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Distribute all the points, then select "Finished". Stepping is the preferred method to move around the Octagon because it consumes less energy. No matter which striking style you choose, you always have access to these basics. In the title screen, enter: Guide to Controls for UFC 2009

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You should always vary the height of your attacks to make it harder for your opponent to figure out where your next attack is coming from. In addition, a well thought out fight plan, designed to take advantage of your opponents weaknesses, and make use of your strengths is always more successful.

Height and technique modifiers aren't the only modifiers that affect that strikes that your fighter will attempt. The default setting is for all strikes to be considered weak strikes, fast strikes that are difficult to counter, but attacks that don't pack a lot of power. You can change this weak strike into a strong strike by pressing the left analog stick toward your opponent at the same time you press the left punch button X button.

This will change the weak left jab that would have resulted by just pressing the left punch button into a slower left hook that is easier to block and counter, but delivers knock-out power when it lands. You can deliver a straight left to the body by pressing the left top button at the same time you press the X button. You can also use the fighting technique modifier button LB in combination with the strike buttons to execute strikes that might be specific to your fighter's specific fighting style or styles.

For example, if you press the X button, your fighter normally executes a left jab. But if you hold the fighting technique modifier button while pressing the X button, your fighter will execute a Ducking Left Hook.

You'll find the techniques for all the UFC fighters included in UFC Undisputed will be included in additional articles in the coming months, so say tuned to find out about the techniques of your favorite UFC fighter. In UFC Undisputed as in the real Octagon, the quickest road to victory is to chain together your attacks to inflict the damage you need to knock out an opponent, not to try to take them out with one blow.

This strategy is also harder to counter and defend, than a single-blow knock out strategy. Successfully executing combinations in UFC Undisputed isn't about button mashing. This game is about seamlessly executing two or three techniques that don't leave your fighter tired after completion. The developers have designed different potential combos for each striking technique included in the game.

To view the complete list of your fighter's available combos during a fight, press START to bring up the pause menu, and then select "Combo List".

Guide to Controls for UFC by: KennethSleight ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: Basic Controls List Move - Xbox Boxing , Kickboxing , and Muay Thai , Grappling: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , Judo , and Wrestling. These styles are placed into two categories, allowing a character to have one of the fighting styles from each of these categories. Pierre has Kickboxing and Wrestling as his two fighting styles.

This patch is also supposed to be able to track those players that disconnect in an attempt to falsely prevent losses from showing up on the CAF's Win-Loss record. It is also supposed to try to prevent lag issues, by matching up players with similar connection speeds. Undisputed managed to sell over 1,, units in its first month. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Call me "No Touch! Secret Trophies - Two of my favorites!

Bronze Watch the Octagon Girl cutscene 15 times without skipping it. Flying Mouthpieces Bronze Mouth piece travels more than 3 meters when knocked out. Ultimate Highlights Bronze Dominate the opponent in all 3 scenes of a replay segment.

Ultimate Submission Bronze From the gassed state, Submit an opponent in any mode. Krunal on Mar 27, Verified by: Career Mode Unlockable Equipment. Unlockable How to unlock Boxing Ring Already available. All Level 1 Training Equipment Already available. Level 2 Training Equipment 1 2, Credibility. Level 2 Training Equipment 2 9, Credibility. Level 2 Training Equipment 3 12, Credibility. Level 3 Training Equipment 1 20, Credibility. Level 3 Training Equipment 2 27, Credibility.

Level 3 Training Equipment 3 35, Credibility. Octagon Ring 25, Credibility. Octagon Ring full size 50, Credibility.