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If he can take Gastelum down, he has a good chance of taking the 14th submission win of his career. Those the juiced odds may not seem appealing Gutafsson wins by late TKO. To help personalise content, tailor your experience and help us improve our services, Betfair uses cookies. Gutafsson by decision is currently is hovering around 3. The two top online sportsbooks that we recommend for mobile betting are MyBookie and Bovada. Tips Calendar

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Kamikaze Overdrive MMA Predictions

Use a pawing right jab out of the southpaw stance to measure distance and gauge his opponents before committing with absolute certainty to single leg takedowns. Maia does not relent like many others on his first failed takedown attempt — look for him to shoot outside single legs and drive his opponents into the cage and it is here where he works dillegently to attack his opponents back like a boa constrictor.

He reap his opponents outside leg and maximises his weight — when his opponent braces for the takedown he will tie up and look to engage a second hook or simply attack the outside single again dragging his foe to the mat. When Maia does get his opponents back to the mat it is almost as simple as a matter of time. Like a chess match for every mistake his opponents make he will advance further through their guard, whether its sliding knee on belly or gradually advancing to the back Maia inch by inch will twist his opponents up like a pretzel before they succumb to their inevitable fate.

In more recent fights Maia looks to attack the neck and 3 of his last 5 wins have ended by rear naked choke. Though I would argue Maia has power in his hands as displayed against Rory McDonald on occasion its his lack of striking technique and options that leave him vulnerable. Gamebred is a fighter who truly lives up to his moniker, growing up in Miami street fighting is where he learned his craft. Training diligently with his team mate and fantastic collegiate wrestler Colby Covington has sharpened his TDD to no end.

Furthermore Gamebred has been training his wrestling with none other than middleweight contender and olympic medalist Yoel Romero. Look for Masvidal to employ a lightning fast jab from the very first bell and its his consistent jab where he matures his striking output.

Masvidal defeated Cerrone one minute into the second round on a TKO. Masvidal keeps himself in a tall erect stance with a high guard that mitigates a lot of the head strikes thrown at him. This stance has however proven susceptible to body strikes as displayed in both the Lorenz Larkin and Benson Henderson fight.

Some of the more advanced UFC betting tips that we feel are the most important to your success are found in this section of this MMA betting guide.

These tips are suggestions from experiences from within. They are not the end all, be all, but rather some advanced suggestions on what has worked for many of the experts within the industry.

All though not impossible to find, it is much harder to find reliable websites that will give you decent winners each week in MMA. We caution you to be careful with your options and only use handicappers that have proven success in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. In modern day, we rely on our mobile devices to get through life as we track our bills, check calendars, store photos and use it as a main form of communication for talking, sending text messages and checking email.

We now can use these same devices to place online wagers, no matter where we are or what time of the day it is with mobile betting! Many times when betting on MMA, we are reliant on odds and we sometimes want to wait until the very last minute to try to get the best odds available.

This is ideal for those type of players since you can bet from your phone at any time before the fight. The two top online sportsbooks that we recommend for mobile betting are MyBookie and Bovada. Both of these online sportsbooks allow you to bet from anywhere and anytime! This is one of the only year around sports that do not truly have a rest period. You can find MMA events in nearly every week, throughout the year. The UFC has been around since and has gone through some major changes over the years.

The second largest promotion to bet on is Bellator MMA. Bellator is primarily owned by the media giant Viacom and can be watched on Spike TV. Bellator was once considered a second rate MMA promotion but has recently began increasing their talent pool of fighters and is now starting to place themselves in position to legitimately compete with the UFC.

There are also various regional and lower level MMA promotions that are available to be wagered on each week.