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Helpers to look after children can be hired at Rp90, per hour. Citadines Kuta Beach Bali 4. Bali fun for all ages White water rafting, island dives, and light-fingered monkeys. Free Online Blackjack Variations

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Psst — if you want to make this a real staycation, you can camp the night at Ooh La La which supplies all the gear you need. Take a break from the beach at the playground and be sure to toss a coin into the mouth of the fish statue for good luck at the Tin Hau Temple before you head home. We love the mellow vibe in the village, and with the beachside cafes Thai-Chinese right in the rotary is seriously YUM , changing and shower facilities, plus lifeguard duty, this always a top pick.

We admit it is a trek to get to — but hey, it involves a sampan ride! And once you get there, the combination of calm water and soft sand — not to mention mellow beachy dining options, BBQ pits, and the standard public beach amenities — makes this a great day trip with the kids.

Its calm water, facilities, and kiddie playground make it a great family spot. The only downside is the set of stairs or so that lead from the road to the beach, so make note before you throw the kitchen sink in your beach bag. Did you know there a total of 41 public swimming pool complexes in Hong Kong?

You can see the full cleaning schedule here. Go at dusk to take in the sunset. Another great pool for families, this complex features connected indoor and outdoor pool areas and loads of kid-centric features. The big draw here? And of course there are fountains and floating animals — including a massive sea serpent or is it a dragon? This is a super pool for preschoolers, kindergarteners and little guys under 10 years old. But we think three-story high twisty waterslides are worth the trek.

When they returned, she explained that he was an American soldier and that she was just afraid her family would suffer for having smuggled him out of prison so many years before.

Robertson spent the next few hours regaling Faunce with tales of his military career and what tales they were…. Robertson had been a career soldier. He had enlisted in the army in his native Alabama right out of high school and had joined the Green Berets soon after. He spent years training as a paratrooper and was sent to help bomb North Vietnam in the mids. It was a top secret CIA position and he was a perfect fit.

Robertson was a natural talent in the group and helped them carry out many sensitive search-and-destroy reconnaissance missions in both Laos and Cambodia. It was on one such mission, as his chopper was flying high over the South Asian jungle that the helicopter got hit by enemy fire from the ground…. The helicopter began to go down and though most of his men were ejected from the falling chopper, Robertson was stuck inside.

His battered, bruised body was taken to a nearby Vietcong hospital. There he met the woman who would become his wife and began his new life as a Vietnamese farmer living in rural Laos. Instead, he recommended that Robertson accompany him to a United States embassy for a fingerprint test. It would establish his identity and give him access to his old life. Soon they were on their way to the embassy in Phnom Penh. It was a long, nerve-wracking ride….

The goal was to bring him home to Edmonton, Alberta, where his family was waiting for him. His sister Jean was excited and buoyant with optimism to see her favorite brother finally after all these years.

But did he feel the same way? He claims that he was trapped in a bamboo cage and tortured for a year before he was sent to a hospital. What would his family even say when they saw him?

There had been some doubt, before the meeting, that Robertson might not be who he said he was. Perhaps he had gotten his name wrong initially. It was eventually decided that, with lack of any other evidence, the man from Vietnam must be the real Robertson.

One of the ways that Faunce and Jorgensen used to test this was to reunite Robertson with one of his old Green Beret buddies, Mahoney. Mahoney jumped at the chance to meet his old friend and to learn he was still alive. The two hugged awkwardly and then began the start of a difficult conversation in translated English and Vietnamese.

They ordered a DNA test.