McCartney wore dark jeans, a plain white dress shirt and looked trim and sharp. Retrieved 27 May This is the kind of game that Tottenham, being Tottenham, would lose in the past. Sep. 17, 2018

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The Bills are so bad, one of their players quit ... at halftime

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McCartney took the stage at 8: Not Houston, New Orleans, or Dallas. McCartney wore dark jeans, a plain white dress shirt and looked trim and sharp. He bounced from front and center to his piano up and stage right. He looked good and made the audience feel good about themselves. I sat next to a young, 20s-something couple from Mississippi. It was their first Paul McCartney show. The wife bought the tickets as a surprise anniversary gift.

She is a classical musician, plays the flute. After the show, I asked what she thought. Different good or bad? Unfortunately, like online dating, the photos and descriptions often aren't exactly accurate. Went online and reserved - and paid in advance - a room at Crossland Economy Suites. Tripadvisor gave it a pretty decent review, 3.

I walked around the building, found my room and waited for the clerk. A few minutes later, I went back to the office to ask for the Wi-Fi password. Again, back to my room, waited for the clerk to open the door.