking either left or right on the right-stick to fight off pitches and stay alive. The pitch tells will indicate whether a pitch is a fastball, breaking ball, or change-up. If you put the throw meter into the red, look out. Depending on who the fielder is, he is liable to air-mail a throw into the dugout or skip one past the first baseman. If you are in the field and you think a runner is going to tag up, you can start the throw meter before the outfielder has even caught the ball.

This will result in your outfielder having a sense of urgency on the catch and throw. You can also queue up throws on grounders as well. If you have played any of the past Major League Baseball 2k games before, you may be more comfortable using the classic controls. However, using Total Control is recommended, because it is superior in almost every way. It lets you do what you want easily and also gives you access to some special moves that aren't available with Classic controls.

For example, to throw a [kwlink ]fast ball , move the right stick down to wind up and then up to throw. Watch the circle meter , you want to do your first move right when the yellow circle meter matches the white circle and then do the second move right after. If it looks like you locked in on the white circle, then you will throw a Max Pitch that is almost unhittable. Practice throwing different pitches at different parts of the plate to see how it affects the batter.

For example, if you want to see a fly ball , try throwing a high inside curveball. To force a grounder , throw a low and away curveball. For a curveball , the first move is to put the joystick in the 7 o'clock position and the second move is to move it to the 2 o'clock position.

You do not need to swing the joystick around in a circle to make the throw, just move it from one position to the next directly. If you want to pitch out, press down on the left joystick or just hit the X button. Just like in real life, good batting is a combination of reading the pitch and timing. Also like in real life, practice makes perfect, so get a friend to throw the same pitch at you over and over so that you can learn to recognize the pitch and get your timing down for a good hit.

Like in pitching, there are two moves for batting. Pulling back the right joystick will make you take your step and pushing forward will make you perform the swing. These two moves should be done together fluidly for a solid hit.

You should do the first move and step for every pitch that comes at you, but only swing if you think it is a good pitch. Practice with strikezone on so that you can see the different sizes between each batter. You won't really need to use the left joystick much if your timing is good.

In fact, if you use the left joystick wrong, you may end up fighting the pitch.