Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites for 2018

These measures ensure that credit card fraud at betting sites is almost non-existent. For a time, all debit card transactions required the signature of the purchaser, much like credit card transactions. Not Found At Most Sportsbooks - As of now at least, the option for a debit card payout is not very common, though it certainly has the potential to grow with it continuing to be highly popular. Credit Card Betting Sites


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I buy mine at Walgreens. Good luck, and if you want you can just order them on gift2go. Also if you sign up on Bodog refer me, PCB20 is my referral code. I think that's correct. But now, not only are online sportsbooks offering debit cards as depositing options, but some online sportsbooks even give players the chance to get that money back on their card when they choose to withdrawal.

This is exciting news for players who prefer to do all of their transactions with the debit card. Typically, players depositing with a debit card would have to go through other means to receive a payout. For example, checks in the mail or different wire transfers are conducted. While these methods are easy, the fact that a payout can be conducted on a debit card where the card number and information is already attached to the account makes it that much easier.

Complete information detailing the process and perspectives of receiving a debit card payout is available below on this page about one of the fastest betting payout methods that Americans can choose. Not all legal sports betting sites offer this as an option. But having said that, this is certainly an option that American players can take advantage of in places where it is available.

Specific details for the requirements will be unique to the site and sportsbook itself. Directly following, read about one of the sportsbooks imploring the debit card withdrawal.

When it comes to getting a debit card payout option, consult 5Dimes as your sports betting site of choice. This means that players winning money will have the chance to withdraw. Players with a MasterCard or Visa debit card only can use this withdrawal option from 5Dimes, but it sure is a great way to go.

This process is free and fairly simple. Once this is done, you will have full access to the betting site, allowing you to get an up-close view of their operations.

This is done by visiting the betting site cashier and looking at the deposit options, which will include a list of the types of credit cards accepted there. Pick the option that is appropriate for you, and you will be prompted to supply your card details and choose the amount you wish to deposit, subject to the deposit limits of that site. One of the benefits of betting with a credit card is that there are typically no fees associated with making a deposit.

Most credit card sports betting sites are happy to pick up any fees that are charged by the payment processor, allowing you to get full value when you choose to make a deposit. If your betting site allows for credit card withdrawals, their policy on fees will vary. However, even in cases where these fees are charged, they tend to be very small, and most betting sites offer credit card withdrawals without a fee.

Keep in mind that the banking policies of every betting site are different, and details such as credit card deposit fees can change at any time. Our reviews provide you with as much information as possible about withdrawing or depositing with credit cards so you can avoid any hidden fees and unexpected charges.

There are a number of benefits to betting with a credit card. The most obvious of these is the ease with which credit card deposits can be completed. Moving money into a bookie with your credit card takes almost no time at all, and is done in the same familiar fashion as making a purchase at your favourite online retailer. That makes a Visa or MasterCard one of the fastest ways to start playing at credit card friendly betting sites. Credit card deposits are also among the most versatile ways to play at online bookmakers.

Since they are so widely accepted, betting with a credit card allows you to choose from virtually any betting site you like, with few restrictions. Deposit limits tend to be rather high, and fees are low or non-existent. We also like the fact that credit cards are a highly secure form of payment processing, as millions of people use them to safely make purchases every day, and all transactions are protected by state of the art encryption.

That said, there are some downsides you should be aware of before you make your first credit card deposit. One disadvantage is the fact that credit cards cannot be used for withdrawals nearly as universally as they can be utilised to deposit.

While most betting sites do support credit card withdrawals, some sites do not allow for such cash outs at all, while some others limit such withdrawals to the amount you have previously deposited using that card. Betting with a credit card is an extremely safe way to enjoy online betting sites.