Can I deposit and withdraw money from bet? These sites accept US bettors legally and safely under the guidance of their own gaming commissions, which have been given operational powers by their local government. Cheats have no place in online or mobile gambling. Customer Service

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I got a bit nervous and ultimately backed off. Now I'm mostly over my apprehension about sending a copy of my license to become verified, but I'm still a little paranoid.

This is why I want to know from you guys whether or not you think it's safe. I'm pretty sure Bovada is still legit in general, but is it common practice for online sportsbooks to want a copy of your license?

It seems to be the general practice these days. I have a buddy who uses 5dimes who had to do the same thing, and he's had no problems.

I'm a hardcore boxing and MMA fan, and, well Too bad Bones just pulled a Rampage and got himself stripped of the title, I was gonna clean up big when Rumble KO'd him.

Is it typical procedure for you to have to send a copy of your license or ID to online sportsbooks these days? I know their SBR rating has dropped in the past few years, and I've read a lot of complaints from others about difficulty getting their payouts these days. The overall consensus seems to be theyre still legit, even if they do act a little shady anymore. Are there any other popular, legit books that I should be using over Bovada?

For those that do use Bovada or have recently, is there any method of depositing money that doesn't require me to send a copy of my license? Additionally, what do you think the best way for me to deposit in general would be? The easiest, cheapest, quickest method I also need the money in by tomorrow night. Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading it all. Any and all feedback is appreciated, though I'd especially like to hear from those who use or have used Bovada.

Bovada is the only online book i use. Started betting last year up until the Super Bowl. Bet on a few UFC fights after that too. No issues, never had to send DL info. Hmm, interesting that you've never had to send a copy of your license. I think if you deposit directly with a credit card, they don't require it. For payouts, on the other hand I deposit from my debit card and get payouts through fed ex without sending them anything.

I just use the "one free payout a month" so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Yeah, like I told another redditor, I'm gonna have to ask them about this, because it really is my ideal method. It's strange that you opened up an account last year, clearly after their policy changed, but never had to send a copy of anything, even when cashing out. The free payout shouldn't have anything to do with it.

I dont know man. Maybe they were able to verify me through my bank or something. Since i've never even had my bank call me to ask about the deposit like i've heard other banks do. Or who knows man, maybe i had to put my drivers license number in sometime but i just forgot. But i definitely never had to scan my DL and send it to them or anything.

I've personally never had any problems with bovada, and I've used them for a while now. Never had a problem depositing money, just use a visa credit card. I didn't have to send them my photo ID. From what I understand, to cash out now I believe it is common for them to ask for photo id's. Personally I use bovada because they have the best interface, either on the computer or via mobile, in terms of ease of use. I use two credit cards, both visas.

One is thru a credit union and they called me to verify I made a foreign transaction, but it was smooth sailing after that and instantaneous. Yeah, I don't think you need to send them a copy of your ID if you're just depositing directly with a card.

When I tried before, it was about to let me before my bank froze my account. Indeed, I think it's almost mandatory for you to send them a copy if you want to actually get paid. I've thought of opening a credit union account for a while, I wonder if they'd be more lax about restrictions. I use TD, and while it's nice to be part of a big bank, there are clearly some drawbacks.

There are hundreds of reasons to be part of a credit union, the biggest one for me in regards to offshore betting is they don't charge me a fee for out of country transactions. If you are worried about sending your license, you could always look into NitrogenSports and betting with Bitcoin.

There is no personal information required or even offered. You can use a service like Circle or Coinbase , which would require ID for instant purchases. If you want more info, let me know. I prefer Nitrogen over 5dimes due to 5dime's lack of security, though I do like their open parlay option. They do require ID however. You can select teams as you go. Say you want a 5-team parlay, but only have 2 games you feel confident about. You can keep 3 open spots for games in the future to add to that parlay set.

I love that feature, but it's only a matter of time before something happens to 5dimes. They're dealing with money and nothing is encrypted on their site. Passwords are transmitted plaintext and when dealing with Bitcoin, they force you to provide them your password through email for verification. I funded my account once and that was enough for me. It made me feel uneasy holding a balance in there.

After I used open parlays, I was absolutely in love with it and won a bunch of money from it. I'm going to continually suggest that feature to Nitrogen, but I don't have high hopes. That's the only thing that blows with betting BTC is the price.

I found a relatively secure way of holding cash though. Admittedly, I'm optimistic in BTC and am long term, so the volatility doesn't bother me much. Just in betting alone, it has the gigantic advantage of not having to give company's your personal information in order to place a bet on a game.

Funny you say that about 5dimes security, as one of my main gripes with them is how amateurish the site layout is. I'm not surprised to hear about security lapses. To begin with, the bet customer support is really one of the best I have come upon.

Current and new clients can apparently contact the customer service via live chat, email, call back service, free telephone number, fax and regular posts. I have personally contacted them at varying times throughout the day on different days of the week including Sunday and Public Holidays, using all but fax and postal methods, with no hassle. I found customer support to be very professional no matter on what method of communication I used. Entice new customers is one thing but keeping them is another.

Bet employs a points system where players can rise though set levels the better offers become available. In my humble opinion, I believe it is worth registering with bet even just for the peace of mind that you are gambling at a leading reputable bookmaker and there are multiple facts and reviews to support this.

Bet bonuses are another good reason to join as they are available across their vast portfolio of sports and casino games. The bonuses are regular and even if individuals are unimpressed with the welcome bonus the number of other bonuses along should be enough to entice players and keep existing loyal. Although bet is one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world, the British bookmaker has seemed not to have lost its desire to improve.

The company constantly tries to improve its customer care policy as well as the bonuses and offers it proposes to its new and current customers which is one of the reasons I strongly recommend this bookmaker. There are plenty of betting options, too. They offer live betting, too. Something else I saw and really liked is that Betway had a couple of esports-specific promotions. And yet another thing I was impressed by, is how Betway has a couple of dedicated esports social media accounts.

However, when I last checked them out they had TONS of options ranging from tennis to basketball to football soccer. I also thought their live section was organized real well — especially relative to their site as a whole. For example, in the football section they were covering several football leagues.

You can sort through the leagues you want to bet on by pressing a tab. This is far better than having to sort through all of them on one page. The way Betway has done it, you only see the leagues and matches you want to see. But other reviewers say you can access the live stream once you log into your Betway account. Experts also say Betway is more or less not pro-friendly. For example, English Premier League odds are around NHL matches are around They have a mobile website instead.

They also have an app you can download for free, though I never bothered with it since their mobile website worked just fine. They have a solid sportsbook. They also have relatively high betting limits, in-play betting and live streaming. It seems to me like their sportsbook is better suited for recreational players.

Betway has three casino sections — their main casino, live dealer casino and Vegas casino. The playthrough on this offer is 50x the deposit and bonus. They do have the VIP program mentioned earlier in the sportsbook section. Betway works with only Microgaming.

Few, if any casinos are capable of saying the same thing. All 3 of them had fun bonus rounds. They have a slot machine for every kind of player. For example, you can play:. Chances are, if you want something specific — other than maybe a specific title — you can find it here.

Mega Moolah has paid out tens of millions over the last decade. The most recent payout was on November 5 th , Like the blackjack and table games, there are some duplicates here.

Betway has a native app for both iOS and Android. You can also play from your browser since their no download casino is mobile responsive. I really enjoy playing the movie, TV show and comic book-themed slots. This section will look at the promotions and games you can expect to find in their online poker room. Betway pays out your bonus money as you earn it, instead of upfront like the sports and casino bonuses.

The rest is divvied up amongst the players at the table and to reseed the next jackpot. Every real money hand or tournament you play earns you points.

One of the things I like about this program is how you need fewer points to maintain your current VIP status than it took to get it in the first place. This is unlike many programs that make you earn the same number of points each month, which may not always be doable. Other than that, the VIP program is pretty standard — the higher up you go, the more bonus money you get, and the easier it is to earn cash back. The good thing is the software itself.

They also have anonymous tables. But unlike other poker rooms that offer anonymous tables, such as Ignition Poker, only select Betway tables offer anonymity. Anonymous tables appeal to some players because it hides who you are.

It creates a more even playing field. At least until you play with someone long enough to figure them out. They also have a table limit. This might stop some professionals from playing here, which may make the games a bit more recreational or loose. The last couple of times I checked, they were sitting either 10 th or 11 th overall traffic-wise on Poker Scout. They have an average of players at any given time.