5 Of The Best Table Tennis Tips & Tricks For Beginners

In table tennis, focusing on winning the current serve, current return or current smash should also be your focus in every match. I Became A Dog Walkthrough: The skills, which consist of different types of shots, will make it easier to confuse opposing players, and force them to run around more. An example is a short backspin serve, followed by a long push, then a powerful loop. After all table tennis is an art-form like every other sport. About Evan Heisenberg

2. Always bring your A game

1. Always ensure you return the service correctly

They make sure that they have coverage around the table. Foot-work is the foundation, along with getting into position to hit the right shots at the right time. Without good footwork and body movement you tend to play lazy shots and they wont be the most effective. If you join a local club you meet other players who are better than you and they will help you improve.

Most clubs have contacts with professional coaches who can teach you how to play properly. It's a great way to improve and have that excitement of seeing yourself grow as a player. I used to have Alison Gordon as a mentor, she was the England's 1 at the time and I learnt loads from her at the training camps I used to attend during the summer holidays when I was a kid.

Summer table tennis camps are a great way to meet other players from around the country and learn from the professionals. To summarise, the tips above are not really to help you improve your shots or expand your tool bag with new serves. These beginner's tips and tricks aim to help you decide what to think about when improving your game when you're just starting out. There are a lot of factors which come in to play when you want to start improving your game and these things aren't really discussed much in the Youtube training videos I've seen.

Skip to main content. It always helps to get a few pointers to massively improve your all-round game There are loads of videos on the internet which help beginners with the basic strokes, serves and shots but none that really help you to learn about the important details.

Hold The Paddle Or Bat Correctly Holding the paddle or bat will definitely improve your game and give you the flexibility to cover a range of shots that's needed to step up to the next level. Officially there are two main ways to hold the paddle. In life you might win the lottery just when you need the money the most! Try not to get into sloppy mode and make sure that every shot counts.

Move for the ball and make that shot count A lot of new players tend to get a little stressed because it takes time to master great shots, so I recommend that you watch the Youtube videos and see how the pro's move their feet and how they hit the ball.

Learn To Control The Ping Pong Ball The other side of managing the table tennis ball is when new players attempt to whack the ball much too hard. The outcomes of this strategy are never that great and you will end up losing a lot of points.

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