First Super Bowl 53 Odds & Predictions

San Francisco 49ers have the buzz going for them due to their finish last season, which lots to prove the 49ers have a manageable schedule and one that is particularly team-friendly on the back end of the season. At the second half, the Patriots were able to tie the game, making it the first and only Super Bowl to go to overtime. Login - OR - Create an account. GB 49 Betting Results: NFL - Sep 17

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Super Bowl Spread, Total & Final Score of Every Super Bowl Ever Played

Join and Bet the Super Bowl Now. First played in as part of a merger agreement between the National Football League NFL and its then-rival league the American Football League AFL , the annual Super Bowl has gained a place in the American and the sports culture as the biggest sports event in the nation. The Pittsburgh Steelers own the record for the most Super Bowl wins at six, closely followed by the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with five wins each.

Usually played on the first Sunday in February, the final game of the season is usually accompanied by a wave of excitement, cheers and high-fives, but it also the most gambled-on sporting events in the world.

Despite their bankroll or previous experience, fans are always looking for a chance to predict the game outcome and engage in some betting action on the side. There have only been six instances where the favorite won the game straight up but failed to cover the spread. Only two Super Bowl games have ended in pushes or ties. Both teams were tied 14—14 at halftime, the Seahawks were able to build a ten-point lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Patriots, however, rallied to take a 28—24 lead with less than two minutes left in the game clock.

Super Bowl LI was on of the best ones yet. The New England Patriots were on a deficit against the Atlanta Falcons and many thought the Tom Brady magic was gone, but they were so wrong. At the second half, the Patriots were able to tie the game, making it the first and only Super Bowl to go to overtime. In the end, the Patriots were able to get the win and their fifth Super Bowl title. Sunday,September 16, Sunday,September 16, 3: Saturday,September 15, Good lines normally comparable to other sites if not half point better usually , quick pay outs , no complaints.

Thanks for contacting us, We will call you shortly. You can check back soon or bet on any of the online sportsbook lines and betting odds listed below: Add your selections to the Bet Slip and place your wager to start winning. This podcast is one that you can't miss week. Giants 21 New England 17 Spread Total: GB -3 45 Betting Results: IND -5 57 Betting Results: PIT -7 46 Betting Results: Giants 17 New England 14 Spread Total: NE 55 Betting Results: IND -7 47 Betting Results: PIT -4 47 Betting Results: OAK -4 44 Betting Results: Louis 17 Spread Total: STL 53 Betting Results: Giants 7 Spread Total: How badly do you think the Cardinals wanted someone Foles-like when Carson Palmer went down?

Philly GM Howie Roseman has a chance to surround Carson Wentz with even more talent than he already has, which is, to be clear, an immense amount. This is how you build a dynasty.

If I know that, you can be darn sure Roseman, arguably the best executive in the NFL, knows it a thousand times over. Super Bowl 52 hero NIck Foles will garner intriguing trade offers this offseason. NFL Football September 5, NFL Football September 3, NFL Football August 24, Over 50 years of experience. We've been featured in: