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What to Consider When Choosing a Political Betting Site

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Looking for the Mobile Version? This website requires javascript, it looks like you have it disabled. You should go ahead and enable this. Secured using bit encryption. Sponsors and Partners Melbourne Racing Club. Bet Live with Live Play. Gamblers can bet on which party will win overall , or choose to narrow their focus to specific areas or regions, and bet which party will succeed locally.

In the event that there is be a coalition government, they can bet on which particular leader will be made Prime Minister. As most democracies have a certain number of seats to fill, gamblers can bet on the specific numbers of seats that one party will win, or, if they're feeling very confident, the composition of the next government , guessing the exact split of the seats between all parties. They can also bet on the next leader of a specific party , if they believe that there will be a change in leadership following an election win or defeat.

Political betting is not restricted to politicians. Many bookmakers will take wagers on voter turnout, and which party received the most votes, which does not necessarily mean that they win. Nor is it restricted to general elections, but also mayoral elections and referendums as well. The main area that potential punters may wish to focus on is how wide particular bookmakers make their political market.

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