Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs NBA Picks & Predictions 4/19/2018

Warriors are ATS in their last 23 games overall. Even in the stir of a shocking Houston win in their most recent contest, Golden State are the favorites to win the series and move on to their fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance. Rudy Gay led the Spurs with 15 points off the bench as leading scorer LaMarcus Aldridge was limited to 14 points on 5-for shooting. Main Accordion Menu

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Golden State led by 16 with 4 minutes to go, when they miss 8 of their last 9 shots, while San Antonio caught fire.

The Spurs would come back without Tim Duncan, who had been bothered by a stomach virus and had to be in the locker room for the final 4: San Antonio finally tied the game on a Danny Green 3-pointer with 20 seconds left. Stephen Curry who scored 22 points in the 3rd quarter would have a shot to win the game at the buzzer, but he misses his tightly contested footer so the game heads to OT.

Manu Ginobili would have a shot to potentially win the game at the end of the 1st OT but it was off the mark therefore the game goes to a 2nd OT. In the 2nd OT, with the Spurs leading by 3, Ginobili takes an ill-advised 3 with still 12 seconds left on the shot clock and 48 left on the game clock. Curry would score to cut the deficit to 1-point with 32 seconds left.

The Spurs would drain the shot clock before Tony Parker missed a contested lay-up, which led to a Warriors fast-break, which was finished off with a reverse lay-up from Kent Bazemore with 3. However, Ginobili would make up for his previous misses by hitting the game-winning 3 with 1.

This was the second playoff meeting between these two teams, with the Warriors winning the first meeting. This was the first playoff meeting between the Heat and the Spurs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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San Antonio Spurs 5th finals appearance. Indiana Pacers Memphis Grizzlies. Milwaukee Bucks 87, Miami Heat Brandon Jennings 26 Rebs: Ellis , Redick 3 each.

LeBron James 27 Rebs: LeBron James 8 Asts: Milwaukee Bucks 86, Miami Heat Dwyane Wade 21 Rebs: Miami Heat , Milwaukee Bucks Ray Allen 23 Rebs: Chris Bosh 14 Asts: Jennings , Sanders 16 each Rebs: Larry Sanders 11 Asts: Miami Heat 88 , Milwaukee Bucks LeBron James 30 Rebs: Monta Ellis 21 Rebs: Milwaukee Bucks , Miami Heat Miami Heat 85, Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks 83, Miami Heat Boston Celtics 78, New York Knicks Jeff Green 26 Rebs: Brandon Bass 10 Asts: Carmelo Anthony 36 Rebs: Kenyon Martin 9 Asts: Boston Celtics 71, New York Knicks Paul Pierce 18 Rebs: Kevin Garnett 11 Asts: Carmelo Anthony 34 Rebs: Kenyon Martin 11 Asts: New York Knicks 90 , Boston Celtics Carmelo Anthony 26 Rebs: Chandler , Shumpert 8 each Asts: Jeff Green 21 Rebs: Kevin Garnett 17 Asts: Iman Shumpert 12 Asts: Paul Pierce 29 Rebs: Garnett , Pierce 6 each.

Boston Celtics 92 , New York Knicks Jeff Green 18 Rebs: Kevin Garnett 18 Asts: Carmelo Anthony 22 Rebs: Tyson Chandler 11 Asts: New York Knicks 88 , Boston Celtics Carmelo Anthony 21 Rebs: Tyson Chandler 12 Asts: Kevin Garnett 10 Asts: New York wins series, 4—2. Boston Celtics , New York Knicks New York Knicks 89 , Boston Celtics New York Knicks , Boston Celtics Boston Celtics 89, New York Knicks Boston Celtics 0, New York Knicks 2.

Boston Celtics 1, New York Knicks 2. Boston Celtics 1, New York Knicks 3. Boston Celtics 2, New York Knicks 0. Boston Celtics 2, New York Knicks 1.

Boston Celtics 3, New York Knicks 1. Boston Celtics 4, New York Knicks 2. Boston Celtics 1, New York Knicks 4. Boston Celtics 3, New York Knicks 4. Boston Celtics 4, New York Knicks 1. Boston Celtics 4, New York Knicks 3. Boston Celtics 2, New York Knicks 3. Boston Celtics 4, New York Knicks 0. Atlanta Hawks 90, Indiana Pacers Jeff Teague 21 Rebs: Josh Smith 8 Asts: Paul George 23 Rebs: Paul George 11 Asts: Atlanta Hawks 98, Indiana Pacers Devin Harris 17 Rebs: Al Horford 10 Asts: Paul George 27 Rebs: Roy Hibbert 9 Asts: Indiana Pacers 69, Atlanta Hawks David West 18 Rebs: George , Hibbert , Hansbrough 9 each Asts: Al Horford 26 Rebs: Al Horford 16 Asts: Indiana Pacers 91, Atlanta Hawks Paul George 21 Rebs: Paul George 12 Asts: Josh Smith 29 Rebs: Josh Smith 11 Asts: Teague , Harris 6 each.

Atlanta Hawks 83, Indiana Pacers Smith , Horford 14 each Rebs: Al Horford 9 Asts: David West 24 Rebs: Lance Stephenson 12 Asts: Indiana Pacers 81 , Atlanta Hawks Hill , West 21 each Rebs: Hibbert , Stephenson 11 each Asts: Al Horford 15 Rebs: Josh Smith 9 Asts: Smith , Horford , Harris 3 each.

Indiana Pacers 86, Atlanta Hawks Indiana Pacers , Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks , Indiana Pacers Atlanta Hawks 94, Indiana Pacers Atlanta Hawks 3, Indiana Pacers 1. Atlanta Hawks 2, Indiana Pacers 4. Atlanta Hawks 0, Indiana Pacers 3. Atlanta Hawks 3, Indiana Pacers 2. Chicago Bulls 89, Brooklyn Nets Carlos Boozer 25 Rebs: Carlos Boozer 8 Asts: Deron Williams 22 Rebs: Reggie Evans 13 Asts: Chicago Bulls 90 , Brooklyn Nets Luol Deng 15 Rebs: Carlos Boozer 12 Asts: Brook Lopez 21 Rebs: Reggie Evans 8 Asts: Brooklyn Nets 76, Chicago Bulls Brook Lopez 22 Rebs: Reggie Evans 12 Asts: Carlos Boozer 22 Rebs: Carlos Boozer 16 Asts: Boozer , Deng 3 each.

Deron Williams 32 Rebs: Nate Robinson 34 Rebs: Joakim Noah 13 Asts: Chicago Bulls 91, Brooklyn Nets Nate Robinson 20 Rebs: Carlos Boozer 10 Asts: Brook Lopez 28 Rebs: Brooklyn Nets 95 , Chicago Bulls Reggie Evans 15 Asts: Marco Belinelli 22 Rebs: Joakim Noah 15 Asts: Chicago Bulls 99 , Brooklyn Nets Belinelli , Noah 24 each Rebs: Joakim Noah 14 Asts: Butler , Robinson 4 each.

Deron Williams 24 Rebs: Brooklyn Nets 82, Chicago Bulls Brooklyn Nets 85, Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls 92 , Brooklyn Nets Chicago Bulls 3, New Jersey Nets 0. Chicago Bulls 93 , Miami Heat Nate Robinson 27 Rebs: Jimmy Butler 14 Asts: LeBron James 24 Rebs: James , Chalmers 7 each. Chicago Bulls 78, Miami Heat Marco Belinelli 13 Rebs: Joakim Noah 6 Asts: Ray Allen 21 Rebs: Norris Cole 6 Asts: Miami Heat , Chicago Bulls LeBron James 25 Rebs: Chris Bosh 19 Asts: Carlos Boozer 21 Rebs: Joakim Noah 11 Asts: Miami Heat 88 , Chicago Bulls Haslem , James 7 each Asts: Carlos Boozer 14 Rebs: Hamilton , Robinson 4 each.

Chicago Bulls 91, Miami Heat Carlos Boozer 26 Rebs: Carlos Boozer 13 Asts: LeBron James 23 Rebs: James , Bosh 7 each Asts: Chicago Bulls 96 , Miami Heat Miami Heat 86 , Chicago Bulls Miami Heat 97, Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls 93, Miami Heat Chicago Bulls 3, Miami Heat 0.

Chicago Bulls 4, Miami Heat 1. Chicago Bulls 2, Miami Heat 4. Chicago Bulls 4, Miami Heat 0. Chicago Bulls 1, Miami Heat 4. Indiana Pacers , New York Knicks David West 20 Rebs: Lance Stephenson 13 Asts: Carmelo Anthony 27 Rebs: Carmelo Anthony 11 Asts: Indiana Pacers 79, New York Knicks Paul George 20 Rebs: Roy Hibbert 12 Asts: Carmelo Anthony 32 Rebs: Carmelo Anthony 9 Asts: Kidd , Prigioni 4 each. New York Knicks 71, Indiana Pacers Iman Shumpert 10 Asts: Roy Hibbert 24 Rebs: West , Hibbert 12 each Asts: New York Knicks 82, Indiana Pacers Carmelo Anthony 24 Rebs: Tyson Chandler 10 Asts: George Hill 26 Rebs: Paul George 14 Asts: Indiana Pacers 75, New York Knicks David West 10 Asts: Carmelo Anthony 28 Rebs: Tyson Chandler 8 Asts: New York Knicks 99, Indiana Pacers Carmelo Anthony 39 Rebs: Kidd , Prigioni 6 each.

Lance Stephenson 25 Rebs: George , West , Hill 4 each. Indiana Pacers 76, New York Knicks New York Knicks 76, Indiana Pacers New York Knicks 91, Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers 80, New York Knicks Indiana Pacers 1, New York Knicks 3.

Indiana Pacers 3, New York Knicks 4. Indiana Pacers 4, New York Knicks 3. Indiana Pacers 4, New York Knicks 1. Indiana Pacers 2, New York Knicks 4. Indiana Pacers 4, New York Knicks 2. LeBron James 10 Asts: Indiana Pacers 97 , Miami Heat Roy Hibbert 29 Rebs: Roy Hibbert 10 Asts: LeBron James 36 Rebs: Chalmers , Wade 5 each.

Miami Heat , Indiana Pacers LeBron James 22 Rebs: Chris Andersen 9 Asts: David West 21 Rebs: Roy Hibbert 17 Asts: Miami Heat 92, Indiana Pacers Ray Allen 7 Asts: Roy Hibbert 23 Rebs: Indiana Pacers 79, Miami Heat Chalmers , James 6 each. Miami Heat 77, Indiana Pacers LeBron James 29 Rebs: Joel Anthony 8 Asts: Paul George 28 Rebs: David West 14 Asts: Indiana Pacers 76, Miami Heat Roy Hibbert 18 Rebs: Roy Hibbert 8 Asts: LeBron James 32 Rebs: Dwyane Wade 9 Asts: Cole , James 4 each.

Miami Heat 89, Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers 91, Miami Heat Indiana Pacers 4, Miami Heat 2. Indiana Pacers 2, Miami Heat 4. Houston Rockets 91, Oklahoma City Thunder James Harden 20 Rebs: Terrence Jones 8 Asts: Lin , Beverley 4 each. That is, the infamous Megadeath lineup -- with Iguodala at the three or four -- could be the lineup that proves too much for the Spurs when all is said and done. While it's true that the Warriors' versatile lineup struggled in limited time against the Spurs , it has also produced a net rating points minus opponent points per possessions of At a net rating of So long as Kawhi returns at full health, the Spurs have an outside shot.

One of the key factors that will determine whether that happens is Leonard's level of play. To beat a great all-around team like the Warriors, Leonard will have to sustain the play he has put together to this point. Through 11 games, The Claw leads the postseason field in player efficiency rating If he were to end his playoff run right now, his per average would place him ahead of Wilt Chamberlain and in the same group as names like LeBron James , Michael Jordan , and Kareem.

As we alluded to previously, however, the Spurs will need much more than Leonard. He's not a guy accustomed to scoring 40 or 50 on nothing but contested shots. So San Antonio will rely on their bench to pick up some slack when the Warriors break their starting lineup.

Whereas the Spurs have five players who averaged at least 5. Of course, that's not a large margin, but that's why the Spurs' other players will have to be that much better in order to combat a Golden State starting lineup that boasts three players averaging Brandon Gdula just recently touched on how Jonathon Simmons quickly became the key to the Rockets series. And -- missing out on the production of a Parker -- the inexperienced year-old will have to continue to play above expectations.

Against the Warriors, Simmons played a total of 56 minutes In the playoffs, Simmons has been nearly as effective in 11 pressure-packed games. And, since Parker's departure from Game 2, Simmons has contributed Clearly, he's answered the call when his team needed him most.

When you combine his regular season success versus the Warriors and his postseason breakout, there shouldn't be any doubt that Simmons' play is crucial to a competitive series. Ultimately, Leonard will continue to be great, but it won't be nearly enough against one of the league's best and most versatile defenses.

Unless Aldridge, Gasol, and Ginobili turn the clock back to their primes simultaneously, it's hard to imagine this going past five games. You have to respect the Spurs because they're the Spurs and Kawhi should be good for at least one win. Nonetheless, the Warriors will present more offensive versatility than the Rockets offered in the previous round.

In addition, they're more likely to be on than off most nights from beyond the arc. This one will be intriguing -- the Spurs' chances just don't bode well in a possible seven-game series. The numbers and matchups are overwhelmingly in favor of Golden State, who have a bit of destiny in their favor as well.

If they hope to right last year's wrongs, they won't let San Antonio get in the way of what looks to be an inevitable Finals rematch between them and the Cavaliers. Log in to numberFire To get the full benefits of numberFire, please log in. You'll get the best projections in the business! Click here to sign up! Already have an account? Click here to log in! Check out our revamped questions section! Get all the best advice from our fantasy community and help other people with their tough decisions.

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Iguodala and his defensive prowess. Series Prediction Ultimately, Leonard will continue to be great, but it won't be nearly enough against one of the league's best and most versatile defenses. According to our algorithms: