Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition on PlayStation 3

Perform 10 successful shove counters. Win the CPU in a 2V2 game by tripling their score or better. Why Video Game Secrets Matter. Beat Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Eastern Conference. Various Trophies Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards. All Listings


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Hold Start and press C. Hold Start and press B. At the name entry screen enter the following as your name then press the button:. Enter one of the following at the password screen to access the hidden character. At the initial entry screen, enter the first two initials and go to the given spot.

Then, hold the given direction to move to the correct third initial and hold any given buttons and press 1. This unlocks the player for you to use on the team you pick. LTJ redux, Mike Truitt. Enter any game mode with the initials "KRN" then the following password:.

Enter the following codes before the tipoff, at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen. You're Good to Go! Brad Daugherty - Double Up: Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game by doubling their score or better. Chuck Person - Fired Up: Get On Fire 4 times in a single game. Lava Basketball - Firefighter: Put out your opponent's fire 4 times in one game.

Mark Price - Gentleman: Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game without shoving. Glen Rice - Triple up: Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game by tripling their score or better. Kevin Johnson - Ultimate Teammate: Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game with your drone teammate scoring all of the points.

Mitch Richmond - 10K Scorer: Danny Manning - Grand Scorer: Bryant Reeves - Club: J - High Flyer: Perform 10 successful alley-oops. Manute Bol - Block Party: Perform 10 successful blocks. USA Basketball - Break the seal: Win a game vs. Allen Iverson - Elusive: Perform 10 successful shove counters. Get on fire in a 1P or 2P game. Nick Anderson - First Game Jitters: Complete a Play Now Game. Big Head Mode Privilege - Fundamentals: David Robinson - Glass Cleaner: Grab 10 rebounds in one game.

Larry Bird Boss Battle Bird: Magic Johnson Boss Battle Magic: Yao Ming Boss Battle Yao: Characters Select Play Now mode. Enter the initials for the indicated player s. Enter the team selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start at the "Enter Initials" screen and the corresponding character s will appear. Win Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Western Conference.

Big Head Mode Privilege Fundamentals: Camera Hog Privilege Mad Skills: Perform ten successful crossovers in one game. Mini Men Privilege Mini Ming: Win Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Eastern Conference. Teams and characters Enter the following codes at the title screen. Select "Play Now" mode, then press Start at the team selection screen to have the corresponding character appear. Platinum Unlock all other Trophies. Burning Bronze Keep yourself or your teammate on fire until it exhausts by making 5 or more unanswered baskets.

Finger Roll Bronze Make 5 layups in a row without getting blocked. First Time for Everything Silver Win a ranked game online. Bronze Hit a buzzer beater while on fire. Mojo Silver Win a game with a layup buzzer beater.

Raw Rookie Bronze Play a ranked game online. Rolling Gold Win 10 ranked games online. Start to Finish Silver Win an online ranked game while leading after each quarter. Too Late Silver While losing by one point, go up for a game winning dunk and have time expire. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. Check our pages and download the full version of the trainer you need at CheatHappens.

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