I'm using custom sliders found on Operation Sports. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Ha ha I wish. You have to go to "Roster Share" in the game, then "Download Roster" and enter the gamertag of someone who has a roster. After reviewing this guide, I am very impressed and it has made my offense unstoppable. Do Well In High School

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If you need a depth chart for a certain team, I am more than happy to provide that. Hey duke does the shotgun bunch and tight formations work the same as madden?

The reason im asking is bc I want to run the same scheme from the NO playbook. Should I stick with. What Does This Guide Feature? Here is a HD video preview taken from the guide! When is the content going to be available? Because it says it not for some reason.

If you are not able to the view the list, try to refresh your browser or try another browser. Madden 18 Play Finder. Madden 18 Defensive Formation List. Madden 18 Offensive Formation List. The list of formations are not here anymore. Can you please investigate the issue. Was working 2 days ago. Can someone loom into this?

You can offer scholarships to as many different prospects as you want, but keep in mind that when it comes to signing day, every school only has 25 scholarships to give away. Every recruit has an interest meter on the Visit tab.

There, you can see a measurement of how eager he is to attend a visit, while also getting a glimpse at the other colleges that have invited him out. However, the risk is if you schedule too late, he may commit to another university before he even steps on the plane to see what you have to offer. Finally, once the season begins, you can add up to bonus points of general recruiting effort to a prospect. All prospects will have some sort of bonuses attributed to their interest in the college, its proximity to home, the promise of playing time, and various other factors.

These bonus points are free, but can vary greatly during the course of a season. If you add extra points to the recruiting effort, those points stay constant, and can make a big difference in attracting a player.

The key is following your progress in luring the prospect to your school compared to others, which you can view on the Prospect Overview tab. These interests will fluctuate during the season, so if there are certain players you hold in high regard, make sure to check their overview every week to keep your college at the top of their lists.

Complimentary visits will add a small bonus for each player that will work in tandem with another. If you have a center ready to show up, you can also invite a guard or offensive tackle the same day, and the same works on the defensive side of the ball if you have a free safety and a strong safety that can make it on the same weekend.

There are also bonuses you can earn depending on how well your team performs during the game when you have visits scheduled. If you have a defensive back attending, getting some interceptions or passes defended will get you extra points, or if you have an offensive lineman in town, getting a certain number of rushing yards or passing yards will net you more points. Winning the game will certainly help, too, as will scheduling visits during a rivalry game. Under no circumstances should you ever schedule visits for bye weeks.

You get no bonuses, so there are no benefits whatsoever to having a recruit show up on campus to not see a football game. Recruits can commit at any point during the year, but many of your possible future players will require some more convincing in the off-season.

Put all the points into him. Need some depth, and have a few players on the cusp?