How Accurate are the PunchBoxer Machines in Arcades??

And you will hit as hard just standing there, no need to run meters. Leonard went on to knock out the formidable Thomas Hearns in My father was a Professional Wrestler in the 's, and one of the carnival workers told him the 'trick. Liquid Rockface , Dec 20, Why Canelo's win hurts so much for GGG

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I was always rubbish at these machines, despite knowing how to throw a punch. A guy who played Ice Hockey showed be how on Holiday in Tenerife -he looped a right hand over the top and the machine went off the scale , it was especially impressive as there were many young guys much bigger than him all lining up and no-one got anywhere near him!

Whack it with an overhead hammerfist. It will get you a higher score than trying to throw a really pretty right cross that would put someone's nose in the back of their head. These machines actually use a light sensor.

So it is all about how fast you can move the bag to the top. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In.

How do some people score high on arcade boxing machines eventhough I can punch harder? What is the real trick to it? Hire the top 10 software developers. Start Now at toptal. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Thank you for your feedback! How do arcade punching machines work? How accurate are the arcade punching machines at measuring punching power?

How is boxing scored? Do people punch each other in real life when they're upset? Run your entire business with Zoho One.

Reach customers, grow sales, balance your books and work in collaboration from any device. Learn More at zoho. Like most things in life; technique! The trick is this- a punching machine cannot really measure punches. Related Questions How does owning an arcade machine work? What does it feel like to get punched while boxing? Nov 10, Messages: Mar 4, Messages: This thread brings back memories of high school.

Marvin Covar , Dec 20, May 27, Messages: Jun 5, Messages: Oct 31, Messages: ShindoNinja , Dec 21, Sep 2, Messages: Not accurate at all. I was messing around with it the other day and found if you punch it at a more upward angle like your trying to push the bag bag into machine it generates a lot more "power.

A lady friend of mine who weighs probably lbs soaking wet and never threw a punch in her life hit ish consistently by getting a running start and clubbing it with both of her hands clasped together. RyanR , Dec 21, May 15, Messages: Aug 26, Messages: Toilet Cookie , Feb 27, Dec 19, Messages: Dec 13, Messages: The most damning evidence against their accuracy - I saw something on Youtube with Criss Angel once, may have been a clip from his show.

He had GSP and Rampage on there and got a higher score than either of them. LJD , Feb 27, Soul Rebel 2 , Feb 27, Winterfell North east England. We used to have a tv show here iin the 90s called gamesmaster it was about console and arcade games. I remember they had a sonic blast man challenge between boxers frank Bruno and barry mcguigan they both maxed it out if memory serves.

Jan 7, Messages: DustinB , Mar 1, Aug 27, Messages: We have this little arcade area with all of these games kids can play while their parents eat and parents to play when they're shitfaced while their kids play at home. Anyway, this one time our punch machine broke and we had to call in someone to repair it because no arcade near a bar is worth it without being able to measure who of your bros is the manliest and I got a chance to just kind of hang out with the repair guy and ask him how the thing worked and if it was even accurate.

According to him, the concept is the same across all machines. You hit the bag and it rebounds off of a pad on the back and it "measures" how many "units" of force is thrown into the pad. There are techniques to best hit it for a high score, but I honestly don't remember that part lol. The thing is, very rarely are two machines calibrated the same. Someone who scored could score on another machine and someone who scored on one machine could score on the next.

There's no standard unit of measurement when it comes to the actual number, it just in relativity to the machine. So really, it's only "accurate" if you and your friends only compared scores on one machine.

And even then, some techniques of hitting it score higher than others. All the scores are true in relativity to each other, so long as it's the same machine you all played on. Chrit , Mar 2, Mohawk Mauler , Mar 6, Jun 17, Messages: Not accurate in the slightest.

I did an elbow on it once, like a pushing elbow and it went to Meanwhile, one of my friends punched it as hard as he could and topped at You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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