CC Sabathia gets into heated shouting match with umpire Angel Hernandez

Tim Welke , crew chief 1B: Gerry Davis , crew chief 1B: This is most commonly caused by white-space inserted around server-rendered markup. Willson Contreras mistakenly admired a double off the wall instead of running

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Furthermore, how patient is each hitting team? Does the lineup as a whole take many walks? Starting Pitcher Walk Rating is average. Relief Pitching using projected bullpen usage Walk Rating is average. Offense Walk Rating is average. Ballpark Walk Rating is average. Umpire Walk Rating is average. Does the umpire have a history of calling more balls or strikes? Do games tend to have more runs of fewer runs when he is behind the plate? How many times have you seen a borderline call go one way, followed by a 3-run home run that sent the game over.

When betting totals, 1 pitch on the edge can make a big difference, so be sure your umpire has a bias towards your direction. Is the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field?

Great for an over. Lead towards the under. Air Density Index is low 58 and under? The ball is going to fly! Use this site to find the most accurate weather projections. Alfonso Marquez Replay Review: Phil Cuzzi, replay review games 1B: Mike Winters , crew chief: Promotions to the Umpire 2 backup crew chief position: Note that individual crews are usually sorted by Major League service time see Jerry Layne's crew for an exception; Bob Davidson has more service time [25 years] than Hunter Wendelstedt [15] ; hence an umpire on a crew with the third-most service time in who now has the second-most service time on this crew in will be said to have been "promoted" to the second spot.

There are no permanent AAA Rover positions in Umpires who appeared on the Spring Training MiLB invitee list, but who have been cut for the preseason are: Longtime umpire Tim McClelland has retired, and Major League Baseball has hired three umps full time for the upcoming season. MLB announced the moves Friday. The year-old McClelland is perhaps best known for being the plate umpire who called George Brett out in the "Pine Tar Game" in , prompting the eventual Hall of Famer to run out of the Kansas City dugout in a rage to argue.

McClelland worked in the majors for more than 32 years, was a crew chief and handled the World Series four times. He was noted for the exceptionally slow manner in which he called strikes. McClelland worked more than 4, games, including 94 in the postseason.

He was second among umpires in experience, behind only year vet Joe West. Tim Welke , crew chief 1B: Replay officials for division series: Two additional four-man umpiring crews will be hired and umpires will be rotated through New York to review video feeds.

Every ballpark will have a designated communication location near home plate. There, the crew chief and at least one other Major League umpire will have access to a hard-wired headset connected to the Replay Command Center. The decision of the replay official in New York will be final. Jordan Baker - Baker, 32, has been an umpire in the Minor Leagues since the season. Baker worked his first game in the Majors on June 24, and overall, he has been a part of regular season Major League games.

Lance Barrett — Barrett, 29, has been a Minor League umpire since He is now the youngest full-time Major League Umpire. Barrett debuted in the Majors on October 1, and he has worked big-league games. Cory Blaser — Blaser, 32, has been an umpire in the Minor Leagues since the season. Mike Estabrook — Estabrook, 37, has umpired professionally since In , he was on the staff of the Triple-A International League. Mike Muchlinski — Muchlinski, 36, has been a Minor League umpire since David Rackley — Rackley, 32, has been an umpire in the Minor Leagues since the season.

Rackley had his first Major League game on August 13, , and he has been on the field for Major League games overall. Reyburn — Reyburn, 37, has umpired in the Minors since He has worked Major League games since his debut on June 10, Gary Cederstrom , crew chief 1B: Assistant Not Assigned to the Field of Play: Jerry Meals Games , then Replay 1B: Major League Baseball announced the changes to the Major League Umpiring staff for the regular season.

The changes include three new crew chiefs and three new full-time Major League Umpires. Barrett, 47, and Culbreth, 49, are now the youngest crew chiefs on the Major League staff. Barrett, who recently completed his Ph. He is the only umpire in history to be the home plate umpire in two perfect games, among the three no-hitters he has worked overall David Cone's perfect game, Ervin Santana's no-hitter and Matt Cain's perfect game.

He has been assigned to Major League Spring Training since and has worked more than regular season games since then as a call-up umpire at the Major League level. He has been on the field for regular season games since becoming a fill-in umpire in the Majors. The former International League umpire has games of regular season experience as a Major League call-up umpire since John Hirschbeck , crew chief 1B: