2018 MLB Season Over Under Win Totals

Like the Braves, this is a team stuck in a long rebuild, but they are doing it right, adding some nice pieces patiently, and I guess I want them to be rewarded for that. I still expect the Red Sox to sign J. FanSided 5 months This is the year the Chicago Cubs get back on track. MLB Teams Projected for the Most Wins in 2018

2018 Season Predictions vs 2017 Actual Win Totals

2018 Vegas MLB Over Under Wins Predictions

Chicago White Sox The White Sox are a long way from being relevant, but they finally feel like they are moving in the right direction. They aren't going to be good, but they could easily win plus games. There is a chance for some upside here if the rotational development is far ahead of schedule. They have some nice guys in the minors, but it is far from a guarantee that they will be ready this year.

Or that that will really help. This team is not good yet. One day maybe, but not yet. The rotation is as good as it was, the bullpen is strong, and they will be able to hit.

They went way over this number last year, and they should do so again. This feels like a reasonably comfortable over.

I loved this story last year because it came basically from nowhere. They were a huge shock. But I don't think it was a total fluke. The bullpen has been improved, the starting pitching is decent, and the bats are there. There is good value here. The Tigers are rebuilding. Or at least that is what they want you to believe.

It really feels like they are lost in the desert and dying of thirst. It's generally a mess, and it's going to be an ugly year. I am a huge believer in this team. The offense was potent last year without feeling like they were overachieving, and they were left largely intact. And the rotation is even better than it was last year - Justin Verlander is with the team all year, and Gerrit Cole is a nice addition. This is a great team. The Royals are not far removed from their glory days, but that window has slammed shut.

They are forced to rebuild, and they don't have a lot of positives on their side at this point. I am glad I am not a fan of the Royals. For the first time in quite a long time I am actually positive about the Angels.

After wasting too much of Mike Trout's career wallowing in mediocrity, they finally have done some nice things - with winning the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes being at the top of the list. The rotation should be solid, and the team could be a contender. I have a general policy of always discounting the Dodgers because I think that they are mentally weak.

It hasn't let me down yet, so I have no incentive to change. They have traded away every guy with a pulse, and replaced them with, well, nothing.

Unless Derek Jeter is planning to play himself, this is going to be a joke of a year. If they don't lose games it will be a total miracle. They had a good offense last year, and they have added to it this offseason. The rotation is more of a question mark than I would like, but they are better than last year, so I guess we have to go with the over.

I have no idea how this team did what they did last year, so it's tough to predict what could happen this year. The pitching is more of a concern even than last year, but they are young and plucky. I am cautiously optimistic - but mostly because I'm a sucker for good underdog story. New York Mets The Mets had totally disastrous pitching last year.

So what did they do about it this winter? They let it ride. And if that doesn't terrify you then you are a much more optimistic person than me - or you weren't paying attention last year. New York Yankees But they are going to be relying on some young players in key positions, and CC Sabathia scares the heck out of me in the rotation. It's not a high-value play, but the under is the only play. It's a complete and utter joke.

They just seem determined to never be relevant. Like the Braves, this is a team stuck in a long rebuild, but they are doing it right, adding some nice pieces patiently, and I guess I want them to be rewarded for that. I would definitely not bet the farm on this, though. After years of not being quite good enough, the franchise has seemingly given up entirely. This is not going to be a great year for this team.

Or a good one. The Diamondbacks have one of the deepest lineups in the league even without Martinez. Pollock healthy for a full year and wins over 90 games again. Can New York Mets stay healthy, or will be a lost year?

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