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Playing for the Houston Astros , Altuve led the league in hits the last three years while slowly developing surprising power for a guy his size. In , he hit a career-best 15 home runs. In , he broke that career-high with 24 homers. Altuve is one of the few players on this list who could reasonably come away with the award in Carlos Correa does a big-time bat flip. The former first overall pick in the MLB Draft came onto the scene in , hitting 22 home runs in 99 games and taking the Rookie of the Year award.

Mookie Betts was a serious MVP candidate in Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts had a tremendous season that got lost in the shuffle. But Betts is just 24 years old, and with Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz walking away from the game, Betts can take over the reins. Betts will be a legit MVP candidate not only in , but every year for quite a while. Manny Machado is really good at baseball. It feels like Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado should be 27 or 28 by now, but he is in fact still just 24 years old.

The year-old began the year with career home runs and He is another player you can expect to be in the conversation every season. Josh Donaldson has been a superstar for the Blue Jays. Once the afterthought of a deal that sent Rich Harden to the Chicago Cubs in , former catching prospect Josh Donaldson switched to third base and eventually made it to the big leagues, where he became a breakout star in He had his best year in , when he finished with a slash line of. He helped lead the Toronto Blue Jays to the AL East division title that year — and that could be the recipe for his success again in He won his second MVP award not too long after turning 25 years old, and you could make a serious argument that he deserved to win the MVP in each of the last five seasons in the AL.

Trout is still just 25; he has career home runs, stolen bases, a slash line of. Even just having played five full seasons in the major leagues, Trout is already in the Hall of Fame discussion. Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers waits for a pitch. First, he needs to have an outstanding year. Not just a career-year like he had in , with 5. Next, he needs the Dodgers to have a great season — possibly finishing with the best record in the National League.

And last, he needs to clearly be the best player on the team ; something he cannot claim currently, with Kershaw and Corey Seager on the roster. Daniel Murphy of the Washington Nationals hits a single in the second inning.

Washington Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy built on his surprising postseason performance of and had a phenomenal season in After setting a career-high of 14 home runs in the regular season with the New York Mets, he drilled seven more homers in the playoffs that year and then 25 with the Nationals in He led the National League in both slugging percentage.

Murphy, now 32 years old, would need an even better year at the plate to overcome his defensive shortcomings and steal away an MVP award. Yoenis Cespedes has been great for the Mets. He was traded for the second time of his career to the Detroit Tigers, and then again for the third time to the New York Mets.

It was in New York that he absolutely broke out in , and he played well again last year for New York. In , Cespedes had 6. He posted a combined. Joey Votto is a future Hall of Famer. A major advantage for the Cincinnati Reds first baseman is the dwindling idea that the winner of an MVP award needs to come from a winning team. Last season, Votto had a. For his career, Votto has a. Paul Goldschmidt is a bad man. Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt is one of the most underrated players in the game.

In the last four seasons, Goldschmidt finished second in the NL MVP voting twice while hitting home runs and posting an insanely good. Goldschmidt is only 29 years old still, and the D-Backs are off to a decent start to the season. So you could appropriately label him a darkhorse MVP candidate for now. Clayton Kershaw pitches against the Padres. What am I basing this bold claim on? Well, you take the American League home run leader and give him another year of experience.

Then you add the overall home run leader and best power hitter in the game, and you put him in a very favorable park - both overall and compared to where he came from. Then you consider that Gary Sanchez had 33 runs last year, and Didi Gregorius had 25, and that both have plenty of upside yet to be tapped - especially Sanchez.

Things could get crazy. It seems so likely that it is almost certain that a Yankee will lead the league in home runs. And who else has a shot at beating them? Here's a look at the home run race, with odds from BetOnline:. Stanton had 59 home runs last year, which was the most since and presumably the most without steroids since well before that. And he did that playing in Miami, which is only the 24 th -best stadium for right-handed power. Now he moves to Yankee Stadium, which sits third in that category.

There is plenty of upside. If he replicated his play from last year he could hit 60 or more. Remember, as great as he is he's still only 28, so he's in the heart of his prime. There are, though, a few reasons to be somewhat cautious. For starters, he has been playing in front of 12 people per game in Miami for his whole career, and now he will be playing and living in the biggest fish bowl in the league. He'll face pressure like he has never seen - especially if he hits a rough patch.

We won't know how he can handle that until he has to. He'll also be facing much more American League pitching than he is used to, and he will have to adjust and learn.

That could go well, or it could be a setback. And his health is always a concern, too. He played games last year but had averaged just 96 the previous two years. He's the clear and obvious favorite, but I don't see much value at this price. Judge came from nowhere last year to rock the world and run away with the AL home run crown - he had a nine-homer lead on Khris Davis. It was very impressive, and he did it despite hitting a rough patch post-All Star game.

His ability to shake that off and get back on track showed a whole lot and made it easier to believe that he had staying power and wasn't just a freakish flash in the pan. He knows what playing in New York and being a megastar is like, so that shouldn't be a concern. Opposing teams will have seen him more and know how to get him to strike out - not that that is hard.

But having Stanton along with Sanchez and the rest in the lineup with him make it tougher for opponents to pitch around Judge or get too tricky in trying to deal with him.